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Chapter 126: We Arrived at a Port Town!

Next up is port town Keyha! Yaaay! I’m looking forward to it soooo much!

“Alright, let’s stock up plenty and plentyyyy!”

“Hmm…the last time I went there and ate somethin’, it didn’t taste all that special, though.”

He really doesn’t get it.

Fish is great even when eaten raw!

When we switched to Bronko on the way…

“Ooohh! The scent of the sea hangs in the air!”

“Hmm ……… Ah, this is what you call it, huh”

The ocean!!! I’m so hyped!

“I want to make a swimsuit.

I’ll use the insect fabric for it.”

“Swimsuit You mean clothes you wear ’round water”

“Indeed! Well, it doesn’t really matter for men.

As long as you wear a pair of pants that’s not transparent and hides your nether region, the rest doesn’t matter.

But, for women it’s different! I have to make a cute swimsuit~”

Sword immediately poured cold water on me as I was in high spirits.

“Don’t worry.

It won’t make any difference if you wear the same as men.

You not havin’ ‘nythin’ down there is goin’ to make it easier to sew as well, right”





Once we entered the town after passing the checkpoint, I exclaimed, “Oohh! Oooooohhh! A seashore fantasy!”

It was a town suited for houses made out of earth the most so far.

I could also see masts in the background.

Probably because sailing ships were anchored at the port.

Once I squealed cheerfully, Sword said with a laugh, “You sure got it nice.

Everything’s new for you.

I’ve come here in the past, so I can’t get so deeply impressed ’bout everythin’.”

Seeing Sword so indifferent about it, I pointed a hand at the sun, “Then, become moved from now on! The sea is close and there are no tall grasses, so the sunlight’s reflections on the water are dazzling! The harmful sun rays are glittering!”

“And I should be moved by that Listen up, just make sure to block the harmful sun rays, ‘kay”

Since I’ve been doing that, his skin has become quite beautiful.

He’s looking a lot younger these days.

“Touring…driving Bronko along the coastline rocks.

It feels nice to feel the salty wind on your skin while watching the glittery sea, you know”

“Yep, okay, I’m deeply moved now!”

I guess Sword has started to feel all excited too now.



First off, the guild.

By now it’d become a standard routine for a guild to become noisy once we named ourselves.

And the guildmaster immediately showing up was a common occurrence too.

Behind us,

“That hero”

“Eh Ah, right, you don’t know him, do you He’s a hero because…,” someone started to explain.

But still, I wasn’t the only one! In the end, there’s people who don’t know about Sword being a hero.

Just like me!

We were led to the guildmaster’s room and shown the pending requests.

“Isn’t there something like a leviathan around It’d be quite thrilling! A giant squid would be nice too! Squids taste great!”

The guildmaster became flabbergasted upon my remark.

“Sorry t’tell, but neither of ’em can be found here.

…How about this here It’s somethin’ similar.”

He held out a request form.

By the way, the guildmaster of Keyha was sunburned and his appearance totally screamed “Man of the Sea.”

“Hmm! I see, I see!”

“Mmh You like it” Sword asked.

“This is tasty too.”

“”You plan to eat (t’eat) it!””

The two men cried out in harmony.

I mean, a Darking Octopus is an octopus that shoots out ink, no

“Octopus is all about [Takowasa]! …Gah, I don’t have any [wasabi], though… Oh well, it’s also delicious when roasted or fried.

I’ll make a superb dish out of it, so you should try it as well.

Octopus eggs are great too, but I wonder whether we’ll be able to find any.”

The guildmaster stared at me with a blank look and his mouth agape.

Is the jinx that otherworld inhabitants don’t eat octopus really true Sword seems to be fine with it, though.

“I see.

It’s incredibly grotesque, but your sayin’ its tasty, eh …You seriously eat ‘nythin’, don’t you”

“I don’t eat bugs, you know”


It’d make no sense for you to eat ’em, seein’ how much you dote on them.”

He told me, but I’m not doting on them!


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