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There were only the two of them left in the corridor again, and Yan Luqing immediately felt much more relaxed.

When she got out of the car, she didn’t bring her small school bag.

She thought for a moment, then directly raised her hand and carried Gu Ci’s bag on her back.

Facing Gu Ci’s gaze, she also looked back calmly: “What’s wrong The driver is still waiting at the campus gate.”

The implication is to take her out of his campus quickly.

Gu Ci smiled: “Nothing wrong.”

Then Yan Luqing saw that he suddenly stretched out his hand towards her——

She didn’t have time to react, and watched him tighten the buckle on the strap in front of her body, adjust the strap to the length suitable for her back, and straighten the strap, like tidying up clothes for children, before letting go of her.

“Let’s go.”


When she entered T University just now, her mind was full of asking people for directions.

Now that she has ‘picked up’ the person, Yan Luqing finally has time to look around the campus of T University.

Gu Ci also became a qualified student of the T University who occasionally explained a little bit to her.

The situation of the two of them here is similar to that when they were on Yan Luqing’s campus before.

At the places where there are many people, they were often glanced at.

Yan Luqing didn’t bother to explore the meaning contained in those eyes.

Anyway, Gu Ci was eye-catching wherever he went, and she was already used to it.

As she walked, Yan Luqing habitually touched the straps on her shoulder, and realized that the bag was so light that it was the same as if she was not carrying it.

“You……” Yan Luqing picked up his bag and turned to ask Gu Ci.

“Just bring such a light bag to school What else is in it besides the air”


This tone of hers, as if her own beautiful little bag is full of heavy books.

Gu Ci glanced at her and said casually: “It should be quite light.

After all, there is no jelly lipstick inside.”

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Yan Luqing: “……”

He really can use any stem to stab her!!!

“If you think it’s too light,” he said in a leisurely tone, “then I can go find a brick and put it in.

That will do too.”

Yan Luqing: … It’s totally unnecessary.

Because the first provocation ended in failure, Yan Luqing accelerated her pace and walked forward.

When she was about to reach the campus gate, the shoulder strap of the bag on her was suddenly pulled——

As if reining in a horse, she was dragged by him and forced to slow down.

Then she turned and met Gu Ci’s dark eyes.

He still had the same smiling expression as before.

His eyes were slightly curved, and he seemed to be in a good mood.

“Why are you walking so fast”

Yan Luqing said grumpily: “Can’t you even keep up with me with your long legs”

She doesn’t know if it’s because she praised his long legs, but Gu Ci didn’t refute this sentence of hers at all.

Instead, he asked: “What do you want to eat later”

Yan Luqing wondered: “… Aren’t we going home to eat”

“The so-called procedure of picking up from school,” he added again, “of course, there are still two things to do after picking up.”


Those two things he meant were the matter of him taking her to a meal and a movie after picking her up.

“It was indeed you who arranged to pick me up from campus and go to eat after that.” Yan Luqing said realistically, “But watching the movie, it was my request.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Gu Ci smiled, “This time, it’s my request.”


Yan Luqing felt that she should feel speechless, but she uncontrollably felt that Gu Ci was very… cute today.

Or rather, so thoroughly like a princess.

Asking her to bring his bag, take him to a meal, and even take the initiative to ask her to watch a movie.

Although it couldn’t be seen from the outside, this kind of behavior made Yan Luqing inexplicably feel that she was being spoiled instead.

While talking, they had already walked out of the campus gate.

Before reaching the car, the driver opened the door for the two of them.

After taking the lead in getting into the car first, Yan Luqing looked at the person that came in after her and sat down, and couldn’t help commenting: “Gu Ci, you can really assume the role of ‘the kid who was picked up from school’.”


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