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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 8

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Contract Marriage (6)

Jiang Yuan raised her head and looked at him.

Then, she looked into that mans deep blue eyes that were as blue as an ocean.

Gu Xichao looked down with his head hung low. The light came from behind the unparalleled beauty, creating an outline of his high nose and angled chin, and seemed to have created an attractive quality that was only half discernable.

It was quite obvious what he meant.

What are you doing

Jiang Yuan blinked, her pretty pale face seemingly innocent.

“Arent we going to see Grandfather…”

And shouldnt we act better

Of course, she didnt say out loud the second part, but Gu Xichao could understand it. That was why he didnt say anything, but only said calmly, “Lets go in.”


On the second floor of the family mansion, Grandfather Gu was secretly spying on the two of them from the French window. The two were Gu Xichao and Jiang Yuan.

The butler next to him said to him anxiously, “Please, please come down. Its too dangerous.”

He felt that the old man was getting more and more mischievous, especially when he was getting older.

This time, he went overboard with his mischief.

He said that he was going to die soon from sickness and had asked the young master and his wife to come over with that lie.

The butler looked at the old man and determined that the old man was quite healthy and that he could still jump and prance around. He could probably live for a few dozen more years.

When Grandfather Gu heard what the butler had to say, he waved his hand and said, “Dont disturb me!” then continued to spy as he pushed his nose against the window.

The butler was speechless.

When he saw Jiang Yuan grab at Gu Xichao, he sighed, “Xichao and Little Yuan can make me feel at ease…”

When he saw Gu Xichao and Jiang Yuan had both entered, Grandfather Gu quickly lay on the bed and covered himself with the blanket, and pretended that he was very weak.

He even gave the butler a look and said in a hushed voice, “Go and put away the roast chicken and roast duck. Take care not to let Xichao see it. Hes too smart!”

If he saw that he could still eat something as oily, he would be suspicious of him.

The butlers eye twitched. “…Yes.”


After a short while, Gu Xichao and Jiang Yuan entered Grandfather Gus room.

When he saw Jiang Yuan, he was stunned to the point that even his beard twitched.

She was dressed up like a university student.

He almost didnt recognize her!

Then, he looked at his grandson. A white shirt, a tie, and a pair of black pants. He was dressed very formally.

Grandfather Gu said nothing.

These two didnt look like they belonged to each other.

Jiang Yuan walked over and stood by Grandfather Gus bedside with a lovely smile, and asked concernedly, “Grandfather, how are you feeling”

Grandfather Gu said weakly, “Im alright. I wont die anytime soon… Cough, cough.”

“Now, all Im thinking is when would I get to see my great-grandson. If I could, I would be finally able to die in peace. Cough, cough.”

Jiang Yuan looked at him awkwardly and could only smile apologetically, and said, “Grandfather, please dont say things like that…”

How could I have continued that conversation!

Jiang Yuan turned helplessly and blinked right at Gu Xichao, who was closeby.

The man glanced at Jiang Yuan, and covered his lips with his hand, and coughed. He then called out to Grandfather Gu in a stern voice, “Grandfather.”

Grandfather Gu stared at him and said, “You unfilial grandson! Watch your attitude! Is there something wrong for me to want to hold my great-grandson in my arms”

As he was quite excited, his acts were slightly too vigorous, and something fell from the bed.

Jiang Yuan and Gu Xichao both looked at it.

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After seeing what it was, Jiang Yuans expression was that of awkwardness.

Sitting on the floor was a bag of pickled chicken legs.



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