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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 4

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Contract Marriage (2)

When she saw the name Gu Xichao, all her memories came flooding back. Jiang Yuans long eyelashes fluttered and her cold, black eyes became as dark as the abyss.

Her thoughts were scattered.

After a long while, Jiang Yuan had finally managed to organize her memories. She couldnt hold her tongue and so she cursed, “Shit.”

Was I an idiot in the past

Did I really do all those idiotic things


Her name was Jiang Yuan, the young miss of the Jiang family from the capital city.

She was born of blueblood and had received a lot of love and patience since she was very little. She was snobbish and fickle, but she was also very innocent.

Jiang Yuan couldnt help but ridicule herself. She wasnt innocent in the past. She was an idiot.

That man earlier was her husband, Gu Xichao. At least, in name.

That was right, in name only.

It was only a contract marriage between Gu Xichao and her.


An arranged marriage that was purely transactional in nature brought the two of them together, who would otherwise have no interaction with each other whatsoever.

During the night of their wedding, she had lived separately from Gu Xichao and had even signed a contract.

They would divorce amicably after two years.

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They should have lived with each other respectfully. And then, they would go their separate ways when their time is up.



In those two years, perhaps it was because of loneliness, or maybe she wanted to challenge where her husbands bottom line was.

She cheated.

And she cheated with a bartender from a bar, although that affair ultimately failed.

Unfortunately, she was caught by Gu Xichao on the spot.

Jiang Yuan was speechless.

She once again suspected if she was so ridiculous in the past.

Even if she wanted to find a boy toy, couldnt she just control herself and wait for the two years

Jiang Yuan tried to remember what happened in detail. That boy toys name was Mu Feng. He was in his early twenties, and he was quite boyish and attractive. He worked in a bar as a bartender and a waiter.

In the past, she was someone quiet and gentle. While she could be quite snobbish at times, in most cases she could be stereotyped as a good girl.

It was her first time going to the bar and she was brought over by her band of so-called friends. After she was over, her so-called girlfriends kept on forcing her to drink more and more. She guessed they wanted to see her embarrass herself.

Coincidentally, they had Mu Feng who was there serving them drinks. As he was young and cute, Jiang Feng felt that she had fallen for him the moment they met.

They then naturally added each others contact on their mobile. As Mu Feng was somewhat seducing her, they became very close in a very short time.

However, perhaps she wasnt that bold despite her age. After having a relationship with Mu Feng for three months, they had only secretly held each others hands a few times, and it didnt progress any further.

The only progress they made was a few days ago. Still at the same bar.

Just as she was going to kiss with that boy toy, she was caught by Gu Xichao red-handed.

Jiang Yuan exclaimed, “Oh ho ho.”

Perhaps she should consider herself quite lucky that she was still someone untouched.

From then on, it developed to that incident where Gu Xichao gave her the divorce settlement agreement.

Someone like Gu Xichao certainly couldnt tolerate such a betrayal, after all.

After reorganizing her confusing memories, Jiang Yuan silently wanted to withdraw.

She had truly become cynical of life.

She couldnt believe that she would do something as ridiculous as this.

Not only did she cheat, but she was also caught


Frankly speaking, Jiang Felt that everything was so unreal. When she remembered all her past experiences, she felt that she was observing another persons life.

It was like she was simply an observer, and that she couldnt care less.

Jiang Yuan even had an absurd conjecture.

Was it possible that she had been transported to another world, and she possessed this woman called Jiang Yuan and lost all her original memories



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