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28 Contract Marriage (26)

The face of the man opposite of her was all red when he roared, “Im Mu Feng.”

Jiang Yuan blinked, and she only recalled him after a while.

Oh, Mu Feng...

Wasnt that the twink who had seduced her

She scanned the person in front of her critically. Jiang Yuans thin and long brow cocked slightly, and her face was filled with disappointment.



Maybe she was really blind, leaving behind a husband as noble and elegant as Gu Xichao for someone like this

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She was a woman who had always had extremely high expectations.

Jiang Yuan quietly looked away as she didnt want to look at the man in front of her again.

Simply because she wanted to protect her eyes. (_)

In truth, Mu Feng wasnt all that bad. He could even be considered good looking. Unfortunately, his eyes were filled with darkness and cruelty. She could even see him scheming behind those eyes, and it caused others to gravitate away from him naturally.

Jiang Yuan snorted as her red lips stretched into a smile. “And”

The womans voice contained a sneer, but her clear voice was still music to the ears.

Mu Feng was confused.

He almost wanted to jump in frustration. What did Jiang Yuan mean by that


Ten minutes later.

In a café at the mall.

Jiang Yuan put down the teaspoon that she used to stir her coffee, her snow-white fingers supporting her chin while she drummed the table with her fingers with the other. She asked lazily, “Speak now. Why are you looking for me”

She didnt look interested. In fact, she didnt even glance at Mu Feng.

Jiang Yuans attitude toward him was very casual, as if she was playing with a cat or a dog.

Mu Fengs face turned red as he tightened his grip, his veins on the back of his hands almost bulging.

He felt that he was being humiliated!

“Jiang Yuan, what kind of attitude is this What do you mean”

As if she hadnt heard anything, the woman took out a napkin and wiped her lips nonchalantly. Her brows didnt even twitch.

Mu Feng was speechless.

“Jiang Yuan!” he couldnt help but yell at her.

Only then did Jiang Yuan raise her eyes with displeasure. Her eyelashes fluttered, and she said two words, “So loud.”

When she saw Mu Feng had shut up, only then did she continue to slowly drum her finger on the table again, making a sound that wasnt too loud nor too quiet.

“Can you expand your vocabulary without using the same sentence twice What do you mean bywhat do I mean”

There was a hint of disdain that in her eyes, “Cant you see what I meant”

“Im bored. I dont want to continue playing such a boring game anymore.”

Jiang Yuan continued dissing him as she looked at the man sitting opposite her, filled with anger.

“Mu Feng, you better double-check your status. What rights do you have to question me”

Jiang Yuan looked down slightly. Her eyelashes were long, like the wings of a butterfly, and her beautiful face was radiating disdain.

Her voice was clear and was easily discernible. It was unlike the sweetness in other girls voices. Hers was like a coiling, wispy smoke.

Mu Feng tried his best to cover his humiliation and forced a smile.

“Yuan Yuan, I know that youre not feeling good lately. You can be angry at me, but dont say things like this that could hurt my heart, okay You have to know that I really do love you...”

She didnt wait for him to finish.

She raised a finger and stopped him from speaking any further. “Stop.

“Dont say anything like that to make me feel disgusted.

“No matter how true it is or how fake it is, I dont care. So there is no need to explain.

“As for... whether you really love me or approaching me under someone elses order, Mu Feng, you should know better than I do, dont you”

When she had finished what she had to say, Jiang Yuan stood up, took her purse, and walked away; her fair face was filled with disdain and scorn.



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