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27 Contract Marriage (25)

Who shredded it

Jiang Yuans first thought was that she had shredded it when she was drunk.

However, when she thought about it again, she didnt really forget what happened last night.

So, it was definitely not her who did it!

Jiang Yuans finger tightened around her cell phone as she pursed her red lips.

Then, who can it be

Gu Xichao

Jiang Yuan shook her head. The moment that the thought came up, she rejected it.

It was impossible.

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She couldnt figure it out, so Jiang Yuan didnt want to waste time thinking about it.

She only wanted to live her life and do her own thing quietly.


Worse came to worst; she would print it again and have Gu Xichao sign it.


A few days later, Jiang Yuan once again returned to the family mansion. That was because Grandfather Gu kept bugging her via WeChat.

That was right, WeChat.

When she saw Grandfather Gu taking out his cell phone and adding her on WeChat, and how expertly he had done it, Jiang Yuan was shocked.


Oh ho!

Grandpa is so up-to-date!

Grandfather Gus avatar was a meme. It was a man wearing a white bedsheet and a pair of sunglasses.

His display name was “I Am Your Grandpa.” It sounded like he was looking for a fight.


When he reached the family mansion, Jiang Yuan was quite surprised to see Gu Xichao, whom she had not seen for the past few days.

When he saw Jiang Yuan, the mans blue eyes seemed to glitter before looking away, as if he didnt see her.

Jiang Yuan, who just wanted to say hello, was speechless.

Her dignity!

The smile on the womans fair face faded away, and she slowly faked a smile for the occasion.

Warm but distant, with a hint of coldness that wasnt that easily readable.

She walked up the stairs and didnt look at Gu Xichao again.

The man sat on the sofa in his elegance and beauty. His ocean blue eyes were staring at Jiang Yuan quietly from the back, never leaving her for even one moment.

Deeply, and intricately.

Only when the tea in his hand had completely cooled, and he could feel the coldness from his fingers, did he eventually recovered.


After leaving the Gu familys mansion, Jiang Yuan hailed for a taxi and went to the capital citys biggest shopping mall.

She suddenly felt like she wanted to go shopping and just buy anything she wanted since she had the money.



“Yuan Yuan, what happened Why did you suddenly blacklist me”

In a high-class apparel store.

She suddenly saw a man rushing toward her. Jiang Yuan, who had just picked up a dress to look at it, suddenly shuddered and almost dropped the dress.

She was shocked. She raised her eyes and looked at the person with displeasure.

The person was a clean twink. He was wearing a suit, and it looked like he was this stores salesman. While he looked at her angrily, he only questioned her in a low voice.

He looked familiar, but she didnt really know him.

Jiang Yuan squinted as she tried hard to recall anything about this man but couldnt remember who this NPC A was.

And he had called herYuan Yuan



Jiang Yuan was wearing a white dress and looked like a quiet woman. There were displeasure and unfamiliarity in her eyes. She then gave him a slight sneer.

“Do I know you, mister

“I didnt expect that this is how Chanel treats her customers, having their salesperson harass their customers”

It wasnt loud, but loud enough for the others in the shop to hear it.

When they heard it, they all turned to look at Jiang Yuan.

Then, they were all astonished.


At just one glance, they saw a woman who would make them feel disappointed at themselves.

She looked dignified, but not prideful. And she was filled with elegance.

She was also as cold as the crescent moon up high.

Compared to Mu Feng, who was standing next to her, they looked like beauty and the beast.



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