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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 25

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25 Contract Marriage (23)

Gu Xichao felt that his head was throbbing.


In just ten minutes.

He had turned from a young master to a teacher, and then to a big brother.

Now, he had become an assassin.

Gu Xichao had never thought that his supposed wife was such an actress in her private life.

Especially when she was drunk.

He was both angry and entertained.


Seeing that she was so drunk, Gu Xichao wouldnt bring her back to the family mansion. He then drove them to their usual place of residence, Dinglan Villa.

It was a western-style mansion with a garden inspired by the forest. It was as beautiful as if it was from a comic book.

Roses grew next to the white, picket fence. It was classic and had a European touch to it. Its garden also had a large carpet of grass.

There was a stretch of scarlet-red roses blooming wildly and passionately over the picket fence.

In truth, he didnt have any relationship with his supposed wife. Gu Xichao only went to Dinglan Villa a few times in a year. Even when he did go, he would only stay for a little while before leaving.


He carried Jiang Yuan to the second floor of the bedroom.

The woman that he was carrying had already fallen asleep. Her beautiful, curly eyelashes covered her eyes. Her skin was very fair, her lips scarlet red, her hair as dark as the night.

He carefully placed Jiang Yuan on the bed, his long fingers behind her neck, holding her gently to stop her from hitting anything.

The corners of Gu Xichaos lips were slightly lifted, forming a very faint smile.

She was nice and quiet when she was asleep.

He placed his finger lightly on Jiang Yuans eyebrow, stopped at the vermillion on her forehead, and then looked at her figure.

She was soft and gentle.

The mans pale face carried a faint smile, his elegant eyes slightly squinted, and there was a rare gentleness in his face.

He was not cold nor distant.

Suddenly, Jiang Yuans eyes fluttered open. Her long eyelashes were as thick as a fan. She looked at the man before her.

Gu Xichao froze, and his long, slender finger was slightly curved.

The mans elegant, beautiful eyes were filled with a hint of awkwardness from being caught showing affection.

He wanted to pull his hand back.

However, Jiang Yuan caught it.

Gu Xichao was shocked. Then, he lowered his eyes. He looked at Jiang Yuan as his eyes filled with confusion.

He then saw her smile, and with a powerful pull, she pulled him down and caught the collar of his shirt.

Gu Xichao wasnt paying attention and was suddenly pulled down toward Jiang Yuan.

He was very close to her. All he needed to do was to lower down his scarlet lips, and he would be able to kiss her hair. The fragrance on her carried the scent of books, and it diffused in the air and into his nose. Her hair brushed against his face, making it slightly itchy.

If he went lower, the hair would be brushing his eyelashes that were long and dense, covering her eyes.

Jiang Yuans eyes were taunting him, black as night. It was a dark, beautiful color.

He wasnt sure if she had regained sobriety.

Gu Xichaos heart suddenly started beating erratically.

The woman held his face with her fingers and stared into his eyes.

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Then, she parted her lips, and she said a single word earnestly, “Husband.”

Gu Xichao blinked in shock as if he didnt understand what she had just said.

He opened his mouth as if trying to say something, but wasnt sure what to say.


Before Gu Xichao could say or explain anything, Jiang Yuan closed her eyes and returned to her slumber.

She had really fallen asleep!

She had even turned over.

Gu Xichao felt extremely conflicted. He raised his snow-white finger and touched where he had just almost been kissed as if he understood something.

He did not realize that his ears, which were white as jade, had turned red.

He looked away.

Suddenly, Gu Xichao saw something. He froze.

On the nightstand.

There laid the signed divorce settlement agreement.



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