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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 23

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23 Contract Marriage (21)

The gorgeous man was slightly stunned.

It was like he didnt expect that Jiang Yuan would say that.

After being silent for two seconds, Gu Xichao said expressionlessly, “Youre drunk.”

His tone was calm, as if he was simply stating a fact.

Jiang Yuan stared at him, her black, cold eyes glimmered. She asked, “You dont believe me”

Gu Xichao didnt really want to talk with a drunk person.


Jiang Yuan moved closer toward Gu Xichao, extended her hand, and grabbed that beautiful face to everyones astonishment. She then said in an honest tone, “Believe me.

“You are the most gorgeous man that I have ever seen.”

Under the throbbing lights and the crisscrossing shadows...

The soft light shone upon her cheeks, under the womans eyes, and her pretty face was flushed with a slight shade of scarlet red.

She was drunk, and yet she wasnt.

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Her amorousness was obvious for him to see.

Her icy-cold, expressionless face was incomparably pleasing.


She is so beautiful that even her bones cannot hide her gorgeousness.

This sentence suddenly appeared in the mind of all those that were present.

Jiang Yuan squinted, her pale fingers slowly closed into fists.

It was like she was holding back her temptation.

She looked up, her eyes were unfocused, and she grasped the mans pale face with her fingers and kissed him.

A soft kiss landed upon his red lips.

The fragrance was harsh.

Like the hazy, wispy smoke.

Everyone stared, their eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

Shit! Shit!

Why did they suddenly kiss

I suddenly feel like a giant 10,000 voltage lightbulb!! (-_-)

The bluebloods were all very well experienced. Looking at that situation, they instantly figured everything out. Obviously, Jiang Yuan was drunk. Brother Xichao didnt have the time to entertain them.

They all got out of that place as fast as they could.

“Brother Xichao, I suddenly remember that I have something else that I have to do. Ill leave now, alright”

“Theres an emergency meeting at the company. I need to go, too, okay!”

“Brother Xichao, my... My mom is telling me to go back for dinner, hehehe...”

The reasons they gave were getting more and more ridiculous.

However, Gu Xichao had no time for them.

Jiang Yuans action was too abrupt.

His heart was pumping erratically.

The mans long eyebrows fluttered. The pulsing lights in the bar moved around and shone upon his face, showing its delicate paleness.

He didnt push Jiang Yuan away and simply allowed her to kiss him on the sofa.


It felt like a long time, but it also felt like only a second had passed.

He didnt respond to her, nor did he refuse her. He simply allowed her to do whatever she wanted.


Gu Xichao held Jiang Yuans thin shoulders as he gripped her hard.

He pushed her away...

Ending the kiss that he was holding back from.

The collar of the mans black shirt had been messed up. Its initially wrinkle-less shirt had some creases now.

His lips, as red as roses, were thin and soft.

Decadently beautiful.

Jiang Yuan had never seen Gu Xichao like this. She tilted her head and fell on him softly as if she was boneless.

Gu Xichao continued to push her away.

His intention was quite clear.

He was not going to allow her to hug him.

Jiang Yuan said nothing.

She simply pouted, her pretty face showing a sense of grief.


“Why did you push me away”

She sounded hurt. It was completely different than her usual, quiet self.

She looked like an actress!

Gu Xichao massaged his temples as felt a headache coming. He seemed helpless as his red lips stretched into a thin line.

He could confirm that she was completely drunk.

If Jiang Yuan were sober, she wouldnt have said anything like that.

So, he was taken advantage of for nothing

The mans strong brows lifted, he looked at her with eyes that were as deep as the ocean.



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