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21 Contract Marriage (19)

Originally, Gu Xichao was quite calm. Her delicate face had little emotion, and she didnt seem interested.

Surprisingly, the mans cherry-red lips stretched when he saw Jiang Yuan.

He smiled.

Though it was faint.

Gu Xichao put the wine glass down on the table noisily, he then walked toward Jiang Yuan.

The noise was quite noticeable.

Several of the second-generation bluebloods were shocked as extended their neck and looked in Gu Xichaos direction.

Then, they saw Jiang Yuan, and they were all astonished.

“A woman”

Jiang Yuan wore a white dress today. It complemented her beautiful face, and it looked like everything was subtle and matching.

A slender, gorgeous man walked toward her, and he seemed as magnificent as an immortal.

The mans height and attractiveness were too outstanding. Many of the girls in the bar were secretly looking at him, and some were on the verge of approaching him to ask him out.

He was handsome beyond words.

A long, fair hand extended before her.

Jiang Yuan looked up at Gu Xichaos fair, good-looking face.

Under the dim light in the bar, the mans eyes looked so deep and attractive, so beautiful beyond the human realm.

There was no need for Gu Xichao to say what he meant.

She was more than shocked.

Jiang Yuan still extended her hand and lightly held his pair of slender hands.

It felt cold to the touch.

Gu Xichao returned the gesture. His distinct and slender fingers were firm. His act seemed to give a sense of security.

The womans cold, black eyes seemed to glimmer a little but she said nothing, quietly allowing Gu Xichao to lead her as she walked.

The white skirt fluttered like clouds. Her satin dress was glittering as she moved. The refractions from the low light seemed to show incomparable splendor.


When they saw Gu Xichao with a woman, all the young men were stunned as they stared with their big eyes.

At that moment, the mood was completely dampened.



Brother Xichao had brought a woman along

This successor to the Gu family had never brought any female companion with him to these kinds of public settings, not even his wife.



So, who was this woman Where did she come from

One of the bluebloods asked him with courage, “Brother Xichao, this is”

His tone was cautious as he tested waters.

Then, he looked at Jiang Yuan again, and there was astonishment in his eyes.

The woman was very beautiful, and she was unlike all the social media influencers on the internet with standard sharp faces and apparent traces of surgeries.

Her eyes were so beautiful as if they were from a painting.

Her beauty came with bright eyes and white teeth.

The bluebloods all had their opinions about her.

So this was the kind of woman Brother Xichao likes

Obviously, no one was trying to guess who Jiang Yuan was.

Gu Xichao lightly nudged Jiang Yuan to a seat, but he didnt let her hand go.

Instead, their fingers were intertwined.

Jiang Yuan was shocked as she tried to withdraw her hand, but Gu Xichao held on to it tightly.

His firm grip gave no space for her to resist.

Jiang yuan looked at him, her cold eyes filled with questions.

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The man merely lowered his head as he looked glumly at the hand he was holding.

His eyelashes were very long and thick, covering his eyes. When they moved, they were like butterflies that could fly off at any time.

As for the bluebloods question, Gu Xichao raised his delicate eyebrow, and his red lips parted.

“This is my wife, Jiang Yuan.”



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