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20 Contract Marriage (18)

Jiang Yuan didnt really want to go to the disco. She only said that on a whim.

However, it was a bit awkward when Gu Xichao heard it.

Since she had a record for doing things like that.


After being silent for two seconds, Jiang Yuan shook her hand and said, “Not really, I was just kidding.

“I just wanted to go out and have a walk because I am getting bored.”

Gu Jing quickly cut her off and said, “Yeah, right! Big Brother, dont listen to this woman yapping nonsense!

“I can see that all she wanted to do was to have fun outside!”

He even rolled his eyes at Jiang Yuan.

The mood was getting somewhat awkward.

Gu Xichao was the first one to break the silence. He looked at the young man in front of him with his blue eyes, although one couldnt be sure what he was staring at, and said calmly, “You seemed to be quite free nowadays.”

Gu Jing was a little taken aback.

What does my big brother mean

Gu Xichao then spoke casually as if he didnt give his words any thought, “Youre a grown-up now. You shouldnt be wasting your life like this. Go to the company for your practical training.”

Gu Jing was shocked as Gu Xichaos words echoed within his mind.

Wasting his life

Did his brother just humiliate him

Oh, my god!

He was humiliated by his noble and cold brother.

In front of Jiang Yuan, on top of that!

The youths face was filled with both sorrow and anger, and he said, “Im not going!”

After he said that, Gu Jing turned and ran. He almost flew away.

Just like an idiot!

Gu Xichao didnt pay much attention to his idiotic younger brother.

The mans fair, handsome face wasnt very expressive as he slightly looked down with a frown.

“You said you were bored”

He asked, repeating what Jiang Yuan had just said while giving it a good thought.

“I going to LOSE tonight for a drink if youre bored...

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“Will you accompany me”

His tone was inquisitive and as calm as if he were asking if she wanted to come home for dinner.

Jiang Yuan was stunned.

Perhaps it was the shock in her eyes, Gu Xichao was only quiet for a moment before he said calmly, “Its fine if you dont want to.”

With that, he was prepared to leave.

However, someone tugged at his shirt.

Gu Xichao turned and looked.

Jiang Yuan blinked and said, “I didnt say I dont want to. I was simply surprised.”

When he heard that, the mans blue eyes glistened as his lips that were as red as petals parted as he said, “There is nothing to be surprised of.

“You are my wife.”


Jiang Yuan still didnt understand what he meant by that when they went for that drink.

What did he mean byshe was her wife

Did Gu Xichao take the wrong medicine today

They had already signed the divorce settlement agreement. She was no wife of his.

The beautiful woman frowned slightly as she bit her red lip.

She looked up at the bars name.


Jiang Yuan became quiet.

She felt that Gu Xichao probably wanted to humiliate her.

This bar was where he caught her cheating before.

The bars music was extremely loud and the lights that were flashing everywhere could perhaps blind someone.

Jiang Yuan was led by the waiter to the second floor. When she was still going up the stairs, she could already see Gu Xichao from afar.

There was only one reason.

His physical appearance was too outstanding.

Gu Xichao was wearing a pure black shirt, and he was half leaning on the second floors railings with a glass of wine in his hand.


Perhaps it was because he had been drinking alcohol, his sharp demeanor seemed to carry a hint of seduction. With his beautiful, gentlemanly face, he seemed very tempting to the point where peoples heartbeats go ballistic.

Maybe he had noticed Jiang Yuan looking at him; his eyes suddenly turned toward her.



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