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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 18

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Contract Marriage (16)

Jiang Yuan felt her own actions were slightly foolish.

Maybe my brain was fried! the woman thought to herself as her fair, beautiful face remained emotionless.

She was slightly stunned, and Jiang Yuan then retracted her hand and then looked at Gu Xichao.

She coughed, and explained, “… it was an accident.”

The way she was trying to be graceful was quite fake.


Gu Xichaos hand was around her waist. While he was quite gentlemanly in the force he applied, their pose was quite provocative.

The man looked up slightly and he pushed at her, and slowly said, “You get off first.”

His voice is somewhat raspy, and it sounds like hes being flirty. It really feels like if theres a brush brushing over my eardrums. Jiang Yuan quietly thought to herself.

She finally understood what people meant by voices that could make you pregnant.


Jiang Yuan blinked and was stupefied for a moment.

However, she quickly reacted to it and used her hand to support herself as she got up from the soft bed, pushing herself up.

Gu Xichao let go, too.

While Jiang Yuan had already tried to move out of the way carefully, she still couldnt help but brush by him and touch him.

However, she still had the time and effort to complain in her mind.

The weathers not bad today, and the temperatures quite high. Why is he so cold to the touch

But he has quite the body.

That abs… Tsk, Tsk. I have accidentally given it a good rub.

Jiang Yuan could only sigh as she thought to herself.

What a great man.

Unfortunately, he was not hers.


After she got off the bed and remembered what happened, Jiang Yuan went silent for a bit and prepared to apologize to him at least half-heartedly.

“Im so sorry, I dont really sleep that properly at night, cough…”

The womans voice was easy on the ears. It was clear and warm and carried a hint of gentleness.

Jiang Yuan looked up at Gu Xichao, who had also woken up.

He was very tall, and he was quite svelte. He had broad shoulders and long legs, and he looked good no matter what he wore. Just wearing a robe, he could catch everyones attention.

Jiang Yuans line of sight was fixed upon his chin, and she saw an elegant line. His jawline was somewhat delicate, but it seemed to carry a certain sharpness to it.

When she looked up, his lips were beautiful and thin with the color of cherry blossoms.

He only shook his head, his blue eyes gentle and quiet.

“Its fine.”


Jiang Yuan went into the bathroom just as Gu Xichao was changing.

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After she had finished washing up, he had already finished changing.

Black shirt and black pants, his necktie was tidy and straight, and his slender figure was extremely eye-catching.

He had dressed up to be sharp.

After Jiang Yuan had come out, the man nodded to her and entered the bathroom. There wasnt any expression on his face.

It was so cold that it could send chills into someones bones.

Jiang Yuan left the room as soon as she had finished changing. When she was heading down, she suddenly heard someone speaking to her in an unwelcoming tone.

“Jiang Yuan, why are you here”

It was the voice of an adolescent, clear with some rasping. There was a hint of disgust in his tone, and it was quite clear that he didnt like her.

Jiang Yuan frowned as she looked up and saw the young man not too far from him.

He seemed to be around the age of seventeen or eighteen. He looked quite handsome, with messy pale-yellowish hair. Perhaps he had just woken up in the morning, it was as messy as a chickens nest.

When he saw Jiang Yuan looking at him, the young man sneered. His smile was antagonistic and arrogant.

Gu Jing continued to speak with disrespect.

“You woke up so late. What are you A pig”

Jiang Yuan looked at him as if she was looking at an idiot.

She then calmly said, “Chicken-nest Head.”

Her tone was condescending.



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