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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 17

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Contract Marriage (15)

The next day.

Early in the morning.

Sunlight poured in through the window and shone upon the mans face. The suns golden ray made his skin look like white jade that had just been cleaned by water.

He slowly opened his eyes. His long eyes were elegant, and his eyelashes were thick and long, but there was still some coldness in them.

Gu Xichao slowly blinked and then wanted to move his body. He immediately noticed that something was wrong.

He had a sexy woman in his embrace, and his hands were still around her waist.

The man looked down and saw her thick, curly long hair that looked like seaweed spreading around.

Her clean scent lingered in his nose, and her delicate fragrance carried some coldness in it as well.

Jiang Yuan

… Thats right, we were sleeping on the same bed last night.

Gu Xichao moved a little wanting to get out of bed, and he was then held by Jiang Yuan.

The woman grabbed at him, and mumbled, “Dont be noisy…”

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It was obvious that she wasnt fully awakened yet.

Her voice was soft. Unlike her normal graceful tone, it even had a somewhat raspy touch to it.

It was as if she didnt give Gu Xichao a great enough impact, Jiang Yuan directly kissed the mans fair chin. And as if she was trying to placate him, she said, “Alright, be quiet now.”

“I want to sleep…” Jiang Yuans voice drifted away as if she was going back to bed.

Gu Xichao really stopped moving, as if he had become a jade statue. His body froze. He then closed his eyes as if he had given up. His cold, thick eyelashes moved twice.

Gu Xichao pretended that he was asleep.

In truth, he was waiting for Jiang Yuan to wake up. Whoever woke up first would… have to face the awkwardness in that situation.

Then, Gu Xichao pretended that he did not wake up, and closed his eyes.


Some time passed.

Jiang Yuan was finally awake.

Her eyelashes were like the fluttering wings of a butterfly as she opened her eyes.

An unfamiliar temperature came from her sense of touch.

Jiang Yuan had noticed her own posture. She was hugging someone, and it seemed like she had hugged him on her own.

The woman was stunned.

She then quietly looked at Gu Xichao and noticed that he was sleeping in a proper manner. Even his posture when he was asleep was similar to his cold outlook – like a senior manager sleeping inside a coffin.

Jiang Yuan silently looked at his face, then got out of bed. She was doing it carefully, obviously not wanting to wake him up.

Since the current situation was a bit, uhm, awkward.

But then...

The womans thin arm accidentally pressed on Gu Xichaos abdomen, and she had used quite a bit of strength too.

The man let out a muffled voice as a sexy voice came out from his throat.

He cocked his eyebrows, and his thick eyelashes slowly fluttered open as he looked at her.

The woman was shocked, and she lost balance and fell directly on Gu Xichao.

Jiang Yuan was shocked.

Gu Xichao was stunned as his body reacted faster than his mind. He caught Jiang Yuan naturally, grabbing onto her slender waist.


Then, Jiang Yuan looked at a pair of cold, blue eyes.




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