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Contract Marriage (12)

Jiang Yuan bit her lip. She had a feeling that he was attacking her.

If Gu Xichao could hear Jiang Yuans inner thoughts, he would probably say to her unhesitatingly to have faith and remove the words “had a feeling” from the sentence.

There was again a moment of silence in the room. However, Jiang Yuan wasnt going to stop.

She suddenly extended two of her slender fingers and pulled at Gu Xichaos sleeves.

The man looked at her from the side questioningly, his expression was slightly cold.

Jiang Yuan cleared her throat and then gave Gu Xichao a gentle, quiet smile. It was as if they were strangers.

However, they were strangers, werent they

“Can I ask you a question”

Gu Xichao had a feeling that she wouldnt say anything good, but he still nodded and said, “Ask away.”

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Jiang Yuan asked him in a whisper, “Are you @#@%¥#@...”

Gu Xichao was confused.

He really didnt hear that clearly.

The mans voice was low and very pleasant to the ear. It felt like a small brush brushing at her eardrums, making her feel good. He asked, “What”

He turned toward Jiang Yuan by slightly turning his head. His slightly messy soft hair covered his forehead.

His face was fair and beautiful and was extremely close to Jiang Yuan.

His nose bridge was tall, and his thin lips were like petals.

She could even see each strand of his curled eyelashes.

Jiang Yuan was scared to the point where her heart skipped a beat, and she quickly held his delicate chin and turned the mans beautiful face sideways with a push.

Gu Xichao did not say anything.

Jiang Yuan continued to smile softly.

Gu Xichao helplessly face-palmed, several black lines could almost be seen forming over his forehead.

Push me away How can this woman do something like that…

In my memories, Jiang Yuans personality should be more…

Fine, I dont remember much anyway.

Gu Xichao looked down emotionlessly with his eyes that looked like sapphires, and were as blue as the sea, and asked, “What do you want to ask”

“Uhm, do you have some sort of a problem

“Uhm… You know... That kind of problem... ” Jiang Yuan wasnt feeling comfortable, so she was muttering her words.

However, the womans beautiful eyes were glittering. It was obvious that she was up to no good.

“” Gu Xichao was slightly stunned, but he really didnt know what Jiang Yuan was talking about.

Then, he traced her line of sight…

The mans elegant face instantly darkened, and there seemed to be a storm brewing in his blue eyes. It sent chills down her bones.

“Jiang. Yuan.” Gu Xichao spat her name.

Jiang Yuan instantly shuddered.

She might have angered this husband of hers.

Jiang Yuan then explained to him, looking for a way to get out of this trouble, “Gu Xichao, calm down, calm down.

“I was just being curious. I wasnt laughing at you or anything. You dont have a woman out there, and were just husband and wife on the surface.

“And youre so young, this is when you are driven by more sensual impulses…”

Jiang Yuan eventually shut up as the man stared at her so coldly that she would probably freeze over.

Alright, Ill shut up.

Jiang Yuan was hesitating on whether to apologize, but when she thought that she might have accidentally stabbed him in the heart, she said, “About that, Im sorry.”

Gu Xichao could feel that his blood was pumping to his head when he saw Jiang Yuan having an expression basically saying, “Im so sorry, I shouldnt have hit you where it hurts.”

He said nothing.

Perhaps, he should say something to save his image.

“Sex life is not important to me.”

The man said, his pretty face remained cold.

“To me, such things are not necessities.

“My body is fine, understand”

This was the first time that Jiang Yuan had heard Gu Xichao say so many words.

She was shocked!



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