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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 11

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Contract Marriage (9)

Jiang Yuan was shocked.

She blinked, her pale beautiful face showed no emotion. However, she was biting her lovely cherry-blossom red lip, her two dimples showing.

It was as if Gu Xichao was worried that Jiang Yuan would mind it, he added, “Dont worry. Its just sharing a bed.”

His voice was attractive, it was deep and easy to the ear, but it was also quite clear and as refreshing as fresh snow.

“Oh.” The woman nodded and responded nonchalantly with a good girl demeanor.

… I am not comforted. Jiang Yuan quietly thought.


The sound of rushing water came from the bathroom.

Jiang Yuan glanced at the bathroom before drawing back her attention.

Luckily, she already had a shower.

With that in mind, Jiang Yuan happily removed her slippers and lay on the soft and white bed, extending all her limbs out.

Then, she slowly supported her head with her hands and fell into her own thoughts melancholically.

As soon as she realized that such a soft, comfortable bed wasnt hers alone, she felt irritated.

Jian Yuan quietly found a comfortable pose and then completely relaxed. She even took a bag of chips from on top of the nightstand and began to eat a few.

No idea where she got the chips from.

After she saw Grandpa Gu hiding a bag of pickled chicken feet in his room, Jiang Yuan knew that the butler must have prepared a big pile of snacks somewhere.

So, she went and asked the butler for them.

Potato chips, chocolates,


, jellies, jerkies, pickled chicken feet…

Anything she could think of, she got them all in big bags.

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Im quite the prodigy, Jiang Yuan thought to herself with joy.


However, just as her thoughts were drifting away, Jiang Yuan suddenly froze.

She still had some chips on her beautiful red lips, but her pale, delicate face was filled with surprise. Jiang Yuan then shifted her eyes toward the bathroom with a hint of regret.

She seemed to have forgotten something.

After her shower, she had forgotten to put away her bra. It might be in the basin…

Jiang Yuan silently looked downward, and then buried her head in the soft, white pillow.

He wouldnt have seen it, would he…

Just as her mind was thrown into chaos, the bathroom door suddenly opened, and the svelte figure came out.

Jiang Yuans expression became that of a Stepford Smiler.

She raised her head and looked at the man.

When she saw how Gu Xichao was dressed, Jiang Yuan couldnt help but feel astonished.

The man was wearing a black sleeping robe. The belt was tied around his waist loosely, revealing his delicate jade-like collarbone.

He wasnt wearing his glasses, and without the lenses blocking his eyes, his beauty was sharper, different from his usual gentle but cold image.

Perhaps he had just come out from the bathroom, the mans deep blue eyes seemed to have a hint of mist around them. His lips were as red as roses. In contrast with his cold, pale skin complexion, it was fatally seductive.

Jiang Yuan felt that she was going to become blind soon because of that beauty that could probably bring a whole country to their knees.

She felt that she must be an idiot in the past.

To disregard such a beautiful husband and look for those ugly playthings outside.

Something must be wrong with her brain, and wasnt that the truth

While Gu Xichao could be somewhat cold and distant and had no feelings for her, and that she could only see him a few times a year…

When she thought about it, they had been married for a year. However, Gu Xichao had never had a… proper husband and wife life.

And this made Jiang Yuan feel suspicious.

Could it be that this man might not be as great as he seemed to be

With that thought crossing her mind, Jiang Yuan quietly glanced at the mans private part.

Naifutiao is sort of like the Australian Nougat, and the official English name is Naifutiao.



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