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Warning Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 10

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Contract Marriage

Jiang Yuan was shocked.

The beautiful woman bit her lip, as she reached out and touched her forehead and looked at him blankly.

Jiang Yuan felt that she must be hallucinating. Otherwise, she wouldnt see a handsome man holding a pillow in front of her door and saying that he would like to sleep with her tonight.

She once again looked at the handsome and slender man at her door and noticed that he wasnt joking.

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Jiang Yuan emotionlessly looked at him with her cold eyes that were hidden under her lush and long eyelashes, and said plainly, “Are you crazy Or am I crazy”

He pushed up his gold-framed glasses. The ghostly blue color of his eyes that she could see through the lenses was beautiful beyond belief.

Gu Xichao simply said, “Its what Grandfather wants.

“We might have to act for two more days…” He didnt finish his sentence.

Jiang Yuan had already nodded and acknowledged that she understood, and moved aside to let Gu Xichao enter.

As he was very close, Jiang Yuan could smell the sweet and refreshing scent on him. It was the kind of scent that one could smell from a pine tree in the mountains, containing the purity that didnt belong to this world.

The long sleeve of the mans shirt brushed past her arm, and Jiang Yuan could almost feel the soft touch of the fabric.

It was quite itchy.

She noticed what she was thinking, and she was stunned for a while before her thoughts drifted off.


Originally, Jiang Yuan was still thinking about who should be sleeping on the ground.

At this time, there were knocks on the door again.

Jiang Yuan opened the door and noticed that it was a small-framed maid. Her face was quite roundish, and she looked cute and pleasant.

The maid smiled at Jiang Yuan the moment she came in and said, “Young Mistress, Master has asked us to come to take something.”

Jiang Yuan looked at her questioningly.

The young lady quickly ran toward the dresser and took out an extra blanket inside. She then took it away and said, “Master had said that one blanket should be enough for Young Master and Young Mistress. We dont have enough materials at home recently, hehe…”

Jiang Yuan and Gu Xichao were speechless.

What the hell do you mean you dont have enough materials at home Do I look like Im an idiot Do I look like I will believe you

Next, a few more maids came in, and directly removed the carpet on the floor together, then walked out with respect.

Leaving behind Gu Xichao and Jiang Yuan staring at each other.

It was slightly awkward.

The corners of Jiang Yuans lips twitched.

The extra blanket had been taken away, and even the carpet was removed.

Were they afraid that one of them would be sleeping on the floor

Gu Xichao felt extremely helpless as he leaned back against the white wall. He took off his gold-framed glasses and massaged his head that was throbbing.

To think that his grandfather had thought about it.

Taking away the carpet…


The man pulled up his black, beautiful tie and then loosened it before callously taking it off completely. He then unbuttoned the first button of his shirt, revealing his pale neck. His Adams apple was quite delicate, the bob quite attractive.

“Im going to take a shower,” Gu Xichao said coolly.

“Oh… Huh” Jiang Yuans thought was adrift. When she heard someone was talking to her, she responded by reflex.

However, once she heard it clearly, the woman raised her eyes at him as if she was surprised that even the tone of her voice changed.

Gu Xichao merely gave her a cold look.

Jiang Yuan nodded blankly without saying anything.

Before Gu Xichao walked into the bathroom, he turned his body sideways and stared at the woman with his deep, blue eyes. He then said, “Well sleep on the same bed.”



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