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The Blood Demons identity had been exposed with ease.

The moment it entered Linglings room using Mo Fans identity that night, she already saw through it!

Lingling stood inside the protective barrier and stared at the furious Blood Demon indifferently.

Its body expanded.

Its blood was like hot lava.

Its blood was as foul and corrosive as a strong acid when it flowed upon the ground.

The Blood Demon broke itself free of the Trapped Demon Hexagram and slowly walked toward Lingling.

Its claws were red.

Another black figure suddenly materialized close to Lingling when it got to her.

The black figure responded in a split second.

The Blood Demon exploded with terrifying blood plasma, but he pressed it on the stone wall ruthlessly with a single hand.

The shape of a human appeared on the stone wall.

The Blood Demon struggled to break free.

However, it was as if it was no more than a three-year-old child before the dark figure.

The Blood Demon could not cast its powerful, demonic blood plasma power.

Meanwhile, a dark, evil shadow that resembled the Darkspawn appeared behind the black figure.

The Darkspawn shadow made him look like the descendant of a demon.

He was filled with destructive power.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

He exerted more force with his arm.

The Blood Demons bones were crushed.

The next moment, a wolf appeared from the black figure.

The wolf bared its fangs and severed the Blood Demons head.

For a moment, blood gushed out of the Blood Demons neck and spilled onto the stone wall.

Its blood was as striking and red as bright red paint!

The Blood Demon finally went limp.

The wolf ate up the rest of the body before fading behind the black form.

The black figure wore the cloak of a night watchman.

He took off the hood and revealed a common appearance.

Before the Blood Demon died, it had seen the black figures true form.

The black figure was none other than the night watchman who had taken a photo with it in the forest!

“Unfortunately, its the Blood Demon.

How I wish it was the Red Demon itself,” said the night watchman, shaking his head.

“It wont act so carelessly.

After all, it will be its Ascension Day in two days,” said Lingling.

Lingling recognized the night watchman.

It was the same night watchman in the group photo that was clipped to the door the other day.

“To be honest, I didnt expect to take a picture with myself in this life.” The night watchman smiled.

Mo Fan found this to be funny.

He used the Eye of Deception and impersonated an ordinary night watchman.

He protected Lingling from the shadows and noticed another “Mo Fan” trying to ask Lingling about the clues she had gotten from the Sacrificial Mountain.

Mo Fan did not give it a second thought.

He pretended to bump into “Mo Fan” and took a group photo with “himself”.

Lingling did not sleep throughout that night.

She was aware that it was not the true Mo Fan who had visited her.

She believed it had to be one of the Red Demons doppelgangers that she had brought back from the Sacrificial Mountain.

The Red Demons doppelgangers wanted to find out what she had learned, thus it impersonated Mo Fan to test her.

At that moment, Lingling had not said anything.

She also did not seek help, because the Blood Demon stood guard at the forest.

It would have laid its hand on her if she had walked out of the room.

She had forced herself to stay awake.

She had switched off the light and hid under her quilt.

Fortunately, Mo Fan had been watching over her in the dark.

He sent her the photo.

The purpose of the photo was to tell Lingling that she did not have to be so scared because he was guarding her.

When Lingling saw the group photo, she knew that the night watchman was indeed Mo Fan.

The reason they did not immediately expose the Blood Demons true identity was because they wanted to lure the main culprit out—The Red Demon, Kazuaki.

However, the Blood Demon was worthless.

It seemed like it had nothing to do with the Red Demon Kazuaki.

Knowing that they could not fish out any useful information from it, they decided to kill it, lest it caused them trouble.

“Lingling, Im curious.

You mentioned that it has to impersonate flaws too if it wanted to look real.

May I ask about the flaw that I have which gave it away” Mo Fan removed the disguise of the Eye of the Deception.

He revealed his true form.

“No one can ever impersonate your sense of despicability,” Lingling answered nonchalantly while checking the Blood Demons carcass.

Mo Fan regretted asking the question.

In fact, the reason Lingling saw through Mo Fans impersonator was because of his habitual actions and unintentional intimacy.

She could not sense the same despicable aura from the Blood Demon.

The real Mo Fan would never stand outside the door and ask for her permission to enter her room.

The Blood Demon had underestimated Mo Fans shamelessness.

It had overlooked his brazen habits.

So, how could it truly impersonate him

“We still have two days left.

No matter what, I think we have to barge into the East Guardian Towers.

What I am worried about the most is the inside of the towers.

The environment inside is too quiet.” Mo Fan glanced at the pitch-black mountain range in the middle of countless yellow lightning and the strange castle on top of it.

“But the East Guardian Towers are more heavily guarded than before.

We cannot enter from other places except the drawbridge.” Lingling was frustrated over the matter.

In the past couple of days, Lingling discovered that no matter how hard they tried, they could not get through the entrance of the East Guardian Towers.

They were too heavily guarded!

“Thats why we have to find a way out.

Katana Mochizuki and Chihaya Mochizuki mentioned that without the Chief and military generals permission, they could not open the door for us.” Mo Fan was equally irritated over the matter.

Before that, Chihaya had sealed off the secret passage in the cliff.

Hence, the drawbridge was the only entrance.

The drawbridge was heavily guarded with many experts.

Someone used to sneak into the towers by using Shadow Element but failed.

There were several layers of protection inside the East Guardian Towers.

“Actually, theres a person who can help us.

I wonder if he is willing.

I hope I guessed correctly,” said Lingling.

“Who is that person” asked Mo Fan.

“Its Ozawa.

I have inquired after him.

Aside from holding the general affairs position, he is also in charge of supervising food and disciplinary issues of the East Guardian Towers.

If hes willing to help us, then we can enter the towers easily,” said Lingling.

“Ozawa… I guess hes not a cunning person, after all.

But why would he turn against the Chief and other superiors and place his trust in us” Mo Fan was confused.

“It all depends on his understanding.

I talked about a lot of things with him today.

I wonder if he can understand them.” Lingling sighed.

“Hes quite pitiful.

I guess hes one of the few people who has been kept in the dark.

It must be hard for him to live with the puppets, assholes, and parasites for so long.”

“Is there any problem with Ozawa” asked Mo Fan.

“No problem.”

“How did you assign him to think things out”

“Ive made a bet with him.

I suppose the outcome is revealed.

Lets go back to my room first.

If he waits for me there, I guess he has finally understood,” said Lingling.

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