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“I asked because someone who was saddened at the fact that I work on the prostitution seems to want me to do the same thing again.”

A witch or not, she already considered that young woman as her master the moment she got on the carriage.

She saved her from the possibility of dying in the hands of Latea and Ronald, so it was already enough reason for her.

She wanted to calm the woman’s mind.

“Seducing is right.

But it’s not a prostitution.

I want you to keep that in mind.”


Luana asked in bewilderment.

“Do you want me to become a noble’s lover”

“Yeah, something like that.”

Luana doubted her ears.

For someone who had been selling her body for a long time, entering a noble household was like a dream for her.

A comfortable life with endless wealth.

Even a little bit of power if she was very lucky.

They said you’d be tormented by their wives, but what’s the big deal anyway

“But why me….”

Luana was conscious of her appearance.

She wasn’t as beautiful as the blonde Luana.

She wasn’t young and lacked refinement as a woman.

All she was good at was reading people’s minds.

“Because you’re the right person.

But Luana…”

The woman spoke ever so softly as she looked straight into Luana’s eyes.

Her eyes were truly mysterious.

A dark red with a sprinkle of gold.

Yeah, if anything she was more suitable to be a noble’s lover.

“Just hear me out for now.

And if you don’t like it, just say no and leave.

Even if you refuse, I’d still give you land and money to live with your family even if you don’t do prostitution for the rest of your life.

You don’t need to report me for anything you spend.”

Luana found her words strange.

Isn’t that a promise you make if I agree to your offer Why are you asking for my opinion when you were the one who brought me from Latea

“If you accept it, you’ll live without worrying about money.

Just think that you’ll have everything you want.”

Luana shook her head a couple of times as if it was unreal.

She wanted to make sure if it wasn’t a dream.

If what the woman said was true, it was like living out her dream for the rest of her life.Luana looked once again into the mysterious eyes.

Sharpness, coldness, a bit of compassion, and….

Luana now realized why the woman’s attitude felt so unfamiliar.

That woman actually respected her and sincerely hoped for her safety.

Nobody ever did that in her life so far.

She had a strange feeling.

She wanted to follow what this stranger told her to do.

With that in mind, Luana asked the most important question.

“Um, then….who is that person”

“The one that you must seduce.”

Luana thought perhaps this woman was trying to push her to an old man in his 80s, with a jealous wife and cheeky kids.

But she was still very grateful.

Can it be even worse than the place she used to work at If he was a rich aristocrat, surely it wouldn’t be so bad to the point she couldn’t handle it.

“The Emperor.”

However, as soon as the woman in front of her finished talking, Luana couldn’t close her mouth.

Many thoughts crossed her mind such as whether she looked pretty enough to seduce the emperor or whether the woman in front of her was powerful enough to send her to the emperor in the first place.

But the woman in front of her was confident.

Just like when she faced Baron Aaron, Latea and Ronald.

It occurred to her that everything would work out according to that woman’s wishes.

“Of course it’s a dangerous job.

Sometimes he’s cruel and-”

“I will do it.”


To Luana, who answered without hesitation, the woman asked back in surprise.

“I will do it.”

Luana once again affirmed.

Everybody knew how dangerous the royal family was.

It was also widely known that the emperor was violent.

But even if she died tomorrow, Luana wanted to die in that position.

A wealth that she could never earn even if she worked for a lifetime and the place where people who belittle her would never dare to look at.

Even if she only lived for a day, she wanted to go higher up.

She was confident that she wouldn’t regret it even if she died.

Furthermore, it was something that the woman in front of her proposed.

Luana had fully trusted her.

* * *

The place where Luana stayed was Pedro Reese’s mansion.

Adrian had become quite rich after doing countless errands for Apollonia over the past few years.

The father and daughter have purchased several mansions in and out of the capital.

Due to Luana’s sharpness, Apollonia soon confessed about her true identity.

It was something that she couldn’t hide when Luana entered the palace anyway, and now Luana was considered as her ally.


Luana was dazed for a while before falling to her knees.

For some reason, it felt like she had made a great mistake.

“Don’t ever do that again.”

Apollonia shook her head once and lifted her up.

“Nobody, even the emperor, should treat you carelessly.

If you kneel so easily like this, people will begin to look down at you.”

After Luana came to her senses, Apollonia quickly taught her


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