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Chapter 28 Over the Mountain Wind


By the time they returned to the Walled City, it was already past 9 o'clock.

Grandma knew that Qiao Wen had gone out to have dinner with Chen Jianan, but she still made the soup as usual and waited for him to return.


“Grandma, today my boss saw me do a good job and gave me a big red envelope.

I brought a little nutrition supplement for you, don't be afraid to eat.” While saying this he put the shopping bag on the coffee table and took out five hundred dollars from his wallet and gave it to his grandma and said with a smile, “Awen can finally make money to honor grandma.”


Although he was no longer the original Qiao Wen, with his body and inherited memory he was Qiao Wen, so naturally, he had to take care of the people he needs to take care of and fulfill his unfulfilled wishes.


Granny Qiao took the banknotes in her hand, saw the amount with vague eyes, and whispered: “So much”


“Not much, not much, there will be more in the future.”


Granny Qiao carefully put away a few bills while tears of relief welled up in her muddy eyes.

These days, the old lady clearly felt that his grandson had grown up and was no longer a sickly teenager who needed to hobble around to shelter him from the wind and rain.


At last, she could confide with her husband and son, and daughter-in-law.


Watching grandma wipe her eyes back to the room, Qiao Wen sighed uncomfortably.


It was really hard for this pair of grandma and grandson.


After receiving the big red envelope from the boss, he naturally had to work hard.

Not to mention, he was still waiting for the factory’s 10% dividend at the end of the year, so he must find a way to make the factory profitable as soon as possible.

During the day, he was busy with work, and at night, he had to make a plan of how to rescue the little sisters.


Fortunately, after exercising with Chen Jianan for a few days in the morning, his body really seemed to improve.


During weekdays, Qin Yunfei spends most of his nights in Lido.

So the matter of taking Zhou Renjun to the Lido to step on this matter has to be handled properly and must wait for his absence to facilitate, so as not to reveal the horse's foot because of unskilled business.


So this thing has to wait until five days to have a chance.


But obviously, Qiao Wen’s worry was overblown.


Though Zhou Renjun was a righteous young man, as a rich young master, he was naturally good at eating, drinking, and having fun.

In other words, in addition to having a chivalrous heart, he was essentially a typical playboy.


On the contrary, Qiao Wen himself was a little uncomfortable with this kind of feasting, especially the dancers who accompanied the wine.

Seeing that he was handsome and beautiful, they leaned on him with enthusiasm.


The strong smell of perfume smoked him straight to tears, completely losing one-tenth fish in the water to Zhou Renjun.

Fortunately, Chen Jianan Was escorting him, so whenever he sees the dancers stepping forward, he frowned and squalled: “Is my brother something you can touch”


Even though he wasn’t under Qin Yunfei, he is a member of the Hexing.

He was quite famous among the four or ninth boy, so the dancers naturally dared not make a fuss.


Zhou Renjun's boldness and generosity soon made him the guest of honor tonight, and even the mama-san personally came out to entertain him with a “Young Girl”, for fear that she would not be able to serve the God of Wealth and would not come here again to disperse his wealth in the future.


Zhou Renjun also wanted to establish his own image of being fool and extravagant, so that when the time comes, it was easy to make a request.


For a while the box was lively, Qiao Wen had internal urgency because of too much drink, so he went out to take care of it.

Because the restroom was nearby, he did not allow Chen Jianan to accompany him.


The restroom was originally empty.

He had just sorted his pants, washed his hands, and was ready to go out.

At this time, a tall and upright man walked in from outside the door.


Although the lights were dim, the two of them almost met up close, so he could see the person’s appearance at a glance.


Originally he didn’t care, but this person really has an impressive look.


Not to mention that he was a tall man who was rare in Hong Kong.

His face was almost as cold as a peep, and by a glance, he had a chill on the soles of his feet, he wasn’t born ferocious; on the contrary, he was pretty good-looking.

His features were called handsome Zhou Zheng, but his temperament was too cold.

In addition, he had a scar on his right forehead, which wasn’t obvious at first, but it happened to pass through the brow peak and cut a thick black and sharp eyebrow into two, making his already cold face even more difficult to look directly at him.


Qiao Wen wasn’t a timid person, but he subconsciously averted his gaze, avoiding the possible eye contact with this man.

Then his gaze inadvertently fell on the muscular arm that passed him.


It was pierced with complicated and eye-catching tattoos, a viper spitting a red letter lifelike.


Three words “Over the mountain wind” flashed in Qiao Wen’s mind.


Over the mountain wind, the king cobra, cunning, fierce, and highly toxic, was one of the most dangerous snakes in the world.


A vague memory belonging to the original body shot up, and Hexing Double Flower Red Stick Jiang Yufeng, nicknamed ‘Over the Mountain Wind.’


But Jiang Yufeng didn’t have many lines in the original book and was only known as a fierce and capable fighter, a sharp knife of Chen Jianan.


But what kind of person he was, neither the original Xiao Qiao nor he knew anything about it.


In order not to get into trouble, Qiao Wen didn’t look back curiously and walked out the door directly.


But just as he reached the corridor, his shoulder was gripped by a strong hand, and a figure came over, followed by a pleasant and teasing voice in his ear: “I didn’t recognize the wrong person, did I”


Qiao Wen bit his head and turned around stiffly: “Brother Fei.”


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