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Chapter 775: Like Drinking Nectar

‘He was a candidate for the Nobel Prize, so it is only right for him to have a soul as a scrub nurse.

When would I be able to reach this stage…

‘Forget it, I cannot even independently host the national level scientific research.

For scientific research of the doctoral thesis, the teacher brought his own name.

He did not even have enough national-level scientific research, yet he still wanted to win a prize

‘Wasnt that nonsense

What was Soul Stage It was right in front of him, but it was far away.

He was silent as he brought Xie Yiren to the hybrid operating room.

The moment he entered, Dong Jia saw that Su Yun was packing up the sterile surgical drapes.

Was the thoracic surgery done So fast

How was the adhesion on the pericardium resolved

Although he was not a thoracic surgeon, Dong Jia felt that he had missed out on 100 million yuan.

“Xie Yiren is here,” Su Yun said as he glanced at Xie Yiren.

Xie Yiren nodded, but her gaze passed through the crowd and landed on Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren narrowed his eyes.

He looked like he was smiling and was a little apologetic.

“May I know who is from the Vascular Department” Zheng Ren asked.

“I am Mao Chi from the Vascular Department,” Chief Mao from the Vascular Department stepped forward and said.

“The patients hepatic hydatid worm has invaded the left and caudal lobes of the liver.

Part of it is located between the portal vein and the inferior vena cava.

Part of it is growing downward due to external pressure, and it has invaded part of the inferior vena cava.

You and the General Surgery Department will need to perform the surgery together,” Zheng Ren said.

“Okay.” Chief Mao had long understood the procedure of the surgery.

After the thoracic surgery, it was time for him to perform the surgery himself.

Moreover, it was a joint operation with general surgery, so it was quite difficult.

“First, we will remove the left lobe of the liver to reveal the extent of the invasion of the caudate lobe echinococcosis.

We will cut open the junction between the occupying area and the right liver.

Without blocking the inferior vena cava, we will remove the tumor and part of the anterior wall of the inferior vena cava and reconstruct the inferior vena cava.” Zheng Ren looked straight into chief Maos eyes, magnanimous and confident.

“Are you preparing for the surgery for the Upper Vascular Department or the surgery of the General Surgery Department” Chief Mao suddenly asked.

“Both of you,” Zheng Ren said.

“The left lobe of the liver, the total caudate lobe, the part of the inferior vena cava, the reconstruction of the inferior vena cava, and the cholecystectomy.

I can act as an assistant and assist you and Professor Yang in the surgery.”

‘This… Chief Mao and Professor Yang looked at each other.

Neither of them said anything.

One person acting as the assistant of two surgeries How could they do that

The patient changed his position again, and a few surgeons went to scrub in.

Chairman Dong and Professor Yang whispered a few words to each other.

Professor Yang was very helpless, but he was here to help.

If he offended someone, he could only say it himself.

He had to pinch his nose and admit it.

He took out his phone and walked out before he could scrub his hands.

He went to communicate with the matron of the operating theater.

After a few minutes, he walked in with a pale face and said, “Chief Zheng, your nurse should scrub in then please come on stage.”

Dong Jia gave him a thumbs up in his heart.

Professor Yang was really good.

He could even handle such a matter!

However, looking at his expression, he did not know how much scolding he had received.

However, everything was worth it.

To be able to see the goddess-like scrub nurse supporting the stage, even if he was scolded, it was worth it.

Because of the two departments combined surgery, the head and legs were each equipped with a scrub nurse.

After nearly four hours of surgery, they had finally reached this step.

The air in the operating theater was stagnant, as if a major medical incident had occurred.

No one spoke.

Only the scrub nurse and the circulating nurse were counting the sounds of lightly tapping the equipment.

Disinfection was done, sterile surgical drapes were laid, and the surgery began again.

Chief Mao was not in a hurry.

He could wait a few minutes at night.

He could wait for the general surgery to drift away and cut off the left lobe of the liver before he went onstage.

He could go in the morning.

There was no need to wait at all.

Professor Yang stood in the position of the surgeon.

He felt a little flustered.

He glanced at Zheng Ren and asked in a low voice, “Boss Zheng, are you coming to my place”

“No.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “Im here.

I still need to give Chief Mao a hand.”

Professor Yang was speechless.

He remained silent, lowered his head, and began the surgery.

It was not that Zheng Ren could not perform the surgery, nor did he care about his own reputation.

He just felt that his assistants standard was a little inferior.

In order for the surgery to go smoothly, he had to set up a table for the two surgical departments.

This standard…

Professor Yang had long had a basic judgment of Zheng Rens standard.

However, as the surgery progressed, his judgment had been refreshed countless times.

Though the two departments had started the surgery at the same time, the patient was still a small and thin young woman.

There was not enough room for so many people.

However, everyone was waiting eagerly.

They wanted to see Zheng Ren become the assistant of the two surgeons.

Zheng Ren said a few words to Su Yun and Su Yun went to scrub his hands.

Everyone let out a long breath.

Chief Zheng knew the severity of the surgery.

He was not doing it to show off his skills.

For a moment, everyones impression of Zheng Ren became better.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun went onstage at the same time.

The chief resident of the department of general surgery and vascular surgery could only stand below the stage and watch the surgery anxiously.

The abdominal cavity was open.

During the thoracic surgery, cotton pads and sterile gauze were used to cover the abdominal cavity.

At this moment, there was no need to open the abdominal cavity.

It was rather convenient.

During the previous surgery, the liver was almost free.

Professor Yang reached out his hand and slapped a pair of blunt scissors on his palm.

After feeling the force of the blunt scissors, Professor Yangs voice came out from his throat, “Blunt scissors.”

F*ck… This speed

Professor Yang was stunned.

His words were not as fast as the scrub nurses hand.

How could he be reasonable about this

In the time it took for him to be stunned, Zheng Rens side had already separated and clamped onto the round ligament of the liver.

Professor Yang cut it off and reached out his hand again.

He patted the ligaments on his palm and handed the two ligaments to Zheng Ren and Professor Yang in less than three seconds.

He ligated, cut the ligaments, continued to look for the falciform ligament and the left triangular ligament.

The more he performed the surgery, the more absent-minded he became.

Professor Yang felt that he had to be dreaming.

After experiencing the initial incident, he resisted the urge to speak.

No matter what he needed, he only extended his hand.

It was enough to make a fool of himself once.

Perhaps there was also a hint of anger in it, but this emotion instantly dissipated and turned into surprise.

In the end, it turned into a smooth and focused surgery.

No matter what equipment was needed, he just needed to reach out his hand.

This feeling made Professor Yang have endless doubts about the life of a surgeon.

What he had done before was all fake surgeries.

It had to be!

Not only did the scrub nurse give him the equipment, she was also Chief Zhengs exclusive scrub nurse.

She had to first satisfy Chief Zhengs surgical needs.

But even so, Professor Yang still felt as if he was drinking nectar.

When it came to surgeries, there were all kinds of amazing assistants who exposed all kinds of views.

Whether he had thought of it or not, Chief Zheng was always able to expose himself half a step ahead of time.

As for the equipment, as long as he stretched out his hand, it would appear in his hand like magic.

If he could do this in the future, that would be great.

The left edge of the liver, the middle hepatic vein, and the left inferior vena cava were exposed.

After wrapping the ligaments of the liver and duodenum with a latex tube, the ligaments were gently tightened and fixed with a vascular clamp to block the blood flow into the liver.

The surgery was carried out step by step, neither too fast nor too slow.

About 1.0 cm away from the left side of the median fissure, the liver capsule and the superficial liver parenchyma were cut open with an endoscopic electric knife.

Professor Yang glanced at Zheng Ren, then placed the thumb of his left hand on the surface of the liver.

The other four fingers reached behind the liver and gently lifted it up.

Blunt dissection of the liver parenchyma was used along the cutting line with the hilt of the knife.

It seemed that what Professor Yang was doing was very important, but he knew that Zheng Ren quickly clipped and ligated all kinds of pipelines–arteries, veins, and ligaments–that he encountered by his hand.

Professor Yang could even vaguely feel the wind whistling by his hand with the scissors.

It was not just the small arteries and veins.

He encountered the left hepatic vein, the left branch of the portal vein, and the left branch of the hepatic artery near the first hepatic portal.

Zheng Ren still did not hesitate.

After clipping, he cut off and ligated.

Then, he cut off the capsule on the back wall of the liver, removed the left half of the liver, and loosened the hepatic blood flow blockage.

The bleeding points on the hepatic section were sewn up to stop the bleeding, and the two ends were closed.

The whole process took less than 15 minutes.

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