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“What did the first batch of private hospitals use to make a profit Its just a set up.

” Liu Zewei sighed.

However, he had been a clinical doctor for so many years, what had he not seen

He only felt a little sad about this.

These things were not something he could manage.

“Hes just overdrawing the medical insurance fee.

There are so many large – scale tertiary Grade A hospitals nearby.

What would a private hospital know why would anyone go there to see a doctor”

What he said was true, and Zheng Ren had to admit it.

“There was one time when I went home for dinner.

My mom told me that there was a small hospital nearby.

They said that the bed was hung at their place and that they would get an allowance of about ten Yuan a day.” “Not only does it not cost money to stay in the hospital, but it also earns money,” Liu Zewei said.

“Your mother passed away after that” Chang Yue asked.

“I definitely wont let her go.” Liu Zewei said,”who knows when our medical insurance will be overdrawn the higher – ups should pay attention.

Well do a major check.

Itll be meaningless if we cancel our medical insurance qualifications.”

“That wont happen.

I think youre more righteous, old Liu.” Zheng Ren said with a bitter smile.

“Its not exactly justice,” Liu Zewei touched his bald head and said,”I started paying for my medical insurance from the moment I started working.

In the end, it ended up benefiting those guys who were the first to start working in private hospitals.

Dont you feel unfair”

“But theres no other way.”

“Theres no need to earn this little money.

In the future, when you drink and scold people, dont feel guilty, and dont be soft – spoken, just want to be happy.

” Liu Zeweis bald head was getting brighter and brighter.

“Who knows” Zheng Ren had never paid much attention to such matters.

What he could not change was just that.

If he had the time to feel emotional and sigh, it would be more practical to see a few more patients.

“I have the same opinion as old Liu.

There were patients who wanted to get this and that, but I found reasons to reject them.” Chang Yue said.

“Thats it.

” Zheng Ren didnt want to talk about such depressing things anymore, so he said,””Old Liu, the community Hospital is almost done.

As long as the nursing team is ready, we can open for business.”

Liu Zewei rubbed his bald head with more strength.

“Boss, I cant write all the medical records.” Chang Yue was already prepared for this and said directly.

“Department Director Kong said that hell get you a few chief physicians and Associate Chief physicians to guide you.

I think you should write less about the medical records, as long as youre supervising.

” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“I know.” Chang Yue said with an expressionless face.

Boss Zheng was the only one who dared to think of letting a young doctor Who did not even get an intermediate title supervise the directors who came from all over the world for in – Service training.

Liu Zewei laughed as he thought about it.

However, it was still quite interesting.

Doctor Changs medical records were indeed good.

After he had followed him for some time, he felt that the overall standard of his medical records had improved.

The next batch of people would not be treated as well as him.

When he first came, there were only six beds, and he had plenty of time to edit the medical record.

The people who came after him basically took in six patients a day, and this cycle continued.

Every day, he would write medical records, handle discharge, give preoperative instructions, and most importantly, he would have to perform surgeries.

Right, I still have to be on duty at night.

He wondered if these professors and chief physicians could get used to not being on duty for so many years.

Liu Zewei thought to himself as he rubbed his shiny bald head that was beginning to ooze oil.

The conversation ended there, and everyone went back to their own business.

As for the deficit in medical insurance, it had nothing to do with Zheng Ren and the medical group.

Doctors were only responsible for treating and saving people.

He couldnt think of any more.

Zheng Ren was thinking about how the number of surgeries he could perform would increase when the community Hospital opened.

The storm that was about to come would become the norm in the future.

Now that they had six hospital beds, it could not be any easier for Zheng Rens treatment group.

Zheng Ren was reading a book for a while when director Kong came back.

He waved and called him to the directors office.

“Boss Zheng, have a seat.” Department Director Kong said with a smile.

“Director, what did the nursing department say” Zheng Ren asked.

“Didnt they say that they didnt have enough manpower” “If you want to do something, you cant do it smoothly without slamming the table and throwing a tantrum,” Department Director Kong said disdainfully.

“Hehe.” Zheng Ren smiled.

He looked like he was going smoothly, but in fact, there were many people helping him in many things.

The power of one person was really limited.

“Weve got a team.

The nurses at the back will be supplemented by in – Service training students.

” “There are so many people who want to go for in – Service training outside.

Just relax.

Its not a small matter to have ten or twenty more nurses,” Department Director Kong said.

Zheng Ren realized that he had unknowingly become the most detestable kind of professor.

They squeezed out all the doctors and nurses who were in in – Service training.

However, if he didnt squeeze her dry, he had no choice.

What women as men, men as livestock As long as they came, who cared about men and women they were all ordered around like animals.

“Boss Zheng, dont mind me for being a busybody.” Department Director Kong took a sip of water and said leisurely.

“The hospital beds went from six to one hundred and six.

This is a qualitative change.” Department Director Kongs expression was very serious.”You did a good job in the surgery, and the patients condition was relatively stable after the surgery.

“But were in the medical field, and we have to think from the perspective of coincidences.

Otherwise, with more than a hundred beds, itd be a good thing if eight to ten people dont die a year.

Zheng Ren knew that Department Director Kong was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

“I know, director.” Zheng Ren calculated for a moment and said,”our house is quite far away.

Ive talked to sister Lin before.

Ive asked if we can rent a house here.” If theres anything, just call and itll be over in a few minutes.

Every night after dinner, I can check the wards.

“Its very hard to do this.

” Department Director Kong said with a smile.

It was obvious that he had expected this.

“Im just trying to win the Nobel Prize.

” “Itll be fine once the noodles are straightened out,”Zheng Ren said with a smile.

When will the director of the Foreign Affairs Department arrive”

“Very soon.” “Theyre in contact with Su Yun.

A few department directors and chief residents are coming over.

All of them are strong and capable people, they can work once they come.

“Well have to extort some from Zhou chunyong.

Whats in your hands is your own benefit.

” “Dont be embarrassed to look for Zhou chunyong just because Im on good terms with Zhu liangchen,”Department Director Kong said.

“Its not convenient for me to go to other places for surgery, and its not worth it.

I dont have much contact with my subordinates.

Zhou chunyong keeps in contact with the local directors, and he has to visit some places twice a month.

“Ask him for her.

He cant just listen to your TIPS and not even be willing to blame a chief resident.” Department Director Kong said with a smile.

When he thought about how many chief residents had to queue up to go on stage, Zheng Ren felt as if his head had become two big heads.

Its fine, Ill let Su Yun handle the administrative work.

He only needed to focus on the critical juncture of the surgery.

At the end of the day, the surgery was still the core of everything.

As long as the surgery was performed well, there would not be any changes.

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