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Old Department Director Pans warning only allowed him to temporarily put down the conflict in his heart.

In the past few days, he had been thinking about the relationship between doctors and patients.

In the end, he always thought that as long as productivity was greatly developed, it might change when they arrived in a world of great harmony.

And ten minutes ago, the difficult patient, director Zhang Lins persistence, and Chang Yues blinking had made Zheng Ren completely understand.

If they could protect one person, they were one person.

He was a human, at most a human with big pig trotters, not a God.

He couldnt solve all problems.

There were very few things that could be done, and that was all.

He was just an ordinary person, so he didnt need to think about such big things.

Su Yun silently smoked her cigarette and did not look at Zheng Ren.

The sun shone on half of her face.

Half of it was bright and sunny, while the other half was hidden in the dark.

It was like a sculpture with light and dark intertwined, and it had a very three – dimensional feel.

Zheng Ren didnt say anything else.

He had just poured out all his thoughts and felt much more relaxed.

A few minutes later, he finished smoking his cigarette and stubbed it out.

He held the end of the cigarette in his hand, and the two of them went downstairs and returned to the Department of interventional services.

Along the way, Su Yun didnt say anything and just silently walked forward.

On the other hand, Zheng Ren did not seem to mind and looked happy.

When he returned to the ward area, he saw professor Shen sitting in a corner in a daze.

Su Yun went up to Pat him and asked,””Hey, what are you thinking about” “Ah” Professor Shen was deep in thought and was shocked when he woke up.

“Brother Yun, dont scare me like that.

He became mentally weak when he was a chief resident, and his heart was in a bad condition.

” Professor Shen said with a bitter smile.

“What are you thinking about” Zheng Ren asked curiously.

It was rare for him to gossip.

“I was called to the hospital administration Office this morning, and someone complained about me.” Dr.

Shen said.

“Why did you flirt with her Why do you have to do a physical examination on the patients best friend” Su Yun chuckled as she sat down.

Intentionally or not, she happened to sit in Zheng Rens favorite seat.

Zheng Ren was helpless.

Seeing that Liu Zewei continued to write the medical record after greeting him, he found a random seat and sat down.

“When I went out for outpatient consultation yesterday, some patients were not satisfied, so they filed a complaint against me.” Professor Shen was helpless.”They said that my attitude is bad and that Im slow in treating patients.” I only saw thirty patients in an hour.

It was not easy for me to see a patient who complained, but five minutes later, I became impatient and wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

” “Hahaha!” Su Yun laughed.

As doctors, they were used to such complaints.

When he treated others, he naturally hoped that it would be as soon as possible, because the waiting time was short.

When it was his turn, he wished he could chat with the doctor for an hour.

This was human nature, and more than 90% of the people had such thoughts.

However, it was rare to see someone really complain about this.

After all, most people were reasonable.

Zheng Ren found it interesting and did not say anything.

Liu Zewei turned around and smiled.”This kind of thing is not common.

There was once when I was doing outpatient services at the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University.

I was complained about for no reason.” Theyre not complaining about me.

Theyre complaining about the doctor in the ultrasound room because I wrote the ultrasound report and they brought me along.

” “Complain about what” “That person said that doctors are heartless.

The patient was undergoing an ultrasound scan.

He was in his sixties and had diabetes.

He had to discuss with the doctor in the ultrasound room if he could let the patient do it first.

Ultrasound scans were very busy, and the doctor directly told him to discuss with the people waiting in line at the door.

The patients family was dumbfounded.

They complained that there were so many people lining up.

Who could I discuss this with” As he spoke, Liu Zewei touched his bald head.

It was shiny, and Zheng Ren suddenly felt a little scared.

If he was old, would he also be bald It seemed that it would be better to take care of her health in advance.

However, he was bald and looked a little mature.

Perhaps it would increase his charm.

While he was letting his thoughts run wild, Su Yun said in disdain,””No, its not that.” Dr.

Shen was stunned.

“Its just a small matter.

Youre a chief resident, after all.

Dont you encounter this kind of thing eight to ten times a year I saw that you were in a daze and upset.

This is definitely not what youre worried about.

” Su Yun was like a demon, observing every detail.

Liu Zewei touched his bald head and looked at professor Shen with a smile.

He was not very familiar with professor Shen, so he would not say anything more like Su Yun.

Professor Shen was stunned for a moment, then he sighed and said,””Do you still remember my classmate, Gu Lili, boss Zheng” When Zheng Ren heard this name, he immediately recalled the red professional suit he was wearing.

She was capable and beautiful, like a flower.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer, three shades of Yin.

Zheng Ren remembered all of this, but if they were face to face, he was afraid that they would not know each other.

He nodded, indicating that he remembered.

“Were divorced.

” Professor Shen sighed and said.

“Ah” Zheng Ren was confused.

He still remembered that when Gu Lili had come to see the doctor, the man beside her had been very obedient and had taken care of her lovingly.

How long has it been More than a month Why did they get a divorce “Shes here for chemotherapy.

She just told me.

” Dr.

Shen said.

“Triple Yin breast cancer Its quite heavy.

” Su Yun frowned but did not laugh.

When it came to incurable diseases, everyone would be careful not to mention them in a joking tone, even if the patient was not in front of them.

This was the most basic respect for life.

“Youre divorced all of a sudden.

Brother Yun, do you think theres true love in this world” Professor Shen was like a young girl who was sad about the spring and autumn as he looked at Su Yun with a depressed look.

“What are you thinking about” Su Yun rebuked.

“Brother Yun, you dont know this, but theyre my classmates.

We all thought it was incredible that an honest man could marry Gu Lili.

We had two children after our marriage and we were living a happy life.

But you said that we got divorced just after a month.

” Professor Shen was stunned, mainly because of this.

He was already immune to complaints.

On this point, Su Yun was extremely accurate.

“This male classmate of yours is too much.” Su Yun came to a conclusion without hesitation.

Professor Shen thought the same and agreed.

Liu Zewei thought for a moment and seemed to want to say something, but he didnt.

He just sighed and turned around to continue writing the medical record.

” Old Liu, just say whatever you want to say.

Its so uncomfortable to hold it in.

” Su Yuns eyes were sharp.

She could tell that Liu Zewei had something to say, so she asked him directly.

Liu Zewei pondered for a moment, then turned around and said, “Actually, you cant say that.” “What ” Su Yun and professor Shen both agreed.

How could there be a reactionary jumping in to get scolded “Im older by a few years, so Ive seen more patients.

Naturally, Ill have more cases of life and death.” Although Liu Zewei knew Su Yuns position in the medical group, he was still the leading professor of the Affiliated Hospital of the medical University.

He was not afraid of Su Yun and said directly.

“Go ahead,” Su Yun said.

“This kind of cancer that cant be cured is usually kept from the patient.

Shen, does your classmate know whats wrong with her ” Liu Zewei asked.

…… …… When he came out to take a look, there were more than 2000 votes.

Everyone was really amazing.

Saying that Im being mocked by the group … No, Im just trying my best to keep my word.

Itll have to be updated sooner or later.

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