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Zheng Ren did not look at the film first and wait for professor Rudolph Wagner to disinfect it as he had done before.

He and Su Yun put on their lead coats, washed their hands, and disinfected their hands.

The two of them were silent.

The sound of the water flowing was extremely monotonous and boring.

No one spoke, and there was nothing to say.

Zheng Rens heart was as calm as water.

Even after taking the last step in the interventional surgery, he did not have the excitement of reaching the peak.

Everything seemed to have become dull and dull.

One of them disinfected the wound while the other laid out the patients sheet.

The pre – Operation preparations were carried out in an orderly manner.

Director Yan sat in a chair and looked through the lead glass at the two young people who were busy inside.

He suddenly asked,””Did doctor Zheng Ren just come back” “Yes, I informed him that there would be an Honors ceremony today, so I rushed back from Hyde Castle.” Department Director Kong said.

“Comrade Zheng Ren has made an outstanding contribution to the people.” Director Yan muttered to himself.

Department Director Kong did not know how to answer the call.

He could only stand at the side in silence as he watched Zheng Ren and Su Yun disinfect and lay out the sheets on the other side of the lead glass.

Little Yiren was preparing the surgical equipment, and the small team was in an orderly manner.

“They seemed to be just as busy that night in Haicheng,” Department Director Kong suddenly had an idea.

Zhao Wenhua was standing in the corner.

He could vaguely hear the conversation between director Yan and Department Director Kong.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth so hard that they made a creaking sound, like a rat who was quietly eating something in the middle of the night.

After the pre – Operation preparations were completed, Xie Yiren walked out of the operating room and closed the airtight lead door.

At that moment, in the operating theater, old he, who was wearing lead clothes, replaced director Xu.

He looked at the general anesthesia machine and various drugs.

“I heard from my comrades in Chengdu that Dr.

Zheng can record surgeries.

Theyre still learning how to do that.” Deputy Director Yuan said.

Director Yan nodded slightly and didnt say anything.

Zheng Ren performed the femoral artery puncture with an arterial sheath inserted, and the micro – Guide wire was directly inserted.

Even though Department Director Miaos condition had stabilized a little, he still wanted to save as much time as possible.

After he finished the surgery, he still had to do orthopedic surgery.

As for whether he wanted to learn the neurosurgery department, that would be decided after he went to the ICU.

In Pengxi village, an interventional embolism surgery for a severe pelvic fracture had resulted in vomiting.

It was the first time he performed this surgical method after he returned to Room 912.

With the micro – wires in his hands, Zheng Ren was as quiet as an obedient child.

He did the exercise blindly and arrived at his seat.

He stepped on the line, administered medicine, performed angiography, continued with the selection, and performed embolism.

Su Yun had gone through this process countless times and was extremely familiar with it.

However, this time, he felt that something was different.

Zheng Rens operation was more … Gentler than before It seemed to be appropriate to describe it as soft.

But it wasnt accurate.

Su Yun felt that the action of the micro – conducting wire was simple and straightforward.

There was no unnecessary movement, and even the thinnest blood vessel was as smooth as flat ground.

Following the direction indicated by the contrast agent, the superselection of a blood vessel was completed.

Su Yun could clearly feel that Zheng Rens skill level was different from before.

However, for Zheng Ren, the level of difficulty for the embolism surgery for a pelvic fracture might not be that high, and it would not be much different from the previous surgeries.

Su Yun opened her eyes wide and observed the movements of the micro – wires on the screen as she injected the anesthetics.

His standard was very high.

In Zheng Rens words, no matter how hard the others tried, they would at most be able to reach Su Yuns standard.

Even though Su Yun did not think that it was a compliment, it was the truth.

However, Su Yun could not tell how much Zheng Rens skill level had improved.

The surgery went smoothly, and Zheng Ren was very cautious.

After performing embolism on five small blood vessels, he even made a shadow.

After confirming that there was no problem, Zheng Ren pulled out the catheter and artery sheath and turned to leave the stage.

Su Yun couldnt tell, but Zheng Ren could feel the difference between a peak – Level Alchemist and a master alchemist.

The surgery was performed more steadily and meticulously.

Even though this change was meaningless for most surgeries, it was obvious in some extremely difficult surgeries.

For example, the double guide wire operation just now could not be completed in a few minutes by a master.

Even if it was completed in less than twenty minutes, there was still a huge difference between the completion rate of the surgery and the peak level.

Peak Zheng Ren was also a little dazed.

He hoped that director Miao would come back to life.

He only thought about it for a moment, and that was the only thought left in his mind.

…… “Is it very difficult to perform interventional embolism surgery for pelvic fractures” After director Yan finished watching the surgery, he looked at his phone again.

12 minutes.

Director Yan didnt care how many seconds it took.

It wasnt the Olympics, so why was he so careful There was no need for that.

Department Director Kong actually said that a twelve – minute surgery was very difficult Director Yan was a little confused.

Although he was also a military doctor with a clinical background, when he entered the trap, interventional surgeries had just become popular, and there was almost no intersection between them.

Therefore, he did not know much about interventional surgeries, but from a common sense point of view, a surgery that took twelve minutes was considered difficult Department Director Kong wanted to cry but had no tears.

How should he answer this question He felt helpless and sneaked a glance at his surroundings, wanting to seek help.

Department Director Jing from the orthopedics department stood by the side and watched with wide eyes.

He had seen the notice of the commendation ceremony yesterday.

At first, Department Director Jing was extremely disdainful of the shocking number.

He had been in the orthopedics department all his life, so how could he not know the time frame for interventional pelvony treatment for severe pelvic fractures In the early days, before interventional surgeries were performed, the survival of patients with severe pelvic fractures depended on fate.

The patient would survive as long as the retroperitoneum pressure was high enough to press on the small blood vessels and stop the bleeding.

Once the bleeding vessel was thicker, the patient would be dead for sure.

There was absolutely no chance of survival.

Since the appearance of interventional surgeries more than twenty years ago, they no longer had to look at fate.

The interventional embolism surgery and hemostatic treatment had saved countless patientslives.

At that time, Department Director Jing would sit in the operating room and watch the surgeries.

From the initial seven to eight hours to around four hours, a surgery could no longer be shortened by a large margin.

This was the average standard of most doctors, and it was not a particularly difficult interventional embolism surgery for pelvic fractures.

It was especially difficult to get in.

The patient went into hemorrhagic shock on the operating table, and he still could not complete the surgery.

Department Director Jing had even seen patients who died on the operating table.

As for Department Director Kong … Department Director Jing was well aware of his level.

The most difficult surgery, which was a severe pelvic fracture, could be completed in one and a half hours.

He was already considered a very impressive doctor in the Department of interventional services, but it was a pity that his peak would pass very quickly.

As he grew older, his vision became blurry and his hands trembled, so he rarely went for this kind of surgery.

Nowadays, the younger generation of professors who performed surgeries for severe pelvic fractures were about the same as Department Director Kong at his peak.

Even if they were not much better, there was no essential difference.

However, the surgery in front of him … There was no essential difference.

It was simply a difference between knowing it and not knowing it.

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