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Zhao Wenhua had already sneaked into the operating room and watched the surgery process while the two hospital directors were asking about the situation.

When director Yan and Deputy Director Yuan arrived at the operation room, Zhao Wenhua was still sitting in his chair.

He didnt seem to have heard the two directors and the others coming in.

“Little Zhao, get up.” Department Director Kong was not happy, so he immediately said in a low and stern voice.

He was already so old, how could he not even know the height of his eyebrows Zhao Wenhua still did not seem to hear him.

He sat in his chair with his right hand on the mouse and his left hand on his lap.

He did not move.

Department Director Kong quickly patted Zhao Wenhuas shoulder with force.

“Ah” Zhao Wenhua looked as if he had seen a ghost.

He jumped up in shock.

“The director is here to watch the surgery.

Stand aside.” Department Director Kong said in a low voice as he still showed Zhao Wenhua some respect.

“MA … Director … Theres a problem with the operation process.” Zhao Wenhua stuttered.

Department Director Kongs heart tightened, but he immediately understood.

He didnt say anything else.

He used his arm to push Zhao Wenhua to the side and said,”President, please have a seat.” Director Yan didnt say much and sat down on the chair in front of the operating table.

Department Director Kong switched the video to the beginning frame and started playing the surgery.

The surgeon performed the surgery blindly.

The double guide wire was placed at the branch of the external ilial artery before he stepped on the thread and operated directly.

Two guide wires appeared in his field of vision.

They were very close to each other, but they were not entangled.

This step alone was already very powerful, not to mention the double – lead wire operation.

“Old Kong, have you performed a dual guide wire operation before” Director Yan paused the game and asked.

“Director, as far as I know, no one in the world has done it before.” Department Director Kong smiled bitterly and answered.

“Why do we need to use two guide wires” Director Yan asked.

“I think boss Zheng judged that the aortic dissection aneurysm was about to rupture, and there was massive liver bleeding.

Both were very urgent, so he operated on them at the same time.” After all, Department Director Kong was a Department Director who had been in the clinical field for many years.

He had already guessed the situation at that time.

Director Yan nodded and continued to watch the surgery.

Department Director Kong had seen the process of the surgery once, but when he looked at it again, he still had a puzzled expression.

He could guess that boss Zheng was doing double exercises with both hands, and Su Yun was holding the guide wire and sending the stent in.

However, just by looking at the double guide wire moving through the artery, there was no awkwardness at all.

It was so smooth that it was unbelievable.

The external ilicoid artery and the abdominal artery might look very thick, but how many years had Department Director Kong been performing interventional surgeries How could he not know that it was not as simple as it seemed The blood flow in the blood vessels was very fast, and the thicker the artery, the faster the blood flow.

Even a thick guide wire could not ignore the effect of blood flow like a steel bar.

The two guide wires were inside, and they had to face the influence of a very complicated turbulence.

Boss Zhengs wrists had to be carefully manipulated to make the two guidewires look like they were being manipulated effortlessly.

Director Kong didnt know that in e – Sports, this was called APM.

Boss Zhengs hand speed at that time was above 600 on average, God – Level.

Zhao Wenhua must have been scared out of his wits because he knew how difficult it was to do this.

Soon, the fine wires went through the hepatic artery to the branch of the left hepatic artery, and the thick wires went directly to the thoracic artery.

The stent was first inserted along the thick guide wire, followed by the micro – catheter.

He performed a stent insertion on the thoracic artery while performing hepatic artery embolism to stop the bleeding.

If Department Director Kong were to look at it separately, he could only sigh at the young mans fast hand speed.

Not only was it fast, but it was also fast and stable.

The surgery was like a dream, and it was fantastical and fascinating.

However, when two guide wires were used to perform two different operations, Department Director Kong felt like he was dreaming.

What fantasy, what high level, all of that was nonsense.

This was a machine operating, not a human.

The surgery was very simple.

The stent was removed to support the ruptured part of the aortic membrane.

The surgery was over after a coil was inserted into the left hepatic artery and a sponge was added to stop the bleeding.

The whole process took less than three minutes.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldnt have started to cross the line in such a short time.

As for boss Zheng, the surgery was already completed! Department Director Kong still could not understand the process even when he watched it for the second time.

This surgery was simply … He sighed in his heart.

He didnt even know that boss Zheng was so devilish.

If he had known earlier, he would not have had the courage to ask boss Zheng to come to 912.

“Department Director Kong, Im here.” A simple and honest voice came from the door of the operation room.

“Boss Zheng, the cardiothoracic Department has finished their surgery, and the orthopedics department wants to go.” Department Director Kong quickly gathered his thoughts and explained the situation to Zheng Ren.

He did not want to end up like Zhao Wenhua, who was dumbfounded by the surgery.

That would be embarrassing.

“Yes, Ill perform an embolism surgery for pelvis fracture.” After Zheng Ren finished speaking, he greeted a few doctors he knew in the room.

He hesitated for a moment and did not enter from the operating room.

Instead, he turned around and walked in through the door of the operating room.

He took a look at the surgery situation and then went to wash his hands.

“Director Kong, boss Zhengs skills are really high.” Director Yan expressed his opinion, which was rare.

As the Dean, he rarely spoke.

However, this time, he couldnt help but comment.

Director Yan had never performed a surgery before, so he didnt know how difficult it was.

However, he knew that if he could finish two surgical methods in three minutes … This was even faster than an appendectomy.

Boss Zhengs surgery was really well done.

It was well – deserved that Maio hired him as a visiting professor.

Department Director Kong nodded and did not say anything.

Zhao Wenhua stood in the corner, his eyes blank.

He was still trying to recall the process of using both hands, but no matter how he simulated it, he couldnt do it at all.

Even if it was a normal operation, it would be impossible to complete any surgery such as a thoracic artery stent or left hepatic artery embolism in about three minutes.

The difference in skill level could be seen with the naked eye, but one could only see the difference.

They didnt know how far the gap was or how to catch up.

Zhao Wenhua was starting to regret his decision.

How could he offend such a person “President Yuan, is the ICU ready” Director Yan asked.

“Were ready.

Director Zhang of the ICU is transferring the personnel.

” Vice President Yuan replied.

For this kind of emergency, the best doctors and nurses from home must be transferred over to take care of her for days and nights.

As long as there was the slightest possibility, they had to do their best to save him.

If he didnt manage to keep her, then it was his life.

However, it was necessary to go all out.

“Theres no more blood in the blood transfusion department.

I asked director Lin from the medical Affairs Department to get the blood from the blood station.

Theres a lot of collagen, and Ill personally supervise the emergency treatment and medication.

” Director Yan nodded.

After the thoracic Surgery, a petite figure was busy preparing a guide wire, a catheter, and an embolism for the upcoming surgery.

Su Yun disinfected the wound and prepared to start the surgery.

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