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Hospital director Yan led the team, and Deputy hospital director Yuan, who was in charge of clinical work, followed by his side.

The group of people came to the operating theater.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere was so oppressive that it made people want to vomit blood.

He changed his clothes silently and went to the operating room.

The Thoracic Surgery Departments surgery was nearing its end, and the General Surgery Department had also finished suturing the skin, and they were about to step down.

“Why is the surgery so fast” director Yan asked with a straight face.

“Director, boss Zheng came in to perform the emergency treatment first.

When we came up, the liver and spleen had been removed.” Professor yang reported.

“You guys arrived so late” Director Yan said angrily,”next time, Ill go to the Department and invite you guys to perform surgery, okay” Professor Yangs hand paused for a moment.

He cut the last suture and turned around.

Without even taking off his sterile clothes, he explained,”Director, I ran over as soon as I heard the news.

It took me less than ten minutes to get here.” Director Yan glared at him, obviously not believing what professor yang had said.

“Principal, its like this.

I watched boss Zheng perform a deep vein puncture, push old Miao away with the Gurney, and take a shortcut here.

By the time I arrived, the interventional surgery had already been completed.

” Department Director Kong quickly tried to smooth things over.

It would be meaningless if they hated Zheng Ren because of some misunderstanding.

“Intervene You performed an interventional surgery first” Director Yan was puzzled.

“Hmm, a double guide wire from the right femoral artery, one …” “Director, thats impossible.” Zhao Wenhua also arrived at the operating theater.

The moment he heard Zheng Rens name, he felt disgusted.

When he heard Department Director Kong mention the double guide wire, he could not help but interrupt him.

Double guide wires Even if the femoral artery was thick, no one could operate with a double guide wire.

“Why is it impossible The surgery process is on the computer outside.

You can go and see it for yourself.

” Department Director Kong glanced at Zhao Wenhua, and he was very unhappy.

What was this place The director of the clinical department who participated in the rescue was reporting the patients condition to the hospital director.

What did it have to do with you, the leading professor who arrived later! At this time, the professor who led the team had no right to speak at all.

Unless he was in surgery like professor yang, he would not have a say.

It seemed that he had to find time to give Zhao Wenhua a good beating.

Recently, this guy had been jumping up and down a little too much.

“Continue,” Director Yan watched as the Thoracic Surgery Department closed.

The monitor showed that at least Department Director Miao was still alive, and he felt a little relieved.

“Use the femoral artery on the right and operate with two guide wires.

One thick guide wire is inserted into the thoracic artery, and youre putting down the thoracic artery stent.

The other micro – conducting wire entered the liver and embolized the ruptured left lobe of the liver.

” Department Director Kong said.

“When I came up, the spleen and the left lobe of the liver had already been removed.

The right half of the liver and the intestines have been repaired, and the surgery went smoothly.

” Professor yang added.

Deputy Dean Yuan was observing from the side.

The things that these people said were hard to believe.

However, they were all experts in clinical medicine, and it would not be right for them to lie in this aspect.

Besides, there were no recordings of general surgeries, but all the interventional surgeries were saved on the computer.

Normally, images of interventional surgeries could be saved for three to six months.

There was no way to lie about this.

“Director MA, hows your side” Vice President Yuan asked.

“A large amount of traumatic wet lungs on both sides, intercostal artery bleeding, and lung rupture have all been stopped.

But …” “But what” “When I inspected the diaphragm, I found a aortic dissection.

It had already reached the epineurium of the blood vessel and was just a little bit away from breaking.

Fortunately, boss Zheng removed the scaffold early, or else he would have been in a difficult position.

” Director MA wasnt as shocked as he was at the beginning.

Perhaps he was really surprised, but he didnt show it.

The surgery was just a very simple surgery.

Fang Lin was usually the one to perform it.

During the entire surgery, he was mainly focused on the thoracic artery stent.

It was simply too awesome! Without any auxiliary examination before the surgery, the doctor determined that there was a ruptured aortic aneurysm.

This level of diagnosis was unbelievable.

However, he had witnessed it with his own eyes.

Although he didnt see the process of the interventional surgery, the more he thought about it, the more he found it unbelievable.

He was on the operating table when he received the news.

After performing a thoracoscopy cuneiform lobulectomy in a hurry, he left the other small matters to the doctor – in – charge and rushed over with Fang Lin.

Ten minutes had passed since he received the news and entered the operation room Absolutely not! Department Director MA was still very confident in his surgical skills.

It was only a cuneiform resection of a small pulmonary nodules, and it was done in five minutes.

However, the interventional surgery for boss Zheng had already been completed, and the general surgery was also coming to an end.

In the past, when chief physician MA saw that the surgery was performed so quickly, he would definitely think that it was a little sloppy, and there were some parts that were not observed.

However, professor yang, who was in charge of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, did not do anything.

He only rinsed the abdominal cavity once before he closed it.

This surgery was too F * cking awesome.

The two directors immediately understood the entire process of the operation.

After the thoracic and abdominal surgery, he had to deal with open femur fracture and other things.

For the treatment, this was only the beginning.

“Director, theres a large area of edema in the retroperitoneum, and the Department of interventional surgery needs to perform embolism treatment.” Professor yang added.

“Ill call boss Zheng.

” Department Director Kong took out his phone after he finished speaking.

“Old Kong, why arent you doing it” Director Yan looked directly at Department Director Kong and asked.

“Director, my level is much lower than boss Zhengs.” Department Director Kong admitted to it without any embarrassment.

“What” “Youve also seen the earthquake relief statistics.

In Pengxi village hospital, boss Zheng performed 267 cases of interventional embolism for pelvic fractures in three days and three nights.

After deducting the time wasted, it would take an average of 15 minutes for one.

If I were the one doing it, Id be very lucky if I could finish it in an hour.

” Director Yan and Deputy Director Yuan were silent.

They were not involved in interventional services.

It was said that interventional embolism in a severe pelvic fracture would take at least two to three hours to complete.

Department Director Kong said that he needed one hour, and that was already the best in the country.

And Zheng Ren, that young doctor, could actually complete one in fifteen minutes Speaking of this, the two immediately recalled the speech at the commendation conference for earthquake relief.

On it were the specific numbers and achievements of Zheng Rens interventional services in Pengxi village hospital, which were all to be commended.

However, no one had expected that it would be interrupted by a sudden disaster.

The data was real, and it was the statistics that the general Commander at the front line had made after he had some free time.

The military was very strict in handling matters, and the two deans didnt doubt this.

The numbers he had seen before were just cold and boring numbers.

Even though this was a huge number, it did not seem too out of place when it was mixed with the number of other people who did debridement and suturing.

However, now that Department Director Kong had mentioned it alone … “Lets go and take a look at the surgery process.

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