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Soon, the directors of the relevant departments in the hospital rushed over.

There were more than a dozen people standing in the operating theater and whispering in each others ears.

Even Zheng Ren felt that it was a little noisy.

He was very impatient, especially the blood in his heart that could not be wiped away.

“Boss, go and have a smoke.

We dont have anything to do with the noodles anymore.” Su Yun said softly.

He saw that many directors and staff members were standing, and only his boss was sitting there with his eyes closed.

He felt that it was very inappropriate.

In order to reduce Zheng Rens hatred, she wanted to pull him out.

Zheng Ren nodded, opened his eyes, and walked out with Su Yun.

Department Director Xu from the Department of Anesthesiology had already taken over the anesthesia, so old he had some free time.

His attention had been on Zheng Ren the whole time.

When he saw him leave, he immediately told his assistant that Wanwan was to say that she was going to the toilet if the director was looking for her, and so on, before leaving.

“Boss Zheng, you must be tired.” Old he asked from behind.

“Its alright.

” Old he, who was always talkative, didnt say much.

Todays incident left him speechless.

Everyone felt as if a large stone was pressing down on their hearts.

It was so heavy that even breathing was difficult.

When he arrived at the duty room, old he took out a cigarette.

With a flick of his wrist, a cigarette stick popped out of the cigarette box.

He was very familiar with this.

Zheng Ren picked up the cigarette, his hands trembling slightly.

His hands were as steady as rocks during the surgery, so he looked like someone else.

When old he saw this, he felt uncomfortable.

He took out a lighter and lit up a cigarette for Zheng Ren and Su Yun.

Then, he opened the window.

“Boss Zheng, when did you come back” Old he asked.

“I just got off the plane.” Zheng Ren said.

“Youre probably preparing to attend the commendation ceremony.

” Old he grinned.

He wanted to smile, but it looked worse than crying.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren was very depressed, especially depressed.

The hand holding the cigarette was trembling slightly.

The surgeons hand was very steady.

Just now, old he had seen boss Zheng practice with both hands with his own eyes.

His skills were amazing.

Off the stage, her hands were actually shaking like this.

“Old he, whats going on” Su Yun asked directly.

“Sigh, dont mention it.” Old he sighed.”Ive been seeing a lot less Urology surgeries these days.

In the morning, President Yu came to the table to perform a kidney cancer case, so I went to ask.

President Yu said that recently, the patients family members have been the same as before.

They either go to the ward Area directors office or go for consultations.

” “…” Zheng Ren and Su Yun fell silent.

They could already imagine the scene at that time.

“You didnt say anything when you saw her.

You knelt on the ground and cried.” “Dry howl Ive seen a lot.

” Su Yun sneered.

“No, its the kind thats heartbroken.

President Yu … Sigh, Im really helpless about this.

” Old he said as he looked out of the window.

It was afternoon, and there were a few clouds in the blue sky.

They floated like cotton candy, making the sky look particularly beautiful.

However, the few people who were talking had dark clouds in their hearts.

From time to time, lightning flashed and Thunder rumbled, and a storm raged.

The matter was actually very simple.

Old he didnt know much and only heard a few words from President Yu.

“Boss Zheng, can people live” Old he finally asked with some apprehension.

“If theres no serious intracranial hemorrhage, it shouldnt be a big problem if the ICU is properly adjusted,” Zheng Ren said in a deep voice after some thought.

After this conclusion was made, both old he and Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

“Whats going on!” Su Yun was beyond furious.”In Rochester, Wu Hui didnt even get an appendicitis operation.

I didnt see him cry or make a scene.” Department Director Miao said before the surgery that the chances of success are very low, but hes now involved in this.

” “Wu Hui Whats wrong” Old he was very gossipy.

Once he heard that it was a celebrity, he immediately changed the topic.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun would not be satisfied if they did not get to the bottom of things regarding director Miao.

However, the three of them didnt want to talk about it.

In such a tangled state of mind, talking about other gossip could still make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible.

Su Yun told old he about what happened when Wu Hui was in Rochester.

Old he was also rather emotional.

What washing intestines it sounded like nonsense.

They were all old Chinese doctors, and it wasnt a complicated illness.

They could roughly guess the truth after hearing a few key words.

“The M nations technical level is average.” Old he sighed.

“Thats a Community Hospital.

In fact, Maios skills are very high.” Zheng Ren told the truth.

“Great doctors are still rare.

By the way, boss Zheng, I heard that you were hired as a visiting professor for Maio” Old he asked.

If Department Director Miao had not been involved, old he would have been gossiping about this already.

“Right, right” Zheng Ren was a little vague at first, but he looked at Su Yun and asked.

“Yes, Ive contacted them.

When we were in Hyde Castle, Dr.

Smith confirmed this matter and even sent a letter to the hospital.

Didnt I tell you” Su Yun said in disdain.

“I forgot.

I was jet – lagged and had a lot of surgeries.

I wouldnt remember anything.” Zheng Ren said indifferently.

Zheng Ren felt much better after some small talk.

Old he was dumbfounded.

Maios visiting professor position was a trivial matter to boss Zheng This posturing was too much.

“Other than surgery, I really suspect that if you go to Rochester by yourself, youll starve to death on the street.” “Youre always pissing people off.

This proves that youre not mentally healthy.” Zheng Ren took a puff of his cigarette and said indifferently,””Youre a troll on the internet.

In fact, this was the same as the hippie culture in the United States.

In essence, it was a psychological activity that went against tradition and authority.

It required the deconstruction of everything and the breaking of all ordinary moral standards.

At the same time, its also in the background of alienation.

One after another, unemployed or low – Level young people, out of their helplessness towards their own fate, will direct their anger and rebellion against society to the internet.

” Zheng Ren was depressed, and his mind was filled with blood.

When she was unhappy and her thoughts were not clear, she was also quite sharp when she rebuked people.

Old he quickly stopped the two of them from bickering.

He used all his strength to squeeze out a smile and said,”You two, you two, wait.” “What is it” Zheng Ren and Su Yun asked in unison.

“…” Old he didnt have anything to do.

He just didnt want to listen to their bickering.

Hippie, cultural differences, small individualsstruggles, hard work, and struggles in the ocean of society but they went with the flow after they worked hard, and they expressed their dissatisfaction through the internet.

All of these were bullsh * t to old he.

Boss Zheng was such an honest person, but he also knew how to say this.

“Shall we have dinner together tonight” Old he had no words to say, so he could only find an excuse.

“Im out.

” Su Yun said,”I just picked him up at the airport.

Director Kong has an acquaintance who has a dinner appointment.” Zhou chunyong from Beijings liver and gallbladder Department also said that he would be eating soon.

Let me tell you, first come, first served.

If you want to treat us to a meal, well talk about it in a week.

” Old he spread his hands.

Boss Zheng was so busy.

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