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His thoracic artery swelled, and the dark red blood clot was so glaring.

“The thoracic artery … Well, did you insert the stent” chief MA muttered.

“Yes, dont worry,” Department Director Kong also saw the operating field from behind, and he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

He comforted him in a low voice.

Even though Department Director Kong saw it with his own eyes, he was still shocked.

If there wasnt a stent, it would definitely burst, and the person would be gone.

What was the point of resuscitation Fang Lin used the hemostatic forceps to touch the area around the blood clot carefully.

He could feel the hardness of the stent.

In fact, as long as the stent was inserted and the rupture in the endocardium was blocked, there would be no problem.

He tried and had some doubts in his heart.

Boss Zheng was very strong.

When he was saving himself, he had heard some of the process from others.

His level of emergency first aid was top – notch.

But how did he know about a patient with a aortic dissection He was the first one to know that Department Director Miao was injured and sent here.

He jogged all the way here, and boss Zhengs surgery was already done.

It was not just an abdominal surgery, but even a thoracic artery stent had been put in.

Looking at the degree of swelling, it would burst at any time.

Once it was broken, the rescue would be over.

However, despite his doubts, Fang Lin could not bring himself to question Zheng Rens matter.

“Director, the stent is perfect.

If Im still worried, Ill cover it with a layer of gauze to stop the bleeding …” Fang Lin said softly.

He could not give any further treatment.

Boss Zheng had already finished the most important emergency operation before everyone arrived.

‘What a demon! Fang Lin stood in the first assistants position.

He raised his head and took a glance at Zheng Ren who was leaning against the wall beside the sealed lead door.

Was boss Zheng that powerful It was really hard to imagine.

Director MA nodded.

He couldnt overdo it here.

Once the patient entered the patients abdominal cavity with a stent, he did not need to think about how to perform aortic replacement surgery.

In Department Director Miaos current condition, he could not withstand such a major injury as an aortic replacement surgery.

Su Yun stood quietly beside old he and looked at the operating field from the perspective of an anesthetist.

He was the most surprised person when he opened the diaphragm.

Zheng Rens strange surgical method in the beginning seemed to have proved something.

He performed a femoral artery puncture with two guide wires inserted.

He operated with both hands, one to perform the aortic stent, and the other to perform embolism in the left lobe of the liver.

In retrospect, these two operations were meaningful.

If he had been any later, Department Director Miao would have died from either excessive bleeding or a ruptured aortic dissection.

Su Yun could tell that there was only a thin layer of the epicade of the aortic dissection left.

It was not going to rupture at any time, but would rupture soon.

It was only because of the hemorrhagic shock that the blood pressure was almost impossible to measure, so it was able to maintain a balance.

If he had to cut the spleen and liver first to stop the bleeding, Department Director Miao would probably die on the operating table when the blood pressure rose again.

That was a close call … But how did this guy make the diagnosis Su Yuns mind was filled with countless questions, some from the past and some from the present.

Rich clinical experience, my ass! How could Su Yun believe such words In his opinion, even I dont have such rich clinical experience, so how could anyone else However, making a diagnosis was one thing, and the operation was another.

Even though Su Yun was watching director MA and Fang Lin perform the surgery, the image of an interventional surgery that involved dual – Wire operation appeared in her mind.

His own standard was high enough, and it wasnt like Su Yun had never seen a big name in the International market.

He was very familiar with professor Rudolf Wagner, so he knew how high the level of international intervention was.

Su Yun judged that his level of intervention could at least be ranked in the top 50 in the world.

This included the intervention of the internal organs, the nerves, the blood vessels, the heart, and other branches.

But could he do it Putting aside the fact that he could operate on two guide wires with both hands and perform two different surgical methods at the same time, if he were to focus on the simplest thoracic artery stent … The answer was obvious that he could not do it himself! Although she had many questions in her heart, Su Yun did not say them out loud.

Instead, she sealed all of them away.

He said what he should say and did not say what he should not say.

This was the reason why Su Yun was willing to punish people, yet was able to live in peace until now, and had friends all over the world.

“The head injury is light, but the inside looks fine.” The director of the neurosurgery department put away his flashlight and heaved a sigh of relief.

Unlike the cardiothoracic Department and General Surgery Department, neurosurgery did not have a cranial exploration technique.

Without the cooperation of CT and MRI scans, no one dared to perform the surgery.

If he really opened the skull and the bleeding point was on the other side, it would be fatal.

There was no space in the head, and it was difficult to even determine the bleeding point.

It was a bloody mess.

All they could do was to perform a physical examination, mainly to determine the possibility of intracranial hemorrhage by observing the pupils.

If the cardiothoracic Department and General Surgery Department could be rescued and the hemorrhagic shock could be controlled, they could still go to the operating table after a CT scan.

“The pupils on both sides are equally large, and the reflection of light is weak, but it exists.

Even if theres bleeding, the amount will be small, so it shouldnt be a big problem.

” When the director of the neurosurgery department saw that almost everyone was looking at him, he finally added and said the good news with slight certainty.

As long as the pupils did not disappear from reflecting light, it was the best.

Glancing at the monitor, the numbers on it told everyone present that the blood pressure seemed to have stabilized! A 60/40mm mercury column.

Although the blood pressure was still low, blood pressure could be seen.

The time of the lack of blood and oxygen in the various organs of the body was not long, so it was estimated that it would not cause any irreversible damage.

The surgery continued, and a person from the General Surgery Department came to take a look at the surgery.

Seeing that the abdomen was covered with warm saline gauze, professor yang brushed his hands and went up to the stage to check.

The entire surgical area in the abdomen was clean.

There was no bleeding due to the splenectomy and left lobe hepatectomy.

Boss Zhengs surgery was really well done.

Professor yang praised him in his heart.

Forget about finding and repairing the intestines, if he were to perform a left lobe hepatectomy himself, he would need at least forty minutes.

This did not even include the time it took for laparotomy and bleeding control.

Looking at the left half of the liver that had been cut off in the pathological basin, professor yang still had a lingering fear.

It was tattered, and one could imagine how violent the bleeding was.

He carefully examined the patient for nearly half an hour, and boss Zhengs surgery was flawless! The surgery was perfect, whether it was the resection, bleeding control, or the repair of the right liver.

“Boss Zheng, if theres nothing else, Ill just close it” Professor yang did not make the decision on his own.

Instead, he turned around and asked Zheng Ren.

“Im sorry to trouble you,” Zheng Ren said softly.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his eyelashes were constantly trembling.

Although there was no expression on his face, he could not hide the waves in his heart.

“Brother yang, should I go on stage and give a hand” Su Yun asked.

“No need, we have our own people.” Professor yang laughed, but he was also a little sad.

He did not think that Zheng Ren was arrogant.

He completed the surgery as soon as possible, and at least director Miao lost 500 ml of blood.

This was a life – saving surgery.

Boss Zheng must have been so nervous when he was resuscitating him that he was exhausted.

It would be a joke if no one went up to the stage to save their own family.

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