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Chapter 1396 - Peerless Genius

Lin Yuns words instantly made many people chuckle, such as Gongsun Yan.

This fellow laughed out loud and wasnt hiding it, “This fellow is really good at making someone angry!”

As for the geniuses of the Jiang Saint Clan, their faces were ugly when they saw this scene.

After all, Jiang Tian furiously asked while Lin Yun replied indifferently, and this only made Jiang Tian seem like a fool.


Youre courting death!” Jiang Tian suppressed his rage and charged forth with his sword.

Jiang Tians strength had undergone an enormous transformation with a saint sword in his hand.

He was clearly holding onto one sword, but his attacks had created countless afterimages of his sword.

“Storming Wind and Cloud!”

“Soaring Azure Sky!”

“Clouds Manifesting Dragon!” Lin Yun casually executed the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords that was empowered by his firmament sword intent.

With a flick of his wrist, he unleashed the three moves which could easily be considered the ultimate moves for Feng Zhang.

As three sword rays overlapped, they easily tore Jiang Tians sword aura apart.

“Terranean Rivus—Myriad River!” Jiang Tian stood on the same spot and executed the Terranean Rivus Sword Technique, with the astral energy within his body exploding.

“Thats…!” Everyones faces changed because they could sense an immense pressure falling like a waterfall.

They could tell that Jiang Tian wanted to suppress Lin Yun with his pressure, and under this majestic phenomenon, even an ordinary Greater Elysium Core Realm would have difficulty moving.

Aside from that, this also proved that Jiang Tian had reached a terrifying height with the Terranean Rivus Sword Technique, or the phenomenon wouldnt be complete.

Holding onto the cloth, Lin Yun took three steps back before he stepped forth and swung his sword out twice, executing the Emerald Stars and Azure Mountain Beyond The Clouds of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords.

When both sides collided, countless cracks appeared.

When an explosion occurred, fine cracks appeared on the azure birds around Lin Yun, and Lin Yun also took three steps back.

“So what if you have the Great Saint Origin Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts arent people you can provoke!” Jiang Tians eyes coldly flashed, and he barked, “Since I can stand firmly on the Elysium Core Ranking, this means that Im not simple.

Dont think that youre the only one with opportunities!”

The astral energy around him began to ignite as his flame intent perfectly fused into his sword aura.

Moreover, that flame intent was in the third grade! Empowered by the flame intent, Jiang Tians sword intent broke through the boundaries of the third grade and was only beneath the fourth!

“Pinnacle third-grade flame intent!”

“Holy **… its no wonder why Jiang Tian is a genius on the Elysium Core Ranking.”

“So this is the foundation of a saint clan…” Exclamations resounded because everyone was shocked and envious of Jiang Tians attainment in the martial path.

The firmament sword intent was a threshold that most people wouldnt be able to obtain in their lifetime.

Even when they reached the Dragon Pulse Realm, many genius swordsmen couldn\'t grasp it.

Thus, they could only take another path by merging another martial intent into their sword intent to be comparable to or surpass the firmament sword intent.

But this required talent, and it wasnt an easy path.

Lets not mention that it wasnt easy to fuse two martial intents, even the resources one had to use were astronomical.

This was why many people were envious of a saint clans foundation.

When Jiang Tian brought out his flame intent, his aura rose and instantly reached an unbelievable height.

Under the pressure he gave off, some Elysium Core Realm geniuses on the first stage had their faces changed.

That was the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm pressure, and most people were only at the Lesser Elysium Core Realm.

So the pressure instantly made those beneath the four hundredth step feel terrible.

Simultaneously, the astral river around Jiang Tian also turned into a flaming river when he brought out his flame intent.

His clothes were ripped apart, revealing his metallic body, and making him look like a deity under the flames.

Just when everyone felt that Lin Yun was going to lose, Lin Yun circulated three of the seven Dragon-Phoenix Sword Auras and a golden aura transformed into a heavenly dragon and a divine phoenix that enveloped him, resisting the pressure coming from Jiang Tian.

Then, everyone was surprised to see Lin Yun charging toward Jiang Tian.

At the same time, the two sword souls in his sword ocean also glowed as Lin Yun swung the cloth in his hand like a sword.

His attack was too swift.

Before anyone could respond, he had already cut the flaming river around Jiang Tian.

When the cloth landed on Jiang Tians body, sparks began to fly, and a long gash appeared on him.

This made Jiang Tian scream in pain as he pushed his palm forth in response, “AAARGHHHH!”

Lin Yun didnt drink the Golden Dragon Bone Soup for nothing.

He also made improvements in the Azure Dragon Saint Art.

So when Jiang Tians saint sword landed on Lin Yun, three thousand purple-golden dragon runes appeared on Lin Yuns body.

Some dragon runes shattered, but Jiang Tians sword couldnt leave any injuries on him.

He had reached the pinnacle eighth stage with it, and each dragon rune underwent the baptism of the Golden Dragon Blood.

So the crimson threads around the dragon runes came from the Divine Golden Dragons blood.

Jiang Tian could no longer contain his shock.

Lin Yun managed to injure him, and he couldnt harm Lin Yun.

Before he could respond, Lin Yun swung the cloth at him again.

Jiang Tian quickly raised his sword to block this attack, but the fabric suddenly became soft and slapped his face like a serpents tail.

When a resounding slap echoed, tens of thousands of swordsmen had their jaws wide open.

Jiang Tian didnt suffer many injuries from this attack because he had blocked most of it, but that wasnt the main point here.

The main point was the blood-red mark that was left on Jiang Tians face.

As Jiang Tian staggered, he took three steps back and threw a mouthful of blood.

But Lin Yun stepped forth once more and circulated his firmament sword intent.

At such a close distance, he easily forced Jiang Tians sword aura back before using the cloth in his hand as a whip to smack Jiang Tian.

This made Jiang Tian panic as he activated all the saint runes on his sword.

But even so, he still couldnt block the increasing amount of sword rays.

When the sword rays landed on his body, they sent sparks flying around, and it also didnt take long for the flaming river around him to collapse.

When the astral river collapsed, Lin Yuns cloth was like a dragons tail that gave Jiang Tian another resounding slap to his face, sending Jiang Tian flying, spinning in the air.

But Jiang Tian was a genius on the Elysium Core Ranking, so he quickly readjusted himself in mid-air and thrust his sword towards Lin Yuns chest.

Lin Yun responded by forming a rotation with the cloth in his hand, causing the cloth fragments to fly around.

When the rest of the fabric was utterly shredded, Jiang Tians attack had also lost most of its power.

So when Jiang Tians sword landed on Lin Yuns chest, Lin Yun spread his arms apart and took three steps back.

Meanwhile, Jiang Tian fell to one knee when he landed on the ground, covering his face with his left hand.

Rage could be seen blazing in his pupils.

“How is this possible Lin Yun used a piece of cloth to break Jiang Tians sword aura and gave him two slaps.

How the hell did he manage to do that!”

“If I remember correctly, its practically impossible for someone whos at the same cultivation as Jiang Tian to injure him due to the body-refining technique that Jiang Tian practiced…” Many people exclaimed.

The genius who pointed out Lin Yuns identity previously snickered, “You guys still cant tell that Lin Yun has grasped the firmament sword intent His firmament sword intent has improved, and he can now control it as he wishes.

How could he not break through Jiang Tians defenses with the firmament sword intent Even if hes using his bare hands , he could break ordinary saint artifacts with his sword intent.”

“Firmament sword intent”

“I heard that even Dragon Pulse Realm experts have difficulty grasping it.

So how did Lin Yun manage to do it when hes only twenty!” It was hard to grasp the firmament sword intent, which could be considered a threshold.

Even the sky sword intent was a threshold.

Only those who grasped the sky sword intent could barely be considered a swordsman.

Otherwise, they could only be cultivators who knew how to use the sword.

But the firmament sword intent was different because it required decades to a century to grasp it.

“Whats impossible about it He already grasped it back on the Profound Wither Island.

It might be hard for others, but I know that there are Dragon Pulse Realm geniuses who have already grasped it in the Sword Sect.

Its impossible for you guys, but its not impossible for genuine geniuses.” That person smiled before he sighed, “Coincidentally, Lin Yun is such a genius.

A peerless genius in the way of the sword!”

Hearing what he said, everyone finally understood what was happening, and some women even had splendor shining from their eyes.

The shock Lin Yun gave them was too great and far beyond what they could digest.

“Firmament sword intent!” Jiang Tian gritted his teeth.

“Its a pity were in the test, and I cant summon my constellation.

Otherwise, you wouldnt be able to obtain any advantage against me even if you possess the firmament sword intent!”

Constellation Now that he thought about it, he should be able to summon four paintings.

If he pushed himself, he might be able to summon six.

Then again, he did not need to tell Jiang Tian that and stood with his hands behind his back.

“So, do I have the qualifications now”

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