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Chapter 1377 - Demonic Aura

The wild wind raged above the fleeting cloud because Jian Jingtian was too fast.

So it took Lin Yun some time before he got used to it.

As for the effects of the Golden Dragon Bone Soup, even Lin Yun was shocked because his Azure Dragon Saint Art reached the pinnacle tenth stage in such a short amount of time.

This meant that his three thousand purple-golden dragon runes had grown to three thousand eight hundred, and the aura given off by each rune was also a lot stronger.

The runes looked denser than before, and the dragon aura they were giving off also became two times stronger.

Then again, this was also because he had drunk a lot of it.

Feng Jue relied on his cultivation in the Samsara Edict Realm to consume one-third of it, equivalent to three bowls from hisbowl. This nearly made Jiang Lichen and the rest throw out blood, but there was nothing they could do about it because they could only drink three bowls with their cultivation.

As for Lin Yun, he stopped after drinking ten bowls because he could sense that it wouldnt help any further, even if he drank more.

But amongst them, Jiang Lichen, Feng Zhang, and Liu Qingyan benefited the most.

The three of them had ordinary physiques.

But thanks to the soup, they might be able to form an Acquired Saint Physique in the future.

“You scared me this time,” smiled Jian Jingtian.

Truth be told, Lin Yun couldnt get used to Jian Jingtians smile because Jian Jingtians previous appearance was that of an old man.

Now, he only looks to be in his twenties.

Then again, this might be his initial appearance, to begin with.

“You didnt drink much.

Is the soup useless to Samsara Edict Realm experts” If he remembered correctly, Jian Jingtian controlled himself after three bowls and didnt continue.

“Its alright because I mainly drank it for the taste.

Otherwise, just one bowl would be enough.

The soup strengthens the body and aptitude.

In the future, those who drink it will have a chance to cultivate a True Dragon Saint Physique,” smiled Jian Jingtian.

“Then Senior Brother Feng Jue…” Lin Yun asked.

Jian Jingtian helplessly smiled, “Hes just being greedy.

Thats a bad habit of his.

In the past, when he was on the Divine Firmament Peak, he took a lot of advantage of the other peaks.

As a result, I had to often stand out to clean his mess.”

Judging from what Jian Jingtian said, Lin Yun instantly knew that there was a story.

Judging from the looks of it, the two of them shouldve been pretty close back then, despite the contempt that Jian Jingtian had shown for Feng Jue.

But this only further proved that they had a good relationship together.

“Were here,” said Jian Jingtian.

A mountain that seemed to be stabbing into the clouds appeared before them.

When Jian Jingtian waved his hand, the sea of clouds dispersed and revealed the true appearance of the Sword Saint Mountain.

“Sect Master!” The guards and elders from the nearby mountains all flew over and greeted Jian Jingtian.

“Go back,” said Jian Jingtian, causing the other elders to look at Lin Yun before they left.

Very quickly, there was no one else in the surroundings except Lin Yun, Jian Jingtian, and Lil Purple, who was in the sword box.

“Senior Brother, do you want to enter the Sword Saint Mountain with me” Lin Yun asked.

“What did you call me” Jian Jingtian was briefly stunned after he heard how Lin Yun addressed him.

“Senior Brother” Lin Yun smiled.

“I heard you called me your junior brother previously, so I cant keep calling you sect master, right You look so young now that I cant convince myself to call you sect master.”

Jian Jingtian happily laughed upon hearing what Lin Yun said.

But anyone could tell he was happy that Lin Yun addressed him as a senior brother instead of a sect master.

“You can call whatever you want.

Its not like youre sincere when you called me sect master in the past.”

Lin Yun became awkward when he heard what Jian Jingtian said because he had called Jian Jingtianold geezer in the past.

“Go ahead.

No one has gotten through the thirteenth stage, so the opportunity belongs to you, to begin with,” said Jian Jingtian.

What Jian Jingtian said instantly made Lin Yun awkward before he said, “Erm…Im not confident about it.

You know…”

Jian Jingtian glanced at Lin Yun with a smile because Lin Yun wanted him to be his bodyguard.

He smiled, “Theres nothing I can do even if I know.

You think Ive never tried figuring out the secret of the Sword Saint Mountain”

“Mhm” Lin Yun realized that what Jian Jingtian said seemed to make sense.

Jian Jingtian was strong and surely knew that the Sword Saint Mountain wasnt simple.

“But theres nothing I can do about it.

I explored the Sword Saint Mountain three times.

I reached the summit before, and I didnt see the stone tablet you spoke of,” sighed Jian Jingtian.

“So you can enter after I undo the seal for you.”

In the past, when he was still in the Dragon Pulse Realm, it was still somewhat troublesome for him to lift the seal on the Sword Saint Mountain.

But it was easy now that he was in the Samsara Edict Realm.

When he released the aura of a heavenly king and enveloped the entire Sword Saint Mountain, the Sword Saint Mountain began glowing before a powerful sword aura soared into the sky, wanting to break through this heaven and earth.

But Jian Jingtians aura quickly blocked the sword aura completely.

“Junior Brother, go ahead.” Jian Jingtian hovered in the air as he formed seals with his hands, and the restriction on the Sword Saint Mountain started to disappear.

In the end, Lin Yun could only take a deep breath and entered the Sword Saint Mountain.

This time, he naturally didnt have to go through the stages one by one and could just descend from the sky, directly reaching the mountain\'s summit.

When Lin Yun descended, he could feel the desolation of the mountain, and it was the same as when he first thought of it.

The Sword Saint Mountain had been waiting for someone for many years.

As Lin Yun spread his arms wide, he firmly landed on the summit.

On the cliff was the stone tablet with the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords sword sutra and the last sword recorded on it.

When he stood before the stone tablet, he caressed it like an old friend, and the stone tablet glowed as if it was responding to him.

“Empress, it seems to remember me,” said Lin Yun, with joy flashing in his pupils.

When Lil Purple flew out from the sword box, she cautiously looked at the stone tablet, “It seems to possess some spirituality.

You should have received the stone tablets acknowledgement when you made it through the thirteen stages.”

“So, wheres the Sovereign Divine Rune In the stone tablet” Lin Yun asked.

“No, its inside the Sword Saint Mountain.” Lil Purple looked around before her gaze fell onto the stone tablet and continued, “But we have to rely on this stone tablet if we want to enter.

Try and see if you can communicate with it.”

But Lil Purples words left Lin Yun baffled because he had no idea what she meant bycommunicate and how he should do that.

The stone tablet might have spirituality, but he had no idea if he shouldcommunicate verbally or through his mental energy.

Very quickly, Lin Yun figured something out and took out the Flower Burial Sword before he started performing the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords.

As one azure bird after another flew from his body, it didnt take long for there to be thirteen azure birds around him.

When the azure birds formed into an azure giant sword, Lin Yun slammed his palm at the top of the stone tablet.

When Lin Yuns palm came in contact with the stone tablet, one rune after another began to appear from the stone tablet and were all reflected in Lin Yuns pupils.

“The Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords!” Lin Yuns eyes lit up because that was the sword sutra of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords.

In the past, he could only learn it himself and couldnt pass it down to anyone else.

Lin Yun quickly imprinted it in his heart.

But he soon realized something wasnt right.

The sword sutra was complete and different from the one he cultivated.

Lin Yun didnt care about that and immediately remembered it.

When the runes fully appeared, the stone tablet suddenly sank.

Before Lin Yun could react, a huge hole that looked like a wild beast\'s jaw opened up beneath him.

Without any hesitation, Lin Yun quickly pulled Lil Purple into his embrace before they started to freefall.

As Lin Yun fell, he then discovered that the interior of the Sword Saint Mountain was a whole new world, and the space inside was a little too huge.

Not long later, Lin Yuns face lightly changed because he could sense a familiar eerie aura below.

The eerie aura contained an evil demonic aura that had lumped together, looking like a cloud beneath.

“Demonic aura” Lin Yun locked his brows because that was the demonic aura of demonic cultivators.

Furthermore, the demonic aura was an extreme evil that he had only sensed in ancient runes.

“Be careful.

Thats the abyssal demonic aura.

If it invades your body, it can even erode your soul,” said Lil Purple.

“Then, what should I do” Lin Yun immediately summoned the Golden Crow Wings and hovered in the air, preventing him from falling into the demonic clouds.

In the past, the demonic aura he ran into was thin, and it couldnt pose any threat to him, even if it was terrifying.

But the demonic aura here was so thick that it had formed into a demonic cloud, and this was the first time he had seen something like this.

He wasnt sure if he could isolate himself with his firmament sword intent.

“Let me do it.” The two divine runes on Lil Purples forehead lit up before she spat out golden flames from her mouth.

The demonic cloud swiftly evaporated when the flames came into contact with it.


My divine flames havent recovered yet, so that the demonic cloud will recover very quickly.” Lil Purple urged in Lin Yuns embrace.

After Lil Purple said that, the evaporated demonic cloud swiftly began to close up.

When Lin Yun saw this scene, he didnt dare to wait.

He controlled the Golden Crow Wings to envelope the two before they shot into the hole Lil Purple created like an arrow.

An hour later, Lin Yuns expression was distorted with pain as he unraveled the Golden Crow Wings.

The Golden Crow Wings were eroded by the demonic aura, creating several holes in the wings, and the demonic aura also prevented the Golden Crow Wings from recovering.

Lil Purple popped out from Lin Yuns embrace and spat out several mouthfuls of divine breaths.

When her divine flames had expelled the demonic aura that stuck to the Golden Crow Wings, she raised her head to look at Lin Yun, “Are you alright now”

The two were too close together, making them look pretty ambiguous.

Lin Yun lightly nodded his head before he let go of Lil Purple, “Theres an altar up ahead.”

“Lets go take a look.

This empress can sense that the Sovereign Divine Rune is nearby,” said Lil Purple as her pupils shone brightly like stars.

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