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The flying boat broke through the sky.

Yu Nishang stood alone on the deck, the atmosphere was gloomy.

The child servants in the hall didn’t even dare to take a breath.

They were afraid of being caught by the desperate palace master and being killed by her with one swing of a sword to vent her anger.

“Hall Master, please calm down! Calm down…”

Fang Xian sighed and stepped forward to persuade her.

“My condolences Haha… When I was five years old, Yan Moluo blood bathed the small town where my family was located in order to refine a magical weapon.

All relatives and friends were drawn out to refine their souls and become materials…”

“At the age of eighteen, I wanted to get out of Kunlun and go to Dongtu Daqian to worship a famous and decent sect, but Xiehai Zhenjun took a fancy to me and took me to the Demon Palace as a disciple… Then Yan Moluo became my senior brother instead!”

“Okay… My master has bad intentions, I accept my fate, and only want to die after settling my biggest enemy… In the end, my enemy was promoted to the Zhenjun realm…”

“How do you want me to mourn How do you want me to calm down I want revenge! I want revenge!”

Yu Nishang looked crazy, and with a wave of her hand, a flying fork of blood flames flew out.

She was controlling this escape light so she could fly back to the Kunlun Demon Palace and fight with her life.

After all, she has been in the demon palace for a long time, and she is also practicing magic skills, so she has an extreme temperament.

At this time, she must be a little mad and delirious.

“Fortunately, you still have a little conscience.

You didn’t think about slaughtering me to vent your anger.

I can still try to save you…”

Fang Xian cursed secretly, raised his hand, and five black ropes emerged, turning into a strange hand with black scales on its surface and webbed fingers between its fingers.

It slapped Yu Nishang off like a fly, and shouted: ” Calm down and don’t be disturbed by your inner demons!”

After all, Yu Nishang is a scouted true inheritance.

She was emotional just now, but now she calmed down a little, and immediately closed her eyes to meditate.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, but stared at Fang Xian: “You are definitely not an ordinary demon boy, Yu Xuanji is probably a fake name, right”

An ordinary supernatural powers able to overwhelm her, a golden elixir cultivator

“Of course not, you don’t need to know who I am, I just ask you, do you want revenge”

Fang Xian wore a fake mask with a super thick skin, not afraid of Yu Nishang’s piercing eyes, and asked with a smile.

“Of course I want to.

As long as I can get revenge, I can sell this life to you.

But can you even do it”

Yu Nishang glanced at Fang Xian provocatively.

“Of course I can…for example now…you are being targeted, listen to me, go to the Kunlun border at full speed!” Fang Xian shouted.

“It’s Cang Mingzi, and Xuan Xuanzi, as well as Feihong, Jingtao, Yuangu, Xuehe, and Hentian, the five palace dogs.

They were already defeated, but they still want to take me to please Yan Moluo”

Yu Nishang sneered: “Bah!”

“Aren’t you leaving soon”

Fang Xian frowned, directly grabbed the right to control the flying boat, and rowed towards the border with all his strength.

“You are a disciple of the Zhongtu sect, and you want to abduct me”

Yu Nishang rolled her eyes, and suddenly giggled: “If it had been before, this sister would have just allowed you to kidnap me… It’s a pity that since I became a direct disciple, my terrible master has imposed restrictions on me, and I can’t walk out of Kunlun thousands of miles.”


Fang Xian turned a deaf ear and called the avatars outside of him to come and join him.

He is only in the Supernatural Realm at this time, even if he adds Yu Nishang, he may not be able to run very far and will be overtaken by the seven Golden Core Demon Cultivators behind.

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Although they can be killed with just a wave of his hand, garbage also has the value of garbage.

“I’m just going to flee to the border and kill them.”

Fang Xian replied indifferently, and then recited the Great Demon Mantra.

Countless heavenly demons fell, were swallowed by an invisible vortex, turned into a large amount of pure vitality, and poured into the flying boat.

This flying boat was originally just an ordinary magic weapon, but now it’s like it took a complete vitamin—it exploded!

This evil method, it even had a name in the Kunlun Demon Palace, which is called the supernatural power of demon disintegration, which can be used by both humans and magic weapons.

It’s just that people die as soon as they use it, and magic weapons are destroyed as soon as they are used.

With the help of this vitality supplement, the speed of the flying boat suddenly increased, but the seven sons of the Demon Sect also used their supernatural powers to chase after him.

“This… Great Swallowing Heaven Demon Art, can still be used like this, without any backlash How is it possible”

Yu Nishang’s eyes were full of splendor.

Fang Xian ignored her, controlled the speed with a purpose, and left the Seven Devils behind him far away.

Ten hours later, he crossed thousands of miles and reached the border of Kunlun region.

“It’s almost… I have been in the Demon Palace for three years, and I understand the system of the Demon Palace.

Daoist Minghe has never been able to cultivate, and the same is true of the Four Great True Monarchs…”

“If something happens to a true disciple in the palace at this time, which Zhenjun do you think will be sent out”

Fang Xian asked calmly.

“Yan Moluo, because he has just broken through and is the strongest dharma master!” Yu Nishang replied subconsciously.

“I heard that he just went to see Lord Minghe, what do you think the ancestor will reward him with” Fang Xian’s mouth gradually curled up.

“Perhaps…it’s something that will be very useful to a Dharma Zhenjun Why are you asking this” Yu Nishang asked strangely.

“It’s nothing, you can send a message to the Demon Palace for help now.”

Fang Xian stopped the flying boat, watched it start to fall apart, and said indifferently.

“You said I was hunted down by a true disciple Hehe… No one will come to save me.

My master has also retreated.

Even if he didn’t retreat, he may not be willing to fight against a newly promoted Dharma Master…” Yu Nishang replied with a wry smile.

“No, you should tell the truth.

You met a spy who was mixed in with other disciples.

That spy was no more than a golden elixir realmed one, but he killed seven true disciples in a row! You were not an opponent for him, so you can only ask for help!”

Fang Xian said seriously.

In this way, they will probably be able to attract a certain Dharma Zhenjun, and there is a 70% to 80% chance that it may be Yan Moluo.

And on Yan Moluo’s body, there is a 60% to 70% possibility that he is carrying the ‘Nine Nether Yellow Springs Styx River Water’ that has just been newly awarded to him!

It’s worth the gamble!

“What are you kidding”

Yu Nishang thought she saw a lunatic.

But the next moment.

Fang Xian stood in the air, and with a wave of his hand, the Fire Dragon Sword flew towards him with the Great Sun True Yang Pill, which he swallowed in one gulp.

Immediately, he looked at the seven rays of light chasing from behind, and with his fingers paralleled into a sword, a sword qi pierced out!


He didn’t bully anyone either, he used the ‘Nanming Lihuo Sword Art’.

But with the magic power of Big Sun True Yang Pill to activate this sword formula, coupled with his superb sword skills of “Sword Light Breaks the Law”, “Sword Like Thunder Sound”, and “Flying Sword Channeling Spirit”, plus the fire dragon sword, he is already the apex of all golden elixir in this world!

That ray of sword energy suddenly elongated and turned into a long rainbow of tens of feet, piercing through a flying boat.


That flying boat, together with a Demon Sect True Inheritance Gold Elixir on it, exploded into a ball of flames in an instant.

“It’s a sword fairy from a righteous sect!”

“Quick! Join forces!”

“Send the signal!”

Cang Mingzi and Xuan Xuanzi shouted loudly, and put their whole body under heavy protection first, this is a necessary means to deal with the sword fairy.

But when the two true disciples had just finished casting the spell and took out the magic weapon, they saw four groups of flames exploding in the sky one after another.

The disciples and servants of the Five Halls of Feihong, Jingtao, Yuangu, Xuehe, and Hentian were all wiped out!


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