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The Immortal Alpha Chapter 2

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Having got in, I went straight into the kitchen. Anastasia and Juliet were busy making popcorn and sandwiches. Ruina was following closely behind me. "Hello ladies!" I said enthusiastically. "Lo beautiful!" They said in unison and sent a smirk in Ruina direction. "What?" She asked confused. They looked at each other and laughed slightly but said nothing. "You girls almost done with the food?" I asked,seating at one of the bar stools. "You are lucky you

e late or else we would have drowned you both in work." Juliet said before drinking a glass of water,downing it in one go.

"That settles it then, time for baths ladies." Ruina said,as she stood from were she was seated. "You guys never actually said which movie it is that we are watching!" I made a remark before Ruina could disappear to the rooms. "I was thinking of fifty shades but wanted to hear you

e options." Juliet said while eyeing us. "Interesting choice, I like it!" Anastasia beamed. We all laughed.

The house was a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom,so every one had their own space. I went to my room, filling giddy and happy inside. The fifty shades trilogy were the best,well at least when it concerned me. I never got tired of watching them,especially the fifty shades of grey and don get me started on that red room. Seeing it for the first time,on TV, was ** scary. But then I got used to it as the years went by. Some times I even wished some of the guys I dated would have it. It made sex exciting. Not only that, I was left speechless by Christian Grey. The guy seemed so perfect and reserved and expected but yet on the other hand he was this dominant guy with all the money and the works. And when he took Anastasia Steeles innocence.

I released a sigh as I entered my room. It was the only one facing the forest,Ana took the one facing the pool that but the guests in the ones facing the garden.

I looked around the room. A bed with two night stands stood on my left facing two doors on my right which lead to the bathroom and walk in closet. Two armchairs and a small low table were on a slightly lower level as the bed. A floor to ceiling window was on the far end of the room,with black curtains. On the left side of the bed was a chair with a white shawl on it. It looked fuzzy and warm and it was. "I really got to change those!" I said in a low voice. The walls were painted grey,one of my favourite colors. I did not bother closing the curtains. It was not like someone was watching. I shiver at the thought.

I walk to the bed and started undressing slowly. It kind of felt like I was on a strip show by the pace that I was undressing. I left the clothes in a pile on the floor and walked to the bathroom. "Fuck..." I cursed under my breath. "I should have ran the water first." I said a little disappointed and stepped in the shower. Grabbing the loofah I quickly scrubbed myself. After the quick shower I took a towel and dried myself and wrapped another on my body. I took a lavender body lotion and walked into the bedroom. After I thoroughly applied lotion on my body,I chose a simple shirt and black lace thong for the night. I would have gone for more comfortable undies better known as grandma undies by Anastasia, but it was impossible to do so. She had burned them four years back and now dedicated herself to being my lingerie shopper. Plus I kind of loved this ones but I hid a few of the regular panties for that special time of the month. She had no idea about them and I wanted to keep it that way for as long as I could.

I took the clothes that I had left on the floor and went back into the bathroom to throw them in the laundry basket.

"Have you started?" I asked, closing the door of the movie room. "Not yet love!" Answer Anastasia with a grin. Ruina entered shortly after. We turned to face her,all eyes on her. She flushed. Honestly speaking, I didn know why she was like that. She was wearing an oversized shirt...like all of us. Her hair was wet and made her shirt wet...like all of us. Tilting my head a little I saw it,the reason behind that red face. She had a tattoo,on the place between her neck and shoulder. It looked beautiful albeit I couldn place what it was. Juliet and Anastasia were already squirming. "Thats a beautiful tattoo you got there!" I said pointing at her neck. She flushed again.

What is wrong with this girl? is she sick?

I made a mental note to ask her later,if I didn sleep during the movie. Which would be in a million years. Ana and Juliet laughed at me. Was it dumb? "Thank you, I know!" She said. Juliet and Ana looked at each other and laughed again,harder. We all laughed, though I didn know the reason and didn wanna be left out,I joined in. "On a serious note guys,I really want one!" I said. They looked at me,the confusion clear on their faces."A tattoo!" Like I had told the most funniest joke on earth,they laughed to the point of crying.

Ana was the first to recover. She handed us drinks,turned off the lights and started the movie.

"Ill be back!" I said getting up and and went for the door. We were just half way through Fifty Shades of Freed. They looked at me like I had stolen something. Anastasia being the talker out off all the girls was the one to ask first. "Hunny pie,are you OK?" She said with a mischievous grin on her face. I eyed them. Releasing a sigh I replied,"Ive never been better." " Are you sure? We could stop the movie if you wish?" They chuckled.

OK,thats it! What the ** is going on?

"There is no need for that. Ill be back shortly" I reassured them with a genuine smile. "And were is it your going?" Ruina asked.

Whats with the details? Geez!

"The bathroom." I answered shortly and went out the door.

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