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Thanks to Doflamingo, the construction of the City in the Sky goes very quickly and smoothly and when some major projects need the help of devil fruit ability, El can return to the City in the Sky in the new world from other sea areas on the same day.

According to the estimation of the person in charge of the construction team, the main city of City in the Sky can be completed in the middle year of 1516.

As for other islands, El only needs to find islands with unique characteristics, then bring back the land with a special magnetic field that will permanently affect the climate, and then let it fully integrate into the other medium-sized floating islands.

After arriving in the North Blue, El and his group chose a prosperous island with a lot of aura fluctuations to land on.

The arrival of the Pegasus did not cause a stir on this prosperous island and even if it caused a stir, it might be an hour or two hours from now on.

Humans are forgetful creatures, when El just made a Major incident and became famous all over the world, even a forgetful person would instantly recognize Pegasus and the flag of the flying pirates.

However, after a long time, these people who saw Pegasus and the flag of the flying pirates only feel it seemed a little bit familiar.

After all, flying pirates is different from Red Hair Pirates, most crew members are not that active, especially in the flying pirates, only El and Carina in asura form are the most famous in the crew, and as long as she does not enter asura form after staying low key for few months, its difficult to be identified by these normal people while for El he has normal height so it's easy to blend with the normal people eyes.

So after a few months, the life of El's group has gradually returned to peace.

After arriving on the island, El took Carina and Violet out of the team after a while.

Seeing that they did not bring Nojiko this time, Carina immediately knew that in this sea area, there was another unfortunate person who was stared at by her Nii-san, and after lamenting for the unfortunate person in her heart, Carina looked expectantly at El.

"Nii-san, what devil fruit are you focusing on this time"

After seeing Carina's expectant face, El raised his head slightly and said.

"This time it a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Op-Op Fruit which has the ultimate power among the three types of devil fruits."

"Op-Op Fruit (Operation-Operation Fruit)" Carina raised her brows and guessed as usual.

"This name...

wouldn't it be a devil fruit ability related to medicine"

"Yes, it is related to medicine, even if a quack doctor eats it, he/she will become the best doctor in the world." El nodded and continue speaking.

"Its price in the black market is as high as 5 billion Berries, and the bounty is offered from the Mary Geoise..."

"5 billion Berries, the bounty for this devil fruit is only 23 million bellies less than you, Nii-san." Carina couldn't help but feel a little surprised.

Yes, El's trip to the North blue is for the Op-Op Fruit.

As one of the two most special Devil Fruits in One Piece, after confirming that Carina's Munch-Munch Fruit can capture the Devil Fruit, El has decided to take the Op-Op Fruit over.

As for the other most special devil fruit, it is the Human-Human Fruit, Model: Nika which is commonly known as Gum-Gum Fruit.

These two devil fruits are actually the ultimate devil fruits that are worth 5 billion berries.

The Op-Op Fruit with the ultimate power is the last part of El's plan and now he thinks it's time to get it in his hand.

El, Carina, and Violet entered El's Asura form again after a few months and after sharing Violet's clairvoyance ability, El began to search for Trafalgar D.

Water Law trace.

However, after searching for a few hours, until Nami contacted them through Den Mushi Mushi, El couldn't find Law figure.

In this regard, El is not discouraged, this result was within his expectations.

The pirate world consists of many races and the number of human populations adds up to billions.

As one of the four largest sea areas, the total population of the North Blue is beyond imagination, it at least reaches hundreds of millions, or even more than one billion.

If he wants to find a trace of a person out of a nine or even ten-digit population, even if E continuously uses clairvoyance with a radius of 4,000 kilometers it will take a very long time.

Unless it's lucky, he will have to do it for half-year or maybe even a year to find Law traces.

Speaking of such a mysterious thing as luck, El couldn't help but think of a woman who ate the Luck-Luck Fruit.

The ability of the other party is to steal the other person's luck and let them continuously lose until they are in debt and forced to work for Gild Tesoro.

After returning to the new world, he will find an opportunity to let the other party jump to his City in the Sky.

After receiving Nami's call, Carina regained her dominance over the body and she lifted El's Asura form, and then they went back to return with the other groups.


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