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Old Lady Han was even more surprised than Lin Lan was before, so she couldn’t care to cry.

She beat the kang and cursed, “How can a man hold a needle and thread, then what is the purpose of marrying a wife”


Han Qingsong said, “In the army, I sewed these up by myself.”


Lin Lan pursed her lips and smiled.

Glancing at him, she was very satisfied.


Old Lady Han looked at the two of them and became dizzy.

She pointed at them and scolded, “You don’t go to work during the day and play with your wife at home, aren’t you ashamed Would you not be ridiculed Can you not be a bit more proper”


Han Qingsong looked at the old lady, “Mother, aren’t you going to work for me”


Old Lady Han looked at him as if she was going to explode in rage.

Noting that he was no longer inclined to listen to her words, she stomped her feet and stroked her chest in anger and left, “You won’t help your mother anymore.

You forgot your mother once you have a wife, ahhh–”


Han Qingsong seemed to be used to the Old Lady Han’s acting, so he continued to sew the quilt unmoved.


Lin Lan hurriedly shouted, “Old lady, why are you leaving Stay for dinner.”


Old Lady Han was so angry that her feet staggered.


Lin Lan returned to the room, saying, “The old lady was really angry now.

I told you to go out just now, so you should have left quickly.

Why are you still sewing the quilts Leave it aside, let me do it.”


Han Qingsong looked up at her, “It’s almost done.”


Oh wow, I really couldn’t tell, Director Han! Lin Lan thought as she smiled.


Han Qingsong was stared at to the point where he felt a bit uncomfortable, “Huh”


Lin Lan, “Sew a school bag,” She brought over the cloth that was given by Big Sister Liu.


Han Qingsong glanced at it and said, “Don’t try to do it,” Without a sewing machine, it was not worth it.


There was a relatively new military satchel at home, which Han Qingsong had to carry to work, but there was another bag that was half-new, which he had just brought back.


However, Lin Lan felt that with just one school bag, the four students would not be able to divide it.

The bag would not be given to anyone, so it would be better to keep it as a prize.

Until then, she would give the bag to whomever studied the most diligently.


Not to mention elementary school students, even college students would be proud of carrying a military school bag.


At the beginning, Han Jinbao took the military uniform and school bag brought back by his third brother and made a splash in the school.


Lin Lan felt that this could be used as a means of motivation.

After all, she was only carrying a patch-on-patch cloth bag when she went to work and to the market.


Han Qingsong pointed to the homemade cloth that Lin Lan bought, “This cloth is used for school bags.

It is thick and wear-resistant.”


Lin Lan didn’t want to give up labour-made fabric to make clothes.


But it also required a large piece of ready-made cloth to make a school bag, which made Lin Lan reluctant as well.


Upon seeing her hesitation, Han Qingsong said, “We can just sew one.

It doesn’t have to use a lot of material and we can let Dawang carry it.”


Lin Lan felt that one school bag for four children was not enough as she should at least provide them with two.

Hence, they still had to sew two, but the cloth on hand was to be used for quilts, cotton coats, and shoes.

Therefore, the school bag could still take its time.


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