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The Enlightened State Teacher (39)


The battle location was in an empty land outside of the city.

Shi Sheng looked around for a few moments and suddenly said, "I want to change the location."

Feng Qing Qing: "..." Why can’t we fight now

When Shi Sheng wanted to change the location, Feng Qing Qing disagreed.

When she disagreed, Shi Sheng didn’t want to continue the fight and pulled Yin Wei to leave.

Feng Qing Qing started her attack at Shi Sheng before she could leave.

Yin Wei hugged Shi Sheng and leaped forward several meters far from the land.

Feng Qing Qing's attack failed.

"Feng Zhi Yin, do you want to be a coward Or are you afraid that you will lose the battle"

"I'm so scared." Shi Sheng answered weirdly. You were the heroine.

How can I not be afraid

Feng Qing Qing choked on what she said.

She didn't respond as usual.

How should Feng Qing Qing continue the conversation Damn it! 

The distance between Shi Sheng and Yin Wei was getting farther.

The people in the dark did not care about it and began to recite the curse.

A black suddenly showed up on the empty land n an instant, connected one by one and converging into a large formation.

Shi Sheng and Yin Wei were standing on the edge of the formation.

They only needed to take a step outward to leave the formation.

But Shi Sheng didn't.

She stood there quietly and waited for the formation to complete.

In the blink of an eye, the formation was completed.

Feng Qing Qing was trapped within the formation as well.

It was too late for her to leave.

The black mist appeared at the edge of the formation and formed a barrier.

Several figures walked out from the dark outside of the formation.

"Dong Fang Hai." She knew the people outside of the formation, even if they turned into ashes.

He Lian Yu stood behind Mu Bai.

The mask covered his emotions very well without revealing any of them.

Mu Bai remained his smile and nodded gently, "Miss Feng Seventh."

"Dong Fang Hai, what are you trying to do!" Feng Qing Qing didn’t look at He Lian Yu but glared at Mu Bai with hatred.

She could see her child dead in her arms with her face turned blue-black.

"Miss Feng Qi, don't get me wrong.

I am not targeting you." Mu Bai said gently, and he looked at Shi Sheng on the other side, "Long time no see."

"Long time no see, Mu Bai."

This retard came here again!

Damn it! 

Did all the patches that I applied were fed to the dog

Shi Sheng's expression was too calm as if she wasn't surprised that he would appear here.

Mu Bai didn't dare to lose a bit of attention.

He didn't want to commit suicide again.

Suicide was too painful.

Most importantly, this type of death does not suit his status as a gentleman.

Mu Bai calmed down.

He knew that this woman was good at acting.

Maybe she just pretended to know everything.

"It seems that I won this time." Mu Bai smiled.

Shi Sheng grinned and didn't respond.

Her smile made him feel like he was a retard again.

He recalled carefully, there were no loopholes until this point.

Mu Bai stopped talking and reached out his hand to touch the black mist edge.

"Dong Fang Hai!" He Lian Yu suddenly yelled while pointing at Feng Qing Qing, "She is still inside."

Mu Bai turned his head back and advised gently, "Emperor He Lian, if you want to achieve a great thing, you must sacrifice something.

This is merely a woman.

Think about this continent that will become yours.

You can find any type of woman that you prefer."

Shi Sheng: "..." Is this dude here to rob my task of breaking up couples


He Lian Yu seems like he had an agreement with Mu Bai, but when Mu Bai persuaded him to do so, he just looked at Feng Qing Qing with little regret and didn’t continue to stop him.

Shi Sheng shook her head, turned to ask Yin Wei, "If you were to choose the world and me, what would you choose"

Yin Wei's eyelashes trembled slightly and answered confidently: "You gave me the world.

So this question won't even exist."

Furthermore, he did not even want the continent.

Shi Sheng: "..." I gave full marks to this loyal answer!

Feng Qing Qing didn't know what Mu Bai was going to do, but she instinctively sensed danger.


"Dong Fang Hai...

Dong Fang Hai, let me out..." Feng Qing Qing rushed towards Mu Bai and wanted to get out.

But as soon as she came into contact with the black energy, the energy surged towards Feng Qing Qing as if she was delicious food.


Feng Qing Qing backed off abruptly.

She held her wrist in pain, and the black energy swirled strangely within her skin.

The smile remained on Mu Bai's face.

Wan Quan rushed out and wanted to attack Mu Bai.

Before he got close to Mu Bai, Mu Bai raised his hand, and Wan Quan flew out, hitting a stone afar.

He didn’t move anymore.

Mu Bai put his hand on black energy and looked at Shi Sheng from a distance with full of excitement.

Finally, he got a chance to turn the situation over and have total control of the situation.

The formation was operating again, and more black energy appeared.

The black energy spread from the edge to the inner part of the formation.

The movement of the black energy was quick, and Feng Qing Qing's figure submerged in it in just the blink of an eye.

Shi Sheng allowed the black energy to spread over.

She was more curious about...

Why does Mu Bai, a retard does not have restrictions when he attacks the female lead

Why are there restrictions applied to me when I want to attack the female lead

This was unfair!

I was dissatisfied.

[...] Host, you had the wrong focus! This retard wants to kill you!

Does he think that he can kill me if he wants

Shi Sheng snorted coldly.

As the black energy almost completely drowned her figure.

She grabbed Yin Wei’s hand and retreated to leave the formation with ease.

The black mist filled the gap remained and blocked Mu Bai's vision.

Mu Bai held his breath and stared at the black dome in front of him.

But inside of the formation was too quiet, it started to make Mu Bai panic in his mind.

According to her personality, it was impossible to be so quiet.

Something went wrong!


Just when Mu Bai was alert, there was a sound breaking through the air above his head, and the sword qi slashed down arrogantly.

The coldness of the iron sword swung from the bottom of Mu Bai's eyes.

He didn’t see how Shi Sheng showed up.

There was already a cold iron sword pressed against his neck.

Mu Bai swallowed his saliva carefully.

He trained very hard during this period.

But why did he still lose in seconds! 

He can't accept this!

Be calm, be a gentleman, be elegant.

He is a man with high status.

Shi Sheng appeared behind him, "Mu Bai"

Mu Bai did not seem to panic.

He looked solemn with his nerves on a rope.

"Are you trying to kill me"

"Nope, I'm merely trying to fight with you fair and square." Mu Bai calmly retorted.

"Is hiding behind my back a fair fight"

Mu Bai still calmed, "BOSS normally appear at the back."

Shi Sheng: "..." It makes sense. 

So, why did she appear so early

Is she just cannon fodder

Damn it!  

When Mu Bai saw Shi Sheng was distracted for a moment, he quickly pulled the iron sword towards his neck to kill himself.

Shi Sheng quickly withdrew the sword to prevent Mu Bai from suicide. 

Mu Bai: "..." Why do you stop me from committing suicide

Mu Bai gritted his teeth and crashed into the black energy next to him.

His body fell into the black energy.

The expression on Mu Bai's face was bizarre, and his voice said faintly, "I will be back."


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