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The day after we discussed the future goal of  and guidance for new members.

Today's Sunday.

As I have guessed, Rika and Karua reached the Lv40 and safely unlocked the 3rd order tree yesterday.

A wonderful start.

I also didn't waste any time and stayed in the guild room until late at night and taught them the strongest style for their respective jobs.

Even Rika and Karua, who rarely break their straight faces, looked very excited to try them out yesterday.

Such is the charm of new skills after all...

I can relate.

It's the path that all of the vanguard team has gone through.

Not only them, the new members team I and Ester were in charge of has remarkably improved under my guidance.

I was quite surprised at their accomplishments in just one day.

Hmm, there shouldn't be anything that can influence others to improve their capabilities in the skills section of ......

Maybe they are just that much talented to absorb everything I taught them with a proper touch of efficient strategies.

I heard that looking at a high level person perform is a good material to learn from and even if you can't keep up, you will reach the level around that level.

I will guide them again in future for sure seeing their reaction.

Other thing is both Shizu and Celia are good at commanding so I am thinking of teaching them about tactics gradually.

However, leaving aside Celestine, they are still not accustomed to fighting with boss monsters yet.

They are far from reaching the satisfactory level about when and how to use skills properly, so I reached the conclusion that they should first practice their skills on the training ground.

Hence, the plan for today is一

"Lulu, Celia, Pamela and Shizu will practice their skills at the training ground.

I have made a memo you can read to learn the efficient way to use them so read and practice according to it later."

I explained today's plan at the morning meeting when all the members had gathered.

There was no one with a different opinion either since I have already talked about this in detail yesterday.

I handed each of them the notes about how to use their skills efficiently in detail for their respective jobs.

"Celestine, you have something to do today, right"


I'm thinking of moving on my own today."

"All right.

However, while you're good at fighting, there are still a couple of points about skill rotation that need improvement.

Practice when you have time.

This is the note for "


Thank you very much, Zephyr-sama"

Celestine is excellent when it comes to avoiding the boss attacks and I don't see any problem with his fighting style either.

He can follow very well.

However there are lots of parts when he uses his skills that are repetitive, so he needs improvement on when to use them and how to operate them more efficiently.

Well, it's Celestine, I'm sure he would be able to correct herself in a jiffy.

"Next is Rika and Karua"

"We are going to practice and try out the skills unlocked from the 3rd order tree yesterday.

Our plan is to basically train in the training ground or shallow part of the dungeon."

"Will you be alright with just two of you"

"Hnn, all right.

If it doesn't work out, we will move to intermediate dungeon"

"Very well.

Then that's the plan for both of you.

Also, this is the note about how to use your 3rd order skills.

After you've tried them to some extent, practice them"

"Thank you"

Rika and Karua are going to act as a team today.

I guess their gears messed with each other just fine, as they are together most of the time.

Could it be that Rika likes cat ears and cat tails I have seen Rika's gaze often move to Karua.

Well, the cat ears are adorable, so I can't say I don't understand.

The two of them first plan to train in the shallow layer of the beginner-high grade dungeon so I guess they should be fine since lv40 is more than enough to deal with small fries that appear there.

"Now that leaves the five of us from vanguard team, I'm thinking of stepping up our game and trying out intermediate dungeon"

"Intermediate dungeon Sounds good! Let's go!"

"Wait there, Zephyr.

What about the discussion we had about training the Rearguard first since it would be tough to deal with an Intermediate dungeon with just the five of us"

On one hand, Lana stood up with a gleam in her eyes when I announced our plan and on other hand, Sierra hurled her doubt at me.

"Well, it's not like there aren't any dungeons we could go to.

However, the one we're going to is slightly tough except the other dungeons we will going to face in future, and there's also the reason that if we continue to conquer the dungeons with the same momentum as we have been doing until now, no doubt we will meet obstacles there so there's also that limitation.

Of course the dungeon we are going to challenge is strong in the truest sense but there are also some factors that haven't changed from a beginner dungeon too."

You can say it is like the extension of a beginner dungeon.

The monsters that appear there are strong, strong enough to rank in top among other int-lower dungeons.

After all, that place is called the  by the  players.

It's strong, but not dangerous.

Other int-lower dungeons are mostly filled with dangerous monsters and traps, so I want to bring a scout who can detect enemies and disarm traps if possible when challenging them.

To be honest, I feel like Hannah will not be able to fight there if we challenge them with our current line-up.

I turned my gaze towards Lana as I explained the reason to Sierra.

Beside, there's one other person who is obsessed with going to an intermediate dungeon.

Sierra, who saw my gaze, seems convinced with my reasoning.

She must have realised that I am also doing it to restrain Lana and stopping herself from talking about challenging other dungeons.

Also, the job level you can raise to max in the int-lower dungeon is 65.

Once we begin challenging the int-lower dungeon, all the restraints will no longer be effective and she will continue to challenge them until level is raised to limit.

It is just like intentionally stopping them at Lv50, the limit of beginner-high grade dungeons.

However Rika and Karua seem like they are ready to challenge int-lower dungeon, so I am thinking of lifting the ban on them.

Certainly, new members need practice but Rika and Karua are pretty good in terms of proficiency.

"Well, we have to step-up the pace of guild later else we will not be able to choose either if the road"

"You're right.

Very well then, I'm not against challenging intermediate dungeon"

"I agree with Sierra-san.

Intermediate dungeon sounds fun"

"I also doesn't have any problem"

Hannah and Ester didn't seem to have any problem with this arrangement either, so it was settled that I, Hannah, Sierra, Lana and Ester, the founding member, are finally going to challenge a dungeon together after a long time.

Needless to say, Lana is beaming with joy, looking especially dazzling today.

She asked with an anticipated look on her face.

"So which dungeon we are going to challenge today! I heard there lots of intermediate dungeon"

"About that, the dungeon we're going to challenge is called to be spot where appears strong monsters as a price for relatively few traps there, "

Alias : , a dungeon where roams the dinosaur type monsters.


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