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Not Hitting Girls

Fang Yao looked at the girl in front of him. She was not tall, but she was bold.

Fang Yao got closer to Yuan Xiao. He looked at the girl who was half a head shorter than him and slowly asked, “Arent you afraid of me”

“What Do you have rabies Do you bite people” After Yuan Xiao finished speaking, she heard the youths beside Fang Yao laugh uncontrollably. After all, Yuan Xiao was the first person who could make Fang Yao so angry that he could not speak.

“Believe it or not, Ill really hit you!” Fang Yao deliberately placed his hand on Yuan Xiaos shoulder. He originally wanted to scare her, but he did not expect that this little girl did not have the slightest panic on her face. Instead, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“Sure, but Im in a poor household now. You have to pay for my medical fees and emotional trauma!”

Fang Yao did not expect that the little girl in front of him was not only bold, but also a money-grubber.

“Dont even think about it. I dont hit girls.”

Yuan Xiao was not surprised to hear Fang Yaos words. Instead, she said with a disappointed expression, “Oh, then move aside. I still have to go home to study!”

Before Fang Yao could say anything, he saw Yuan Xiao run away like a rabbit.

“Brother Fang, are you going to let her off just like that”

The blond boy had promised his sister to help her teach Yuan Xiao a lesson. He did not expect her to leave just like that and was a little dissatisfied.

“Let her go I didnt want to do anything to her in the first place.” Fang Yaos eyes had not left the direction where Yuan Xiao had left.

“But, my sister—”

“You know best what your sister usually does. I, Fang Yao, am not afraid of anyone, but I wont bully others casually. Your sister deserves it!”

Seeing Fang Yaos gloomy face, the blond guy was a little afraid. After all, Fang Yao had never lost a fight on this street. Moreover, with his family background, even if he crippled someone, there would be someone to clean up after him. Therefore, usually, no one would provoke Fang Yao.

“Brother Fang, but that girl Yuan Xiao isnt bothered by you at all. Shes not afraid of you at all!” The blond guy still refused to give up.

“Do I look scary” Fang Yao stared at the blondie and clearly saw him swallow nervously.

“No, Brother Fang is good-looking! Very good-looking!” The blondie was sweating from the stare.

“Just good-looking Youd better change your words!”

The blond guy looked at Fang Yaos flawless face. At this moment, he had no intention of appreciating it at all. No matter how good-looking his face was, his devilish gaze became terrifying.

“Perfect! Handsome! And, and…”

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Seeing that the blond guy was so anxious that he was incoherent, the lackey beside him could not help but persuade him, “Brother Fang, dont make things difficult for him. He only knows a few words! Look at how anxious he is.”

Fang Yao did not want to make things difficult for him, but he was a little puzzled when he saw how scared he was. Why was Yuan Xiao so calm when she saw him After all, his reputation was not that good.

Although many of them were rumors, such as him cutting off someones arm and throwing them into the sea in the winter, he was surprised by everyones imagination. However, these rumors directly caused fewer and fewer girls to send him love letters. He was happy to have peace and quiet, so he did not explain.

However, Yuan Xiao was not afraid of him at all. Thinking of the girls angry expression, Fang Yao could not help but smile.

“You dont have to be afraid of me, but you have to take me seriously…”

After Yuan Xiao returned home, she immediately started revising. Now, she even wished she could take a book when she went to the toilet. In the plot of her previous life, after Yuan Xiao and Yuan Wei changed their identities, a math competition soon came.

In her previous life, Yuan Xiao had nothing to do with her studies. However, she still clearly remembered this math competition because Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei had both obtained good rankings and represented the school in the provincial competition.

Yuan Wei had just become the daughter of a rich family and had already attracted a lot of attention. Coupled with her good grades, she made the original Yuan Xiao look worthless. Everyone even mocked and ridiculed Yuan Xiao, saying that her intelligence was not worthy of the Yuan Familys background. It was simply a joke that she still wanted to be with Jiang Yan.

Yuan Xiao was angry and hateful, but she had no way to refute. She had suffered a lot of grievances. Fortunately, everything could be changed this time.

“Little 7, with my current level of learning, how high can I rank on the Mathematics competition in the entire school” Although Yuan Xiao had learned a lot, she was still a little worried since she had not taken the exam.

[Dear Host, instead of worrying about this, you should think about how to qualify for the Mathematics Competition. The Mathematics Competition of First Middle School is only eligible for the top 10 students in each class. The Host has not participated in the examination at the moment, so your class ranking is…]

[Last place!]



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