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Old Friend

Walking out of the bathroom, Yuan Xiao could not help but laugh.

“Xiao Xiao, are you alright Did you get beaten silly” Li Chang touched Yuan Xiaos forehead worriedly.

“Its fine. Who can hit me” Yuan Xiao raised her eyebrows and pulled Li Changs hand.

“You mean you really lay on the ground yourself”

“Shh, keep it down!”

Looking at the smiling Yuan Xiao, Li Changs understanding was refreshed. “No wonder those hooligans looked like they had eaten sh*t. Impressive, Xiao Xiao. This move is ruthless. I think Teacher Lu is quite angry. At the very least, they should be punished!”

“Youre good too. You actually managed to find Teacher Lu.” Yuan Xiao originally thought that she was getting the form teacher. If she had known that it was Lu Liu himself, she would have exaggerated a little. After all, Lu Liu was much easier to incite than the form teacher.

“Theres no one in the office. Only Teacher Lu isnt used to eating in the canteen, so I found him. However, although Teacher Lu is young, hes quite impressive. Those hooligans are all afraid of him.” Li Chang thought of the scene just now and felt relieved.

“Thats because those hooligans are afraid of offending Teacher Lu. He…”

“Yuan Xiao.”

Yuan Xiao and Li Chang were so caught up with their delight that they clearly forgot about the short-haired girl who came out with them.

“Yuan Xiao, I-Im Liu Meng from Class Three. Thank you so much for today.”

Yuan Xiao did not know this girl, but she looked honest and cute.

[Congratulations, Host! You have completed the spontaneous mission: Heroine in the bathroom. You have successfully increased your Stamina by 10%!]

As the Systems voice ended, Yuan Xiao felt that her body was much more relaxed. It seemed that increasing stamina was still useful.

Looking at the girl in front of her, Yuan Xiao smiled and said, “Its alright. Nice to meet you, Liu Meng!”

Liu Meng looked at the angelic girl in front of her and was in a daze. She had heard that Yuan Xiao was beautiful and had a good family background, but was stupid and had a bad temper. It seemed that these were all rumors. She was clearly beautiful and kind.

After saying goodbye to Liu Meng, Yuan Xiao and Li Chang returned to the classroom. Lu Liu did not go back on his word. Lu Liu exaggeratedly praised Yuan Xiaos bravery, causing the form teacher to look at Yuan Xiao lovingly this afternoon.

Yuan Xiao liked the feeling of being praised, and enjoyed the confused look on Jiang Yans face.

Perhaps it was because she was in a good mood, but Yuan Xiao felt that the afternoon class was especially relaxed.

After school, Yuan Xiao and Li Chang separated at a fork in the road. Without a private car to pick them up, Yuan Xiao was a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, her new home was not far from school. After walking a distance with Li Chang, she would be able to reach home after crossing a small alley.

However, the originally sparsely populated alley was much livelier today.

Yuan Xiao looked at the few youths who were blocking her way. She chuckled and muttered softly, “Why are there hooligans today”

“Brother Fang, its her! Yuan Xiao from Year One bullied my sister!”

The young man who spoke had dyed his hair blond, and his eyes were somewhat similar to the female hooligan Yuan Xiao had met today.

The sky was a little dark. The young man called Brother Fang walked closer to Yuan Xiao. He lowered his body and slowly said, “Youre Yuan Xiao Youre the one who bullied others”

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Looking at the young mans enlarged face, Yuan Xiao chuckled. Oh, it was an acquaintance, anold friend from her previous life—Fang Yao!

The young mans face was very exquisite. His nose was high and his thin lips were slightly raised. His slightly long black hair looked a little casual. His deep peach blossom eyes were half-opened, making him look more unrestrained.

Fang Yao, the school hunk of First Middle School, was different from Jiang Yans gentle and refined appearance. Fang Yaos face was more aggressive. It might be related to his unreasonable personality and his habit of fighting and skipping class. Although his facial features were flawless, he did not look like a good person.

He was indeed not a good person.

In her previous life, Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao had indeed been friends for a while because their common goal was to break up Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei.

Fang Yao and Jiang Yan had always been at odds with each other. Yuan Xiao hated Yuan Wei to the bone, so the two of them wanted to work together to break them up. However, the male and female leads had halos, so they were destined to fail.

In the end, Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao almost got into a fight because of their conflicting personalities. Their mouths were both extremely vicious.

Fang Yao said that Yuan Xiao was stupid and deserved to be dumped. Yuan Xiao said that Fang Yao was stubborn and deserved to be looked down on. In the end, the two of them quarreled the moment they met. If Fang Yao had not endured it and not hit the girl, Yuan Xiao would have been beaten a hundred times.

However, it was precisely because Yuan Xiao knew that Fang Yao would not fight her that she dared to challenge him again and again.

Looking at the young man in front of her, Yuan Xiao smiled and asked, “Why Are you here to demand protection fees Or do you want to fight”



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