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Upright Teacher


The female hooligan in the lead was successfully angered by Yuan Xiaos words. She glared at her fiercely and said, “Youre courting death!”

Before Yuan Xiao could react, she was surrounded. She was not tall and was a little flustered to be surrounded by these people. She did not know why Li Chang had not arrived yet.

“Whats wrong Just because you cant beat me, you get physical. You guys are weak!” Although she was panicking, fortunately, she had been a vicious supporting actress before. Yuan Xiao still had a disdainful expression on her face.

“Hmph, dont you know that offending me is akin to offending my brother Ill let him know and you wont be able to stay in this school anymore!” The female hooligan in the lead wore a black eyeliner that did not match her age and looked a little funny.

Yuan Xiao slowly said, “Oh Your brother is also hiding in the ladies room Then his hobby is quite unique!”

The female hooligans dyed yellow hair was a little messy from anger. She raised her hand and prepared to slap Yuan Xiao.

Just as Yuan Xiao was about to stop her, she heard hurried footsteps coming from outside. She fell back, accompanied by a slightly pretentious scream.

“Oh no!”

“Xiao Xiao!”

“Stop! What are you doing!”

Before the female hooligan could put her raised hand down, she was shocked by Yuan Xiaos inexplicable actions. When she reacted, she saw a girl rushing in with a male teacher.

The moment Lu Liu entered, he saw a shocking scene. Yuan Xiao was curled up on the ground, surrounded by fierce female students.

Fortunately, he arrived in time. Otherwise, with Yuan Xiaos thin and weak body, how could she withstand their punches and kicks! When he heard that this girl had even experienced a family change, Lu Lius gaze became more sympathetic.

After graduating from university, Lu Liu was asked by his family to inherit the family business. He chose to be a teacher because he wanted to break free from his family and be a good teacher who relied on himself.

“Do you know what youre doing!” Lu Liu pushed the rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose and criticized sternly, “School bullying! Do you know how bad it is I think you dont want to study anymore!”

Only then did the leader of the hooligans realize the seriousness of the matter. If it were any other teacher, she could still use her father to plead for mercy. However, Teacher Lu was a famous rich kid in the school. In terms of family background, she was not even on the same level as Lu Liu.

“Teacher Lu! I didnt hit her!” Although the female hooligan was unreasonable, she was really wronged. She hurriedly pulled her sidekick and said, “They can testify! I really didnt hit her!”

“Yes, we really didnt hit her…”

“Shut up! Youre still quibbling! If you didnt hit her, would Student Yuan Xiao lie on the ground by herself” Lu Liu looked at Yuan Xiao and Li Chang, who were cowering behind him, and the anger in his heart increased.

Looking at the terrified Yuan Xiao, the female hooligan gritted her teeth in hatred. She could not possibly say that Yuan Xiao was the one lying on the ground on her own accord, right She had clearly played her this time!

Looking at the female hooligan who was glaring at her, Yuan Xiao explained with a trembling voice, “Teacher Lu, I fell myself. Its not their fault!”

“Student Yuan Xiao, you dont have to be afraid. You cant encourage such bad behavior!” Lu Liu looked at the female hooligan who was glaring at Yuan Xiao. Just as he was about to continue lecturing her, he heard Yuan Xiao say pitifully, “But Teacher Lu appeared in time today. If she wants to take revenge on me in the future, Ill…”

Looking at Yuan Xiaos superb acting skills, the few female hooligans surrounding him were speechless. Was this still the girl who had just scolded them The leader of the female hooligans was furious and could not help but step forward. “Youre still f*cking pretending!”


The voice came from the bathroom stall. Yuan Xiao then remembered the classmate who was bullied in the bathroom.

A simple-looking girl with short hair slowly walked out from behind the door.

“Teacher Lu, they wanted to hit me. If not for Student Yuan Xiao, I would be the one lying on the ground now!” The short-haired girls eyes were already filled with tears. Now, she was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Alright, Teacher will give you an explanation.” Lu Liu patted the short-haired girls shoulder and turned to Yuan Xiao. “Yuan Xiao, Ill tell your form teacher about your brave act of protecting your classmates. Dont worry, with me around, Ill make sure no one dares to bully their classmates!”

What a familiar line. Yuan Xiao suppressed the joy in her heart and said to Lu Liu, “Thank you, Teacher! With a good teacher like you around, our First Middle School will definitely get better and better.”

“Good girl, go to class. Dont delay your studies.” Lu Liu enjoyed Yuan Xiaos words. Being agood teacher was his life goal.

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“You guys, follow me to my office!”



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