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“I mean, is there any way you can help me improve directly” Yuan Xiao asked, unwilling to give up.

[There are ways, but you have to wait for spontaneous missions.]

Upon hearing the Systems answer, Yuan Xiao said coquettishly, “Then can have a spontaneous mission now”

[The Academic Genius System 67 is an upright system. It does not accept any threats or bribes. Please wait patiently. Spontaneous missions cannot be issued casually.]

Yuan Xiao blinked and changed her mind before continuing to ask, “Then, honest and cute Little 7, can you tell me a little about when spontaneous missions will happen Look at me studying day and night. What if I fall sick because of my poor physical fitness”

[Well… probably tomorrow. At noon tomorrow, you can expect a spontaneous mission!]

Upon hearing the systems reply, Yuan Xiao smiled in satisfaction. It had said that missions could not be released casually. It was clearly based on his mood.

[Host, please dont question the fairness of the system!] Little 7 explained anxiously.

“Alright, alright, honest system. Rest early. Well talk at noon tomorrow.”

Yuan Xiao had been in a daze in school the entire morning, waiting for the so-called spontaneous mission.

Yuan Xiao did not know if the so-called spontaneous mission was similar to the questions he usually learnt about in class. If he was asked to do something else, Yuan Xiao really did not have much confidence now.

Finally, it was time for lunch break. Yuan Xiao planned to go to the bathroom with Li Chang.

Before she reached the bathroom, the Systems voice suddenly sounded in her mind: [Congratulations, Host. Spontaneous mission triggered—Heroine in the bathroom: Whoever successfully rescues the student who was bullied in the bathroom can gain 10% Stamina Points! Host, please complete the mission before the lunch break ends.]

Hearing the Systems words, Yuan Xiao could not help but feel a little discouraged. She was very low-key in school now, and everyone already knew about her relationship with Yuan Wei. If she stepped forward to be a heroine now, she would be bullied too.

With heavy steps, Yuan Xiao and Li Chang walked to the bathroom door.

As soon as she approached, Yuan Xiao heard unpleasant curses from inside.

“Xiao Xiao, I think those female hooligans from Class Five are fighting. What should we do Lets not go in. Lets go to the bathroom downstairs,” Li Chang said in a low voice.

Yuan Xiao knew that the girls from Class Five were used to being domineering in school because of their good family background. In her previous life, after she was chased out of the Yuan Family, she had also been bullied by them a few times.

“No, if they dare to bully their classmates in school, isnt it even worse outside of school” Yuan Xiao already had a bad impression of them. Coupled with the spontaneous mission this time, it was impossible for Yuan Xiao to sit back and do nothing.

“Li Chang, Ill go in and stop them. Go to the office and find the teacher!”

Li Chang looked at the righteous Yuan Xiao and said worriedly, “Will it work Why dont we go find Teacher together”

“No, what if they leave or refuse to admit it Go quickly. Ill be careful.”

Seeing that Yuan Xiao had made up her mind, Li Chang could not stop her. She could only go to the teacher for help as quickly as possible.

Yuan Xiao took a deep breath and slowly walked into the bathroom.

The scolding became clearer and clearer. The student who was bullied hid in the cubicle. The female hooligan who led the group kicked the door hard. “Damn fat pig! Come out!”

“Ahem.” Yuan Xiao could hear the soft sobbing of the student behind the door. Seeing that they were not paying attention to her, she deliberately cleared her throat.

“Yo, whos this” The female hooligan at the outermost corner was a little surprised to see Yuan Xiao. Then, she revealed a mocking smile.

“You dont know her! Isnt this our Yuan Familys eldest daughter” The female hooligan who kicked the door also stopped.

Although Yuan Xiaos grades were usually not good, she came from a good family and was considered pretty. She was very popular. This girl was very jealous of her, but did not dare to say anything. Now, Yuan Xiao was just an ordinary student. When she heard that Yuan Xiaos biological parents were extremely poor, she naturally had to mock her.

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“Ah You know me Why havent I seen you before Are you also students in my cohort You dont look like one…” Yuan Xiao sized up the female hooligan in the lead and snorted disdainfully at her.



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