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Serious Acting

Yuan Xiao went to bed at dawn. When she woke up, it was almost noon.

The Yuan couple had already left the house. Yuan Xiao washed up briefly and walked to the living room on the first floor. When she saw the breakfast that her parents had left for her, she sat down and started eating.

“Why do I feel like its my last meal” Yuan Xiao laughed self-deprecatingly. While eating the breakfast in front of her, Yuan Xiao was waiting for the storm to arrive.

Hearing the door open, Yuan Xiao sat up straight. She clearly knew what she was going to face next.

“Xiao Xiao…” Sun Li walked into the room and saw Yuan Xiao sitting alone in the living room.

“Mom, Dad, youre back.” Yuan Xiao pretended not to notice the unnaturalness of the Yuan couple. She stood up and quietly cleaned up the dishes.

Seeing his daughter run to the kitchen, Yuan Ming felt an indescribable pain in his heart. He had raised his precious daughter for 16 years. How could his heart not ache

“Xiao Xiao, come here. Dad has something to tell you.”

Yuan Xiao took a deep breath and silently braced herself. It was time to test her acting skills.

Sitting on the sofa, Yuan Xiao glanced at Yuan Wei and the anxious couple beside her—Shen Hai and Feng Mei, who were her biological parents.

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Yuan Xiao looked at the faded clothes on them and could not help but feel a little heartache.

In her previous life, Shen Hai and Feng Mei treated her very well. It was because she was used to being a wealthy girl that she could not accept the sudden change. Not only was she estranged from the Shen couple, but she was also very annoyed by them. After all, how could the simple-minded Yuan Xiao take it when she went from being the daughter of a rich family to a poor family

When Yuan Xiao saw the Yuan couples nervous expressions, she pretended to be unaware and asked obediently, “Whats wrong, Dad What do you want to tell me”

“Ahem, well, Xiao Xiao, do you know Shen Wei Shes a freshman like you.” Yuan Ming looked at the two girls in front of him and decided to speak.

“Yes, Ive heard of her. Shen Weis grades are very good. I have to learn more from her.”

Yuan Xiao replied sweetly. Compared to the uncomfortable Shen Wei, she was clearly the original owner of this house.

“Mmm, Xiao Xiao, you should take a look at this…”

Yuan Ming still did not know how to tell his daughter, so he handed the paternity test results to Yuan Xiao.

“Well …”

On the surface, Yuan Xiao was looking at the paternity test report, but in reality, she was trying hard to gather her emotions.

“How could it be wrong Its been so many years. Sigh…” Shen Hai muttered softly, as if he could not accept it for a moment.

Yuan Ming felt even worse. He knew that it was because his competitor had stolen the child back then. He thought that everything would be fine after he recovered the child, but who knew that the baby would be secretly swapped halfway He had still been tricked.

“Dad, Mom So, am I not your daughter” Yuan Xiaos voice trembled slightly, and her eyes were instantly dyed red by emotions.

“How could that be Xiao Xiao!” Sun Lis heart ached when she saw Yuan Xiaos expression.

Sun Li thought about what would happen after she told Yuan Xiao. If Yuan Xiao made a scene, she would feel more at ease.

However, when she saw Yuan Xiao crying pitifully, her heart was in a complete mess. On one side was her biological daughter, and on the other side was the child she had raised for 16 years. No matter what, she could not bear to part with her.

Yuan Xiao secretly observed everyones emotions. When she saw that Shen Wei was about to speak, she hurriedly stood up and weakly said, “I understand. Dad, Mom, Ill move out of the house.”

At the same time, Yuan Xiaos tears fell from the corners of her eyes, making her look extremely pitiful.

“Xiao Xiao! Where can you go Its not like I cant afford to raise my two daughters! You and Xiao Wei will have a companion in the future. This will always be your home!” Yuan Ming could not control his emotions.

Although Shen Wei was his biological daughter, at this moment, his heart still ached for Yuan Xiao. After all, this child had done nothing wrong.

Yuan Xiao noticed Shen Weis slightly furrowed brows and felt indescribably carefree in her heart. She suppressed her laughter and continued to speak with a sobbing tone, “Dad, Mom, I know youre worried. Its fine. Im already a big child. Staying in the Yuan Family will only make things difficult for you and make everyone feel awkward.”



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