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Upon hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Fang Yaos expression did not look too good. It was not obvious if he was angry or uncomfortable, but there was a faint sense of disappointment in his eyes when he looked at Yuan Xiao.

“Student Yuan Xiao, I support you!” Lu Liu felt much more at ease. He had just taken a fancy to a good seedling and did not want her to affect her studies because of puppy love.

“Leave this matter to me. Dont worry, Ill definitely give you an explanation.”

“Teacher, Im sorry. Zhao Wen was also confused for a moment. Can you give her another chance!” Zhao Yu knew Lu Lius style of doing things. The last time his sister bullied a classmate, she was almost expelled by the school. It was only when his father came to the school to apologize and plead for leniency to compensate the injured student that he barely managed to turn the situation around.

Now that such a thing had happened, the punishment would definitely be even more severe.

Seeing that Lu Liu was ignoring him, Zhao Yu looked at Fang Yao for help. “Boss, Im sorry. Im really sorry…”

Fang Yao looked at Zhao Yu, who was pleading in a low voice, and felt uncomfortable.

Although his sister Zhao Wen was a jerk, Zhao Yu had been following him since junior high school. Fang Yao glanced at Yuan Xiao and said to Zhao Yu, “Youre not the one who should apologize!”

When Zhao Yu heard Fang Yaos words, it was as if he had grabbed onto a life-saving straw. He hurriedly pulled Zhao Wen up from the ground. “Sister, hurry! Hurry up and apologize to Boss and…” Realizing that he was about to say something wrong, Zhao Yu hurriedly changed his words. “And Yuan Xiao! Hurry up and go!”

Zhao Wens expression still showed unwillingness, but she was also a little afraid. She said to Yuan Xiao, “Im sorry, Yuan Xiao.”

“I dont need your apology, and I dont want to make things difficult for you. Just restore my and Fang Yaos reputation.” Yuan Xiao was unwilling to look at Zhao Wen. Originally, Yuan Xiao would never let go of the person who spread the rumors, but when she saw Zhao Yus expression, she was afraid that Fang Yao would be in a difficult position, so she did not say anything else.

“Zhao Wen, why dont you do a self reflection in front of the entire school and serve detention If you commit another offense, youll be expelled immediately!” Lu Liu did not have a good impression of Zhao Wen to begin with. Coupled with this incident, he felt that it was only a matter of time before a student with such a bad character like her was expelled.

“Huh” Zhao Wen was a little dissatisfied when she heard that she had to reflect in front of the entire school.

“Why Do you want to go to the Public Security Bureau to deal with this matter” Lu Lius tone was filled with anger.

“No, theres no need. Thank you, Teacher Lu. Thank you, Yuan Xiao!” Zhao Yu hurriedly pulled Zhao Wen over and bowed to Lu Liu.

“Alright, you guys can go back first. Well talk about it on Monday.” Lu Liu looked at Tian Tian beside him and felt a little embarrassed. He did not expect to have to educate students on a weekend date.

“You two, wait!” Lu Liu said as he looked at Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao, who were about to leave.

“Thank you, Teacher Lu. Ive troubled you again.” Yuan Xiao had a good impression of Lu Liu. After all, he had helped her solve many problems.

“Why are you thanking him It was my idea to catch Zhao Wen… Ah!” Before Fang Yao could finish his sentence, Yuan Xiao pinched his waist.

“Teacher Lu, lets talk when we get back to school on Monday. I wont disturb your date with Pretty Sister!” Yuan Xiao was afraid that Fang Yao would say something he should not, so she smiled at Lu Liu and Tian Tian and pulled Fang Yao away.

Lu Liu wanted to say something, but Tian Tian pulled him back. “Can you be more discerning”

“No, I still feel that the two of them look like…” Lu Liu watched the two of them leave, still a little worried.

“Why do you insist on disturbing the couples date” Tian Tian felt that it was wonderful when she saw the youth and innocence emanating from Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao.

“Thats right! You can see it too! Although Zhao Wen is indeed spreading rumors and Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao dont have such a complicated relationship, they might still be dating at a young age!” Lu Liu confirmed his guess when he heard Tian Tians words.

“Alright, didnt you like me in high school too” Tian Tian raised her eyebrows at Lu Liu as she recalled some things from the past.

“Didnt I not dare to confess” Lu Liu scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Thats why we missed each other for so many years. We only got together after graduating from university!” Tian Tian looked at Lu Lius furrowed brows and continued, “I think those two children are quite good. The girl called Yuan Xiao looks very sensible and steady. You should trust her!”

“Of course I trust Yuan Xiao. I dont trust that brat!” Lu Liu was unhappy when he thought of Fang Yaos annoying face.



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