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Yuan Xiao was a little surprised to see Fang Yao waving at her at the entrance of the amusement park. Unlike his usual school uniform and sportswear, Fang Yao was wearing an expensive-looking black coat today. His hair was obviously carefully styled. Just standing there attracted many peoples attention.

“Why dont you change your clothes” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiaos usual white sweater and jeans with disappointment in his eyes.

“I didnt expect you to be so dramatic!” Yuan Xiao stood beside Fang Yao, obviously a little uneasy. She did not look like she was compatible with Fang Yao.

“Theres no other way. I have an auntie who runs a clothing store nearby. Ill bring you to change your clothes.” Although Yuan Xiao looked good now, Fang Yao really wanted to use this opportunity to make Yuan Xiao dress up better.

“Theres no need. Its too troublesome.” Although Yuan Xiao said this, she did not want to look so different from Fang Yao. It felt like Cinderella and the prince were standing together.

“Its no trouble. Its very close.” Fang Yao pretended to be natural and held Yuan Xiaos hand. “If you dont dress up to seduce people, how can you let others call you a vixen”

Although Yuan Xiao felt that his words were a little awkward, she did not react for a moment because Fang Yao was holding her hand. She just followed him obediently.

“Although Yuan Xiaos family background is a little tragic, her looks are quite compatible with Brother Fang!” Sun Ting hid in a corner not far from Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao and said to the blondie beside him.

“Sigh, if I had known that this day would come, I wouldnt have had a conflict with Sister-in-law back then.” The blondie said worriedly, “Brother Ting, do you think Boss will teach me a lesson for Sister-in-law”

Sun Ting smiled. He looked at the yellow-haired guy and said, “Zhao Yu, of all the people youve offended, you just had to find trouble with Yuan Xiao. I dont think that girl is that easy to bully. Youre on your own.”

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“Dont do this. I have no choice. Its because of my sister.” Zhao Yu scratched his messy blond hair. “Ill make up for my mistakes. Ill be more attentive to Sister-in-law in the future. Brother Ting, do you think Boss is really with her Ive never seen Boss so concerned about any girl.”

“Its hard to say if theyre together. Anyway, that girl is very special to Brother Fang. Its best not to offend her.” Sun Ting thought for a moment and said, “Youd better warn your sister. Yuan Xiao is not someone she can provoke casually.”

“How can I care about her” Zhao Yu shook his head helplessly. His sister was an out-and-out female gangster. Sometimes, she was even more out of line than him.

“Lets go. The key is to catch the person who secretly took the photos. Brother Fang and Yuan Xiao have left. Lets follow closely,” Sun Ting said to Zhao Yu beside him.

Yuan Xiao followed Fang Yao to the entrance of the mall and began to regret it. How could a clothing store be on such a scale

“Fang Yao, lets forget it.” In her previous life, Yuan Xiao had often gone to high-end malls to buy clothes, but she was still a little nervous when she was with Fang Yao.

Fang Yao saw that Yuan Xiaos aura was different from before and felt that it was rare for her to be cute like this. A smile appeared in his eyes. “I let my aunt know before we came. Shes not in now, so well just get a store assistant to help you with your clothes. It wont be long.”

Fang Yao pulled Yuan Xiao into the mall and said happily, “Youre always so overbearing. I didnt expect you to be so shy on a date.”

Yuan Xiao was stunned for a moment. She raised her head and glared at Fang Yao. “Whos shy Its better than a big boy like you who eats candy!”

As the two of them bickered, Yuan Xiao was no longer as awkward as before.

The staff in the mall was very professional. They did not look at Yuan Xiao too much, nor did they ask any unreasonable questions. They only brought Yuan Xiao to choose a set of clothes and helped her to try them on.

“Alright, this will do.” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiao with satisfaction in his eyes.

The wine-red dress made Yuan Xiaos already fair skin look even clearer. The smooth waistline design made Yuan Xiao look more mature and charming than usual.

However, Yuan Xiao felt that it was unnatural. She had been wearing casual clothes since her rebirth. In her previous life, she was even more ridiculous. In order to cater to Jiang Yans aesthetic taste, she imitated Yuan Weis dressing and made her bright and exquisite face look out of place with makeup.

“Dont I look a little too mature” Yuan Xiao tugged at his skirt uneasily.

Fang Yao found a thin black shawl and put it on Yuan Xiao. His deep voice rang in Yuan Xiaos ears. “Youre very beautiful. Your dressing suits mine very well.”



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