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Pretending to Be a Couple

Although it was lunch break, there were still many students in the electronic reading room. Some were playing games, some were watching dramas, and some were looking for learning materials.

Yuan Xiao turned on the computer and typed a bunch of codes that Li Chang and Fang Yao could not understand on the keyboard as quickly as possible.

“Whats going on Yuan Xiao, you have such a special skill” Fang Yao was pleasantly surprised when he saw Yuan Xiaos focused expression in front of the computer.

“Yes, School Hunk Fang, you ought to feel threatened, our Xiao Xiao is very outstanding!” Li Chang looked at Yuan Xiao with a hint of pride in her eyes.

“Of course I know!” Seeing that he could not help much, Fang Yao scrolled to the new post on the school forum.

“Damn it!” Fang Yao cursed in a low voice, attracting Li Changs attention. Looking at the interface where Fang Yaos cell phone screen was at, Li Chang also read the content of the post.

“This bastard! How disgusting!” Li Chang resisted the urge to curse. The new post actually said that Yuan Xiao had an abortion for Fang Yao! It also said that Yuan Xiao was usually a vixen. It was really getting more and more overboard.

“Not only is he disgusting, but hes also very cunning.” Yuan Xiao turned off the computer, turned around, and said to Fang Yao and Li Chang, “Ive found his location. He didnt use his cell phone at all. His location is in the electronic reading room. Im afraid hes already left.”

Upon hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Fang Yao thought for a moment and took out his cell phone to send a few messages. He said to Yuan Xiao, “Actually, I have another idea. I thought it was a little troublesome, but Im afraid its the only way to find that person now.”

“What way” Yuan Xiao and Li Chang were curious.

“I need you to act with me!” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiao and smiled mysteriously.

“Oh my god, why are there so many comments in just a short while And almost all of them are speaking up for Yuan Xiao” Li Chang looked at her cell phone and looked at Fang Yao for confirmation.

“Ive been in First Middle School for so long. I dont have anything else, but I have a lot of friends.” Fang Yaos tone was calm, but his eyes never left Yuan Xiao.

“By the way, whats the content of the new post” Yuan Xiao was so focused on finding the location that she did not look at her cell phone. Seeing that Fang Yao and Li Chang were silent, Yuan Xiao realized that something bad must have happened. She resigned herself to fate and looked at her cell phone.

“Xiao Xiao…” Seeing that Yuan Xiao did not speak, Li Chang was a little worried.

Yuan Xiao let out a long sigh. After calming herself down, she asked Fang Yao, “Are all the commenters your friends”

“Not all of them…” Fang Yao saw Yuan Xiaos expression and suddenly felt a little guilty.

“This ID is calledBrother Fangs Little Brother, right” Yuan Xiao handed the cell phone to Fang Yao.

Fang Yao took a look at the content and almost fainted from anger. “This idiot!”

“Let me see whats written on it.” Li Chang leaned over curiously and burst out laughing. “Who is Fang Yao He actually said,How dare you slander my woman Ill destroy you! Hahaha!”

Fang Yao was speechless.

“The anonymous poster replied!” Li Chang read out the content. “He said there would be evidence”

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

“He couldnt help but reply because he realized that there were too many people who suspected him of spreading rumors.” Yuan Xiaos expression returned to normal as she said calmly.

“Thats right. If this person wants to further prove my relationship with Yuan Xiao, he must continue to secretly take photos of me and Yuan Xiao.” Fang Yao asked his friends to doubt the person who posted the rumor so that the other party could not help but speak up to stand by his words.

“Then will you guys appear together more often in the future” Li Changs tone was obviously filled with anticipation.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. Lets go on a date! Let the news out so that he has no choice but to come along!” After Fang Yao finished speaking, he saw that Li Chang and Yuan Xiao were so surprised that they could not close their mouths.

Fang Yao added, “Of course, its not just me and Yuan Xiao. Ill get someone to keep an eye. If anyone takes a photo of us, well catch them!”

Li Chang looked at the two people in front of her and asked weakly, “Um… Can I go”

“No, youre usually inseparable from me. Itll be too obvious if you go!” Of course, Yuan Xiao did not want Li Chang to follow her and Fang Yao anymore. It was already very awkward for her to pretend to be a couple on a date. If Li Chang followed her again, Yuan Xiao would blush just thinking about it.

“Oh, alright…” Li Chang could not hide the disappointment on her face. “Then Ill help you continue to keep an eye on the forum. Ill inform you if theres any new information!”

The few of them came to an agreement. Soon, it was Saturday morning.

Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao agreed to meet at the amusement park. There were many people there, and it provided a good environment for the people who secretly took photos.



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