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Fang Yao rode his bike very quickly. Yuan Xiao was also a little nervous. She leaned forward a little and wrapped one arm around the young mans waist. Fang Yaos back was a little stiff, and his riding speed was a little slower.

The young mans fluttering clothes brushed past Yuan Xiaos nose. The smell of lemon soda made Yuan Xiao smell Fang Yaos coat carefully. She asked in confusion, “Why do you smell like lemon soda Are you wearing perfume”

Fang Yao coughed nervously. He felt the tip of Yuan Xiaos nose gently touch his back and hurriedly explained, “No, its the smell of detergent!”

“Oh, it smells quite good. What brand is it” Yuan Xiao had a special fondness for lemons. She liked the fresh and sour scent.

“Its a foreign brand. I-I cant remember it clearly.” Fang Yao did not expect Yuan Xiao to ask this and was a little nervous.

“Oh.” Yuan Xiaos tone was clearly disappointed.

“Ill buy you another bottle next time!” As soon as Fang Yao finished speaking, he regretted it. This was his first time giving something. Who would give laundry detergent Besides, it was not actually laundry detergent to begin with.

“Sure!” Yuan Xiao did not notice Fang Yaos abnormality. The fragrance of the buns mixed with the fragrance on the young mans body was a little strange but very comfortable. Yuan Xiao felt that the morning sun was especially warm.

Fortunately, they arrived at the classroom before the first period. Yuan Xiao heaved a long sigh of relief as she sat in his seat.

“Xiao Xiao, did Fang Yao pick you up at your house” Li Chang came over with a gossipy look.

“How do you know” Yuan Xiao glanced at Li Chang and saw a suspicious smile on her lips.

“You told him”

Li Chang nodded. “I didnt bring my cell phone with me and couldnt contact you, so I secretly went to Fang Yaos class to look for him.”

“Oh Is that so” Yuan Xiao looked at Li Chang and asked suspiciously.

Li Chang quickly raised three fingers. “I swear, I really forgot to bring my cell phone. As for picking you up, it was Fang Yaos own decision.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I know. Youre doing this for my own good.” Actually, Yuan Xiao was very happy that Fang Yao could pick her up, so she did not want to blame Li Chang at all.

“By the way, Xiao Xiao, I just saw that the post about you and Fang Yao on the forum has been deleted,” Li Chang said.

“I thought you didnt bring your cell phone” Yuan Xiao smirked. This girl had exposed her lie so quickly.

Li Chang coughed softly and hurriedly changed the topic. “Thats not important. Xiao Xiao, do you think the person who posted the thread deleted it because he was afraid that you and Fang Yao would find him I heard from my friend in Year Two that Fang Yao has already said that he wants to teach that person a lesson.”

“Maybe some righteous person hacked the forum and deleted that untrue report,” Yuan Xiao said in a relaxed tone.

“No way, what hacker would pay attention to our school forum” Li Chang thought that the person who could easily hack the school system should appear in a television drama, not amongst them.

“What if… that hacker is a student” Yuan Xiao looked at Li Chang and saw her expression change from doubt to surprise.

“Xiao Xiao Are you the hacker”

“Shh, keep your voice down!” Yuan Xiao looked at the students around her and heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that some of them were eating while others were reading. No one noticed her and Li Chang.

“Xiao Xiao, youre not a secret agent, are you You hid it so well!” Li Chang looked at Yuan Xiao in front of her and even wondered if she was possessed.

“I just read more books on computers and did some research.” Yuan Xiao could not tell Li Chang about the System. “Whats important now is that I want you to help me keep an eye on the forum. If anyone posts slanders about me and Fang Yao again, I can immediately track his computer and find his location.”

“Dont worry, I promise to complete the mission!” Li Changs eyes revealed a trace of excitement. She did not expect that going to school could be so exciting.

The morning was calm. When they were eating in the cafeteria at noon, Li Changs cell phone suddenly rang with a notification.

“Another new post, Xiao Xiao!”

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“Lets go to the electronic reading room!” Yuan Xiao and Li Chang rushed out of the cafeteria and bumped into Fang Yao.

“Where are you going Why are you in such a hurry” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiao and Li Chang and asked with a straw in his mouth.

“To catch that bastard who spread rumors!” Yuan Xiao pulled Li Chang and prepared to leave.

“Ill go too!” Fang Yao followed the two of them to the electronic reading room.



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