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Looking at Yuan Xiaos serious tone, Fang Yao was a little unhappy. “Why Are you so unwilling to have anything to do with me”

“Sigh, this isnt a simple relationship! Alright, take a look for yourself!” Yuan Xiao tapped about on her cell phone until it arrived at the post interface and handed it to Fang Yao.

“Who the f*ck posted this!” Fang Yao, who had seen the post, frowned. This was not a simple rumor of puppy love, it was with the malicious intent of destroying Yuan Xiao directly!

“I dont know. It was sent anonymously. Pictures are truth.” Yuan Xiao sighed helplessly.

“Dont be anxious. When I find the person who spread the rumors, Ill break his legs!” Fang Yao was obviously a little anxious himself. After all, Yuan Xiao was a girl. He did not care about these things, but Yuan Xiao would definitely be criticized.

“Dont worry, Im not in a hurry. I wont let this person off either!” Yuan Xiao took a few steps forward, turned around, and smiled at Fang Yao. “How is it, Young Master Fang Do you want to keep a distance from a girl like me who cheats you of your money”

“If only you were really willing to take my money.” Fang Yao quickly followed.

“How do you know I dont want money How about this If this rumor isnt resolved properly, you can really give me some money so that I dont go down unjustly,” Yuan Xiao said with a smile to Fang Yao.

“I didnt expect you to be such a money-grubber. Dont worry, I wont give you a chance. The rumors this time will definitely be resolved!” Fang Yao made up his mind. It was fine if it was just a rumor that was spreading about him, but he would definitely not let it go so easily for slandering Yuan Xiao!

After Yuan Xiao returned home and revised her homework, she began to think about how to resolve the rumors. “Little 7, is there any hacking technique in the Academic Genius System that can allow me to track someones location”

[Host, you can choose to learn computer technology. As long as you have a deep understanding, you can master simple hacking techniques.]

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“Thats great, Little 7. I didnt expect the Academic Genius System to be so comprehensive!”

[Of course, Little 7 wants to remind you that if you dont activate your artistic talent reward, it will expire!]

“Huh Theres a time limit But what can I learn now The money I have now is not enough to buy a piano.”

[Dear Host, if you choose the piano, I can release an online gift bag for you. You can familiarize yourself with simple music theory knowledge through learning memories.]

“Alright, its better than wasting it after it expires. If it really doesnt work out, Ill ask Teacher Lu for help. There seems to be a piano in the schools piano room that isnt utilized much. When the time comes, Ill take the time to practice it.” Yuan Xiao thought for a moment and decided to learn the piano. She more or less had some foundation in this. After all, it was a little difficult to learn a completely unfamiliar instrument.

[Alright, Host. Your artistic talent has been activated. The knowledge of music theory has been released. The computer course has also been released. Please check it in time!]

Yuan Xiao turned on her cell phone and as expected, she received two compressed files. Yuan Xiao first opened the computer course. After all, the most important thing now was to catch the person who spread the rumors.

Yuan Xiao did not sleep the entire night. After learning how to hack the system, Yuan Xiao first entered the school forum and deleted the post that spread rumors about her and Fang Yao. Only then did she feel a little better. It was almost dawn when Yuan Xiao fell asleep.

Ding ding ding… Yuan Xiao was awakened by the ringing of her cell phone.

“Hello” Yuan Xiaos voice was a little hoarse. It was obvious that she was still asleep.

“Yuan Xiao, where are you now The morning self-study session is almost over. Why havent you come to school yet” Fang Yaos pleasant teenage voice sounded from the phone.

“Ah!” Yuan Xiao was completely awake now.

Yuan Xiaos left the home for the restaurant early. Usually, they would leave quietly after preparing breakfast. Yuan Xiao looked at the alarm clock on her cell phone that she had already missed and grabbed her hair in despair. “Oh no, I overslept!”

The young man on the phone chuckled. “As long as youre fine. 10 minutes. Ill pick you up after youre done packing!”

The young man hung up the phone. Yuan Xiao did not have time to think and hurriedly went to the bathroom to wash up.

Walking out of the neighborhood, Yuan Xiao saw Fang Yao riding his bicycle over.

“Come up!” Fang Yao stuffed a paper bag into Yuan Xiaos hands.

Yuan Xiao glanced at the bag, which contained two steaming hot buns.

“Thank you!” Yuan Xiao held the bun in one hand and grabbed the corner of Fang Yaos shirt with the other.

“Hold on tight, dont fall!” Fang Yao turned to look at Yuan Xiao, who was stuffing a bun into her mouth, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.



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