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He Gave You Money

“Were really not! Dont think too much. If I was dating at such a young age, would my results improve so quickly” Yuan Xiao shook her head. She really did not have any other thoughts except order to complete the Systems mission.

“Huh Youre not together…” Li Chang seemed to be a little disappointed, but she quickly remembered something and said excitedly, “Xiao Xiao, if youre not with Fang Yao at all, then what they said is too much!”

Hearing Li Changs words, Yuan Xiao felt that something was wrong and hurriedly continued reading the content of the post.

“What They actually said that Im living with Fang Yao That Im sleeping with him” Yuan Xiao looked at the unbelievable words on the cell phone and her expression did not look too good.

“Thats right. Now, the students think that you and Fang Yao are living together. Moreover, because your family doesnt have money, they claim that youve been asking Fang Yao for money. There are some worse things. Its better if you dont know.” Li Chang was in a difficult position.

Initially, Li Chang thought that the rumors about Yuan Xiaos relationship got out. She did not expect that Yuan Xiao was not with Fang Yao at all! Li Chang was angry for Yuan Xiao, but there was nothing she could do.

“Xiao Xiao, what should we do Some of the teachers and parents on the school forum will also read it. This matter must have a bad impact on you.”

“Dont worry. Its just a rumor. Just find the mouth that spouts nonsense and tear it apart!” Yuan Xiaos gaze was firm, and a trace of coldness appeared in his eyes. “I want this person to not dare to spout nonsense for the rest of his life!”

Li Chang looked at Yuan Xiao in front of her and suddenly felt a little unfamiliar. It seemed that ever since Yuan Xiao disliked Jiang Yan, she had become a different person.

It seemed that a good relationship could heal a person. A bad relationship was enough to destroy a person. In the past, Yuan Xiao liked Jiang Yan to the point of obsession. As a friend, Li Chang could only silently support her. But now, Yuan Xiao was even more sunny and confident. It seemed that when she was with Fang Yao, Yuan Xiao also smiled a lot more.

Li Chang thought about it and decided to say, “Xiao Xiao, actually, I really think Fang Yao and you are quite compatible. Although his reputation is not very good, he is just a little hot-tempered. He is much better than that hypocrite Jiang Yan. Moreover, I think Fang Yao treats you like youre special.”

“Are you my friend or Fang Yaos friend Why Did he give you money You always speak up for him.” Yuan Xiao pinched Li Changs chubby cheeks again.

“Aiya, Xiao Xiao, am I the kind of person who would sell out her friends for money” Li Chang pretended to be angry.

“Alright, I understand.” Yuan Xiao pulled Li Changs arm. “Fang Yao is a good person, but I really want to study hard now. I cant be too distracted.”

Li Chang nodded. “Yes, lets work hard together and get into an ideal university! But if you choose a boyfriend, Ill vote for Fang Yao. A genius girl with twists and turns in her fate and a handsome and rich devoted school bully. They sound very compatible!”

“Youve read too many novels!” Yuan Xiao knocked Li Changs forehead. “Lets go. Dont care what others say. Lets go to class first, or well be late.”

On this day, Yuan Xiao was vexed in class. Students kept looking at her from head to toe, and they even whispered to each other, as if this was the first time they had seen her.

During class, a few senior girls that she did not know came to look for Yuan Xiao and said some unpleasant things to tell her to stay away from Fang Yao. Yuan Xiao really did not want to cause trouble, so she hid in Lu Lius office to do the questions.

Rumors often spread much faster than the truth. No one wanted to know the truth. They only wanted to spin those melodramatic and unrealistic stories on others for their own amusement. The experience of the day made Yuan Xiao feel tired, so much so that when she saw Fang Yao after school, she was a little unhappy.

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“Whats wrong Who provoked you” Fang Yao was about to take Yuan Xiaos bag, but she avoided him.

“Didnt you read the school forum today” Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yaos sunny face and was a little puzzled.

“Forum Why would I look at the forum” Fang Yao was puzzled when he saw that Yuan Xiao was unhappy.

He had heard from a friend today that someone had said he was together with Yuan Xiao. However, Fang Yao did not care at all. He was not someone who cared about these things. Besides, there were many rumors about him.

“Someone said that were together.”



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