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Two Gods of Studying

“Isnt it because Ive been hanging around a top student” Li Chang was not lying. Ever since Yuan Xiao started studying diligently, they met either in the classroom or the library. It was difficult for her not to study.

“Xiao Xiao, do you know I heard from the class next door that Yuan Wei fainted just now!” Li Chang pulled Yuan Xiao aside and whispered, “They said that Yuan Wei said that she had low blood sugar, but everyone saw that she fainted after looking at the results!”

“How much did she score” Yuan Xiao had not noticed Yuan Weis results earlier.

“Shes a few ranks lower than me!” Li Chang was excited and continued, “She used to be in the top 10 in the school. Serves her right. Who asked her to target you every day!”

Li Chang was right. Yuan Weis grades had always been good. If Yuan Xiaos change had not made Yuan Wei lose interest in studying, her grades would not have fallen so badly.

“Yuan Xiao!”

Seeing the girl walking over, Yuan Xiao found her familiar. After thinking about it, she remembered that she was the girl who had been bullied in the washroom last time.

“Liu Meng, whats the matter” Yuan Xiao smiled at the girl who was obviously timid.

“Y-you still remember me.” Liu Meng was obviously surprised.

“Of course, my memory isnt that bad.” Seeing that she seemed to have something to say, Yuan Xiao was not in a hurry and continued to wait for her to speak.

“Yuan Xiao, do you have any pens that you dont use” Liu Meng seemed to have mustered up her courage. “Bad ones are fine too.”

“Whats wrong Is it for some use” Yuan Xiao was a little puzzled.

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“Yes, we do. Xiao Xiao and I will pass it to you when we get back to the classroom!” Li Chang said on behalf of Yuan Xiao when she saw Liu Meng stuttering.

“Thank you!” Liu Meng ran away happily.

“Li Chang, whats going on” Before Yuan Xiao could understand what Liu Meng meant, she was confused by Li Changs reaction.

“Dont be so stingy, Student God. Its all over the school forum. They said that the pen Student God Yuan Xiao uses is spiritual, and anyone who obtains Student God Yuan Xiaos item will be possessed by the Student God!” Li Chang looked like she was advertising, making Yuan Xiao not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Isnt the God of Studying Gu Chi Why is it me” Yuan Xiao was a little helpless about the school forums ability to switch up the plots.

“No, no, no. Both of you are considered Gods of Studying. However, you and Gu Chi are two completely different existences. Gu Chi is a talented person who has never been bad in his studies since he was young. As for you, youre a dark horse in our First Middle School!” As Li Chang spoke, her voice became more and more agitated, attracting the gazes of many students.

“Speak properly!” Yuan Xiao gently pinched Li Changs cheek.

“Actually, its just that everyone thinks that its amazing that your results suddenly improved so quickly. They want to borrow some of your things to borrow some luck!” Li Chang sighed and said proudly, “Thats why Im the biggest beneficiary. Im with you every day. Itll be strange if my results dont improve!”

“Then dont study in the future. Just stick to me every day.” Yuan Xiao chuckled and said, “You stayed two hours longer than me in the library yesterday, right”

“Im just afraid that my grades will be too inferior to yours. I still want to go to the same university as you.” Li Chang was a little discouraged. “From the looks of it, Im afraid itll be difficult for me to choose a university I want.”

“Dont be discouraged. Were only in Year One. Well have plenty of opportunities in the future.” Yuan Xiao patted Li Changs shoulder and pretended to be mysterious. “Besides, youre so close to me. If I give you all my luck, youll definitely succeed!”

“Xiao Xiao!” Li Chang threw herself into Yuan Xiaos arms, and the two of them left happily.

Jiang Yan slowly clenched his fists as he watched Yuan Xiao leave.

Although his results did not drop by much, Jiang Yan felt extremely humiliated when he was ranked after Yuan Xiao.

The fool he had once looked down on had now become the publicly acknowledged God of Studying among his classmates. Jiang Yan could not take this lying down. Moreover, Fang Yao, who accompanied Yuan Xiao all day, also made Jiang Yan feel very irksome.

She was clearly someone he looked down on, but she had become the target of everyones attention! Jiang Yan clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth. His sinister voice sounded in a low voice, “Yuan Xiao, Fang Yao, I wont let you have an easy time!”



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