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You Like Me

“Thank you, Teacher, but Im fine. Im fine now.”

Yuan Xiao was actually very grateful to Lu Liu. Not only was she grateful that he had helped her get a spot in the competition, but she was also grateful that he had never questioned her results. Previously, when someone said that she had cheated, he had angrily helped prove her innocence.

“Its alright, Student Yuan Xiao. If you want to go for tuition, I can find you a famous teacher in the province. Theres no need for tuition fees.” Looking at the sensible Yuan Xiao, Lu Lius heart ached.

She was clearly a good child, but she had to endure such a cruel family change. Perhaps some adults could not withstand such a blow, but Yuan Xiao endured it and even tried her best.

“I dont think the teachers in the province are as good as our Teacher Lu. If you dont believe me, Teacher, take a look. Are Gu Chi and Jiang Yans results better after being taught by the teachers in the province this time, or are my results better after being taught by Teacher Lu” Yuan Xiao tilted her head slightly and saw Lu Lius excited expression.

“Good! Yuan Xiao, Im very glad that youre so determined. Ill find you more revision materials this weekend. Lets work hard together!” Lu Liu had not been so happy for a long time since his relationship with his family had worsened.

Looking at Yuan Xiao in front of him, Lu Liu suddenly felt that this girl might be the key to changing his relationship with his family. The old man in his family always felt that what he did was useless, so he had to groom Yuan Xiao to be the number one in the province!

After leaving the office, Yuan Xiao was in a good mood. She was actually very confident about the mock exam. Nowadays, good grades could not only make her parents happy and Teacher Lu happy, but also bring her money. Yuan Xiao had never thought that there was such a good deal.

After school, Yuan Xiao saw Fang Yao waiting for her at a distant intersection.

“Fang Yao!” Yuan Xiao said goodbye to Li Chang and ran towards him. When she got closer, he realized that there was a bruise on Fang Yaos face. Although it was not very big, it still looked a little shocking on Fang Yaos fair skin.

“How did you get hurt”

When Fang Yao heard Yuan Xiaos serious voice, he smiled and explained, “Its nothing. Its just that a kid played dirty during the fight today and ambushed me.”

“Why arent you being careful Fang Yao, can you stop fighting in the future Its actually very dangerous.” Yuan Xiao looked at the young mans face and felt a little uneasy.

In her previous life, Yuan Xiao and Fang Yaos relationship was average. After graduation, they rarely contacted each other. However, she heard that Fang Yao seemed to have been schemed against and was seriously injured. He almost lost his life.

“Im fine. It doesnt hurt… Ah!”

Yuan Xiao pressed hard on Fang Yaos bruises. When she saw him grimacing, she could not help but laugh. “Wait for me!” As she spoke, Yuan Xiao ran across the road.

Fang Yao rubbed his face as he watched Yuan Xiao leave. The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

“Here!” Yuan Xiao stuck the popsicle in her hand to Fang Yaos face, but he did not take it. He lowered his head slightly and let Yuan Xiao hold it.

“Hold it yourself!” Yuan Xiao grabbed Fang Yaos hand and slapped the popsicle into his palm. She did not notice that the young mans gaze on her had softened.

“Cant you be gentler with me” Fang Yao held up the popsicle and said helplessly as he looked at the furious Yuan Xiao.

“Alright, then dont fight in the future!” Yuan Xiao naturally took out a piece of candy from Fang Yaos pocket and placed it in her mouth. The fragrance of the lemon made Yuan Xiao very happy.

“Why are you always afraid of me fighting Why You like me” Fang Yaos tone was joking, but there was a hint of anticipation in his eyes.

“Dont be so narcissistic. Im just afraid that youll get hurt. No one will pick me up from school then. Lets go!” Yuan Xiao threw the bag on her shoulder to Fang Yao and walked forward without looking back.


Fang Yao carried her bag and shook his head helplessly. It was not easy to expect this girl to confess to him.

The two of them walked one after another. Although they did not speak, they knew that the other was beside them.

The mock exam went smoothly. On the day the school rankings were released, Yuan Xiao and Li Chang rushed over very late because Yuan Xiao already knew her results after hearing the systems notification that she had completed the mission.

“Xiao Xiao! Youre first again!” Compared to Yuan Xiaos calmness, Li Chang, who was beside her, was very excited.

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“Oh, your results have improved this time.” Yuan Xiao saw that Li Changs name was in the middle of the rankings.



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