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Familiar Plot

In her previous life, after she turned from the eldest daughter of the Yuan Family to a poor girl, she was ridiculed by her classmates. The only person who never left her was this good friend in front of her. And because of hatred, she became more and more irritable and unreasonable. In the end, because of her bad temper, even Li Chang, who was the only one who spoke up for her, gradually became disappointed and distanced herself from her.

The bell rang, signaling the end of class. Li Chang looked at Yuan Xiao, who had a serious expression on her face. She waved at her and said, “Come back to your senses, Xiao Xiao. Tomorrow is Saturday. Are you going to Jiang Yans house”

Li Chang looked at Yuan Xiao meaningfully. As a good friend, Li Chang naturally knew that Yuan Xiao had liked Jiang Yan for more than just a day or two.

Jiang Yan was sitting behind Yuan Xiao. Of course, he could hear their conversation and was a little annoyed. Just now, he was surprised that Yuan Xiao could solve the questions on the blackboard. He thought that she had finally focused on her studies. It seemed that he had underestimated her.

“Ah Im not going.” Hearing Li Changs words, Yuan Xiao hurriedly denied it without thinking. She really did not want to have anything to do with Jiang Yan in this life.

“Whats wrong with you Didnt you say that Uncle Yuan and Auntie were going to the hospital to do something You said you didnt want to be alone at home on the weekend and insisted on coming to my house”

Upon hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Jiang Yan was inexplicably furious. He kept feeling that Yuan Xiao was acting a little abnormally today.

“Oh, I have to study at home. I wont be going. Please explain to Uncle Jiang and Auntie.”

Upon hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Jiang Yan retracted his probing gaze and said somewhat irritably, “Alright, its up to you whether you want to come or not.”

“Hey, Xiao Xiao, why do I feel that Jiang Yan is a little disappointed that youre not going…” Li Chang whispered to Yuan Xiao.

“Ah Hehe, who knows”

At this moment, Yuan Xiao was not happy at all. It was not only because she was not interested in Jiang Yan, but more importantly, if she remembered correctly, the plot of uncovering the truth of her background seemed to have happened after her parents went to the hospital.

“Sigh, the plot is progressing fast enough.” Just as Yuan Xiao was sighing at her happy life that was about to end, she heard the systems voice in her mind again.

[Dont worry, Host. With me around, the familiar plot wont happen again. You can make any choice you want without the interference of the plot!]

“Thank you, Little Seven!”

Yuan Xiao was really thankful for the existence of the system. Otherwise, even if she was reborn, she would probably go with the plot once again and repeat her miserable life as cannon fodder. After all, in this book, she was a vicious supporting character used to pave the way for the female protagonist. No one would understand her behavior.

Yuan Xiao seriously reflected on her mistakes in her previous life when she thought about the plot of her life that was about to happen.

Originally, the Yuan couple had no intention of chasing Yuan Xiao away. It was because she kept speaking ill of Yuan Wei and kept throwing a tantrum to court death that the Yuan couple had no choice but to chase her away.

Yuan Xiao could not help but want to slap herself when she thought of the variousgreat achievements in her previous life. She did not know if she had been unable to change the progession of the plot or if she had been really stupid. No matter what, Yuan Xiao would not repeat the same mistake this time.

Between a little white flower with outstanding grades and a fool who threw a tantrum, it was obvious who the Yuan couples choice would be. Who didnt want an obedient and sensible daughter Moreover, they were related by blood.

“Sigh, Im really an idiot…” Yuan Xiao could not help but mutter softly, attracting the attention of her deskmate, Li Chang.

Li Chang said with concern, “Xiao Xiao, dont give up on yourself. You can do it! Youre the best!”

Seeing Li Chang give her a thumbs up, Yuan Xiao could not help but laugh. She grabbed her thumb and said seriously, “Yes, thats right. Theres still time!”

Li Chang did not know the meaning behind Yuan Xiaos words. She simply laughed foolishly with her good friend.

Yuan Xiao looked at Li Chang in front of her and Jiang Yan, who was sizing her up from time to time She made up her mind.

This time, Ill be the little white flower.

Yuan Wei, you should try being an antagonist too.

After returning home from school, Yuan Xiao could not wait to take out her textbook. After being bound to the Academic Genius System, her learning ability had improved a lot. Many learning points that she did not understand in the past were now easy to understand.

“Xiao Xiao, come and eat some fruits. Rest early. Dont tire your eyes out,” Sun Li said gently as she gently pushed open Yuan Xiaos bedroom door.

Yuan Xiao looked at the gentle and considerate Sun Li in front of her, and her heart felt warm. However, she knew that everything would change after tomorrow.

The smile on Yuan Xiaos face was a little sad. She slowly replied, “I know. Mom, you should rest early too.”

Sun Li was gratified to see her sensible and well-behaved daughter. When she saw Yuan Xiaos desk full of textbooks, she was even more surprised. It was rare for Yuan Xiao to want to study. Sun Li put down the fruits and gently closed the door before walking out of the room.

“Sigh…” Yuan Xiao felt a little uncomfortable. She was destined to face a bloody storm tomorrow.

[Good luck, Host! As long as you study hard, you can definitely change the plot and reach the peak of your life!]

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The systems voice sounded in her mind, and Yuan Xiao smiled. This System Little 7 was indeed a good helper who could supervise her studies. She had just relaxed a little, but she was immediately reminded. It seemed that in this life, she would definitely be able to get rid of the title of a slacker.

Yuan Xiao did not sleep for almost the entire night. This was the first time in her life that she had experienced the joy of learning. Yuan Xiao liked the feeling of being able to draw inferences easily.



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