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Perfect Match

“Just you wait!” Jiang Yan knew that Fang Yao was famous for doing things without regard for the consequences. He would definitely not get any benefits in front of Fang Yao, so he pulled Yuan Wei and left the canteen in a sorry state, ignoring the gazes of the surrounding students.

“Are you alright Did that bastard hurt you” Fang Yao pulled Yuan Xiaos arm and examined it carefully.

If he had not heard from his classmates on the way that Jiang Yan was looking for trouble with Yuan Xiao, he would not have rushed over in time. Thinking that if he had not come over, Yuan Xiao would have been bullied, Fang Yaos tone was filled with lingering fear and blame. “Cant you give me a call! With me in school, how can you be bullied How can my valued … friend be bullied by others!”

Fang Yaos tone was a little unnatural. He did not know why he was so angry when he saw Yuan Xiao being targeted.

“Alright, its good enough that I dont bully others. Ill be careful in the future.” Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao gratefully. Compared to in her previous life, Fang Yao was much cuter in this life.

“You guys go back to the classroom building first. Class is starting soon. Ill clean up my plate and buy something before going back.” Li Chang looked at the atmosphere between the two of them and secretly winked at Yuan Xiao before walking away.

“Then lets go back.” Fang Yao let go of Yuan Xiaos arm and rubbed his hands unnaturally. He had fought so many times, but he had never been so nervous.

The two of them walked back. Although they did not speak, the atmosphere was very harmonious. Many students sized up Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao curiously and kept whispering.

“Its really stressful to walk with you. People will always look at you.” Yuan Xiao felt a lot of gazes and felt a little uncomfortable.

“You think your looks are not good enough for mine” Fang Yao stopped and turned around to look at Yuan Xiao.

Her clear eyes were slightly upturned, and there was a hint of seductiveness in them. Her full lips were as beautiful as cherries, and Fang Yao was a little absent-minded. In the next moment, he saw Yuan Xiaos lips move slightly, and a familiar and lively voice sounded in his ear.

“Dont be narcissistic. I just got first place in the school. Maybe everyone thinks youre not worthy of me!”

“A top student and a school bully—a perfect match!”

Fang Yao naturally placed his hand on Yuan Xiaos shoulder and noticed the students staring at them. His eyes suddenly turned cold.

Whether he and Yuan Xiao were worthy or not was up to him!

Yuan Xiao originally thought that Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei would continue to find trouble with her, but the two of them had become much more well-behaved recently. She did not know if it was because of Fang Yaos intimidation or the impending mock exam.

After revising his homework, Yuan Xiao lay on the bed as a familiar electronic voice sounded in his mind.

[Host, the mission this time is to get first place in the mock exam! You will obtain outstanding artistic talent!]

“Artistic talent Whats it for”

[Detected that the Hosts learning ability has reached above average. Art talent can allow the Host to easily learn music, art, and dance!]

“Why do I have to learn these things Cant I just study hard” Yuan Xiao had learned piano for a few days when she was young. Because she felt that it was too boring, she did not last long in it. Now, she could already recognize the five-line score.

[Im an advanced technological system that focuses on the comprehensive development of the Hosts morals, intelligence, body, and beauty!]

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[Host, you only need to complete the mock exam properly. I heard that the First Middle Schools mock exam rewards are very generous!]

“Little Seven, dont worry. Ill get the prize money… No, Ill get first place!”

Compared to the first place, money was more important to Yuan Xiao. After all, Shen Hai and Feng Meis small restaurant was only slowly starting. Their family still needed a lot of money.

Feng Mei and Shen Hai would never discuss their financial difficulties with Yuan Xiao, but Yuan Xiao silently made up her mind that this bonus would definitely be hers to win!

As the exam was approaching, Lu Liu called Yuan Xiao to his office. Ever since the competition ended, Lu Liu would prepare some practice questions for Yuan Xiao from time to time.

“Yuan Xiao, the mock test is about to begin. Hows the preparation going” Lu Liu looked at Yuan Xiao beside him, his eyes filled with love.

“Its alright. There shouldnt be any problems!” Yuan Xiao looked at Lu Liu, who was like an old father, and smiled at him.

“Thats good. However, you cant relax either. After the mock exam, the provincial competition for mathematics will be held soon. I saw that Gu Chi and Jiang Yan have found a great teacher in the province to tutor them after class. You…” Lu Liu suddenly thought of Yuan Xiaos current family conditions. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “If you have any difficulties, just tell me. I will think of a way to help you solve them! “



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