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Conflict Level Up

Yuan Xiao was still wondering why Jiang Yan was so polite to her. It turned out that he had a favor to ask.

Glancing at Yuan Wei, who was hiding behind Jiang Yan, Yuan Xiao snorted coldly and said in an unfriendly tone, “Tuition Go beg the teacher yourself. Why are you looking for me My results are poor, so I cant teach a good student like Yuan Wei who is both great in character and studies!”

When Yuan Wei heard Yuan Xiaos words, she felt very upset. Everyone knew that her grades had been declining recently, so Yuan Xiaos words were purely to mock her.

Yuan Wei gently tugged at Jiang Yans sleeve. Her eyes reddened as she whispered, “Forget it, Brother Jiang Yan. Yuan Xiao doesnt like me. Lets not ask her for anything.”

Yuan Xiao looked at the pitiful Yuan Wei and felt disgusted.

“Thats right. Hurry up and leave. Cant you see that Im eating Dont stand there and affect my appetite.” Yuan Xiao raised her chin slightly. Although she was sitting, her aura was even stronger than Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei who were standing. Anyone would think that Yuan Xiao was still that domineering little princess.

“Dont go overboard with your words! Youre clearly an idiot. If Teacher Lu Liu hadnt been willing to tutor you, do you think you could have achieved your current results” Jiang Yan had always disliked Yuan Xiaos arrogance. Now that her results had actually surpassed his, Jiang Yan could not accept it no matter what.

Hearing Jiang Yans words, Yuan Xiao slowly got up and walked closer to him. His words were as hurtful as in his previous life, but now, Yuan Xiao only felt that it was ridiculous. “Yes, Im not smart, but Teacher Lu would rather nurture a fool like me than care about geniuses like you!”

Looking at Jiang Yans gradually darkening face, Yuan Xiaos slightly upturned eyes were filled with smiles. “The mock exam is in a week. I advise the two geniuses to scram back to study. Otherwise, it wont be good if they lose to a fool like me again!”

“Yuan Xiao, you cant talk to Jiang Yan like that! Uncle Jiang and Auntie Jiang treat you so well, how can you say that” Yuan Wei looked sad as she stood between Jiang Yan and Yuan Xiao.

As expected of a white lotus. Yuan Xiao was surprised that Yuan Wei was shameless enough to target the unrelated Jiang couple. Yuan Wei had really put in a lot of effort to make others think that she was insensible.

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Just as Yuan Xiao was about to speak, she heard Li Changs angry voice. “Stop being so disgusting! Everyone knows how hard Xiao Xiao studies. Youre the ones who are disappointing. Why are you finding trouble with Xiao Xiao!”

Looking at Li Chang, who was standing beside her, Yuan Xiao was very touched. She was no longer isolated and helpless like in her previous life. It felt good to have a friend to help her.

“Who do you think you are Yuan Xiao, let me tell you, dont go overboard. Yuan Wei has already done a lot to ease your relationship. Shes afraid that Uncle Yuan and Auntie will be sad, so she wont argue with you again and again. If you still have this attitude, dont blame me for telling Uncle Yuan and Auntie and letting them see how you bully Yuan Wei!”

Jiang Yans handsome face actually looked a little funny because of his ferocious expression. Yuan Xiao once again lamented that she must have been blind in her previous life to have fallen for such a petty thing.

“Im bullying her Alright, Yuan Wei, listen up. If you appear in front of me again in the future, Ill let you experience what it means to bully others!” Yuan Xiao glared fiercely at Yuan Wei. Just as she was about to splash the soy milk on Yuan Wei, she saw Yuan Weis legs go soft and she directly sat in front of her.

Yuan Xiao looked at Yuan Wei, who was sitting on the ground, and then glanced at the soy milk on the table. She hesitated to do it now. But that was when she saw Jiang Yan pick up the soy milk and pour it in her direction.

This was not right! Yuan Xiao was afraid that she would implicate Li Chang, so she did not resist. Instead, she stood in front of Li Chang.

Yuan Xiao closed her eyes tightly. She did not feel the soy milk drenching her body, but she heard Yuan Weis scream.

She opened her eyes and saw Fang Yao holding Jiang Yans arm tightly. His gaze was terrifyingly sharp.

[Congratulations to the Host for completing the random mission! 50% Stamina Points have been distributed!]

Yuan Xiao felt that her body had become much lighter. She did not expect that the soy milk on Yuan Weis body was splashed by Fang Yao.

“Jiang Yan, Im warning you. If you come looking for trouble with Yuan Xiao again, Ill do whatever it takes to make sure you cant leave the school in one piece!” Fang Yao grabbed Jiang Yans arm and exerted force.

“Ah!” Jiang Yans face was pale from the pain. Yuan Wei, who was on the ground, was not any better.

Originally, she looked like a weeping beauty. Now, she looked comical and disheveled in hot soy milk.



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